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Mercury Machinewerk (Capital Hill/Seattle, WA)

The Merc
Mercury @ Machinewerks * 1009 East Union, Seattle, WA 98122 ~
~ *

One of Seattle’s last strong-holds of the Gothic/Industrial clubbing and music community as a central hangout most famous for such in the Pacific Northwest on the American side, it is a volunteer operated private club down-set underground in the Capital Hill Neighborhood of Seattle. They offer some of the regions best Gothic/Industrial and Electronic music DJs and dancing venue. As a private club, membership is mandatory for attendance, and guests can only visit under sponsorship of a member. To become a member, a visitor must be recommended for membership by a current member in good standing … and has to attend via 3 to 5 signed visits within a 6 month period before a member can sponsor a visitor for membership which costs a mere $10. They essentially have something going on every day, ranging from club nights – smoking and smoke free, themed parties, karaoke, and a oddities market. They have a great dance floor, pool room, and a fully stocked bar specializing in Black Orchids.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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Fresh (Dublin)


* 1 Crown Alley * Temple Bar * Dublin, Ireland * 2 * phone: (01) 671 8423 * *

One of Dublin’s little hotspots for fashion, club wear, and alternative garb … “Fresh” is in the heart of Temple Bar along Crown Alley, and boasts the best of alternative brands for vintage, punk, gothic, mod, street, rock, metal, and raver clothing, accessories, and fashion. Open from 11-6 mondays through saturdays, and sundays from 1 to 5. Great shop, great selection, and for Dublin, one of its finest. Lots of eye candy in the shop and good offers.

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Chrome: Transit Bar, Canberra, Australia

Chrome Goth Night
* Transit Bar * * 7 AKUNA ST *
Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, Australia * P 02 6162 0899 * * ?

Eager for some darksome and divine music, I hunted out what could lie beneath the underground of Australia’s capital city … Canberra. A Google search provided promising tales of “Chrome” but came to realize upon arriving it’s night at the “Holy Grail” had vanished without a trace. Knowing that echoes of chatter that it was still located near the corners of Akuna and Bunda streets, we discovered it moved down the street to the infamous underground club … the Transit Bar, located underneath the Canberra YHA. From 9 pm until 5 am, Canberra’s only goth night raises the dead with their EBM, Industrial and dark elektro tunes with some goth on monday nights (instead of the previous saturdays). Video projections, laser lights, and good music was had. Oddly though, the bar was still quite normal with their casually dressed local bar patrons, but up towards the stage in the dance floor were alitter with some finely costumed gothy and cyber dressed dancers. Coming from North America and Germany goth clubs where everyone usually dresses up in their finest black garments, it was a little difficult getting used to the mix of color and normality into this cache of a music club treasure grove one is used to finding when searching for it in most cities. Oddly though, the music was not so industrial and gothic, but more darksome Burning Man raver music. Enjoyed none-the-less and eye candy galore, me and my host had a splendid time. Realizing the night has setup shop in this new location from their fabled old locale, not 100% sure if the night is still happening at the transit bar … could be completely “transit”-ional. Rating: 2.3 stars out of 5. ~ Leaf McGowan, April 25, 2011.

For more photos, tales, and information: Continue reading Chrome: Transit Bar, Canberra, Australia

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Purple Onion


the Purple Onion Cabaret
* 15 Water Street * Gas town –Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1A1 * 604.602.9442 * *


Vancouver’s only underground Brit Night – radiohead, blur, suede, bowie, clash. DJ Sheriff Fatman and ken Bastard. Real Brit. No Sh*t. 60’s Brit Invasion, psychedelica and soul in other lounge: DJ Lee Modern spins The Who, the impressions, and the Byrds.


Available for private parties.


Freebasing Funk shooting soul with residents Djs Lush and Stephane.


The afterlife entertainment presents pure O2, DJ Ali (Leaf Recordings and Fresh Studios), funky ass house, Vancouver, and a variety of other shows.


Sugar and Spice, blending hip hop, RnB, and Club hits, DJ Relik and DJ LDB with MC Tropiq. DJs Roger Z and Andre Drop the sweet sounds of downtempo house and hip hop complimenting the funkiest in live acts.


Platinum with resident DJ’s Seanski (Bronx, NY) and WAX (DMC Champ) the jams are bumpin all night long. Hip Hop / Top 40 Dance / RnB.


Sanctuary: Vancouver’s Darkest Secret. Etheral Beauty, Downtempo, Experimental electronix, Crunchy Beats, EBM Electro Industrial Synthpop and loads more. DJ Pandemonium and Guests.

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Club 23 West: Sin City (Vancouver, B.C.)

Club 23 West

23 West Cordova, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1C8
Vancouver, British Columbia
Yahoo Maps!
ClubVibes Details

Rated *****


SIN CITY: description: “Sin City is a monthly club night dedicated to the truly kinky club demons of Vancouver and takes place monthly on every second Saturday of the month at Club 23 West. Cover is $9 without a pass, $6 with passes which can be found at many downtown locations. In addition to the dancefloor, drink specials and antics of DJs Pandemonium & Klaxxon bangin’ out dark n’ dirty retro, electronika, industrial & dance, we offer a seperate play dungeon complete with friendly monitors, lovely sturdy black & cushioned bondage equipment with plenty of couches & viewing space, and a private, outdoor patio looking over Gastown’s blood alley. We enforce a very strict dress code which must be adhered to in order to gain access to the celebration of sin! Absolutely no t-shirts (unless fetish-related) will be admitted, jeans, suits, or streetwear of any kind. Some examples of acceptable dress are: rubber, pvc, vinyl, leather, full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, cross-dress, bondage, body paint, and lingerie. Sin City is a cross-over night with all sorts of people and scenes coming together to celebrate a truly sinful party – young, old, gay, straight, fetish veterans, newcomers, partiers, loungers, we all come together once a month to party in high style. “ (Leaf’s virtual tourist page)

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The Element (Vancouver, B.C.)

the Element

Cambie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Rated ***1/2

Gas Town Inn - Element Pub

Thursday, 11/8/01:
” I hailed down a cab and headed over to the Element on Cambie / Hastings, by the Cambie Hotel. I wasn’t quite sure if I was in the right place, but as I walked in past a restaurant kitchen, back into the dank and dark pub – I saw horror movie and haunted house tacky decor … with a sprawled sign stating I was in “the Element”. I saw Melissa, gave her a hug, and chatted – headed over to Bernie and gave her a hug and wished her “Happy Birthday” as I handed her a gift and watched as she enchanted “the Element” with her dj magic. Chilled out to a couple of drinks with Bernie as other friends appeared and wished her birthday blessings. The element had a intriguing decor of a haunted house with the top pseudo-balcony covered with Halloween stuffed beings and macabre decor. Green fake ferns and air plants sprawled along the ceiling – the evening had great music but lacked numbers of individuals, and at this point, no one dancing. Then came in Jeffy, and two other friends I met previously at a Halloween party – they recognized me without my green makeup and faery wings. We all grabbed a table and chatted away through the night, discussing Skinny Puppy, how we wished we were at the Tori Amos concert, the Survivor series, and other elements of news going on in the world. As I partied with my friend Bernie at the Element and was woo’ed by her dj’ing with excellent 80’s, dance, and Industrial mixes – as the clock struck 12, I decided to head back to Seymour street for a little dancing at my favorite hotspot on Thursdays … Luvafair. The drinks are pricey here but created with pizazz and a good kick. Music was excellent, just lacked the people to fully utilize the dance floor. By the time I was planning on leaving, a handful had started to dance.”

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Itchy-O @ Smash Club (Denver, CO)

Itchy-O @ Smash Club
* Private Party * Denver, Colorado * Saturday, August 21, 2010 * *

An AMAZING Marching Band by the name of “Itchy-O” graced our presence and spiced up the already fantastic party to enlightened levels at Odd Todd’s Junk Yard “Smash Club” this particular Saturday. A major compilation of ambient, experimental, and ghettotech music with full ski-mask covered dark musicians beating and banging on their drums sending shivers through the veins of all onlookers. Based out of Denver, this act (wherever it mysteriously appears) is never to be missed. They are in the works of producing a record with the Record Label Mettle. Itchy-O got it start as a solo project in 2003 when Scott Banning, a experimental percussionist and filmmaker brought together his art piece while living in Denver. Mixed together with Phagocytosis, Conrad Kehn (vocalist, improvisationalist, and composer from Skull Flux / Kallisti) in 2005 and then with guitarist Nick Lloyd and flemenco guru Rene Heredia in 2006. They composed the film “Whirl” in 2007 and was joined by Kirsten Vermulen with her accordian. They began to play live scores to Scott’s experimental films in 2008 and was joined that year by Bill Englebach and Scot Waknin. They describe themselves now as “Hyper-Intentus~ Electro-Acoustic~ Artifex Voluptus~ Celebratio Professio~ Compello-Fratorum” musical and artistic theatrics experience as one of the world’s only percussion-centered electronic marching bands priding itself on bringing sophicated savage avante-garde music to the people, when and where it is least expected. I for one have to concur, they manifest that destiny to the highest impressive degree. The current composition of artists are: Drew Vinciguera~ Snare; JD Hortel~ Quad Tenors; Jesse Dickens~ Quint Tenors; Rachel Hargroder~ Quad/Quint Tenors; Dustin Ardnt~ Quint Tenors; Scott Banning~ Roto-Toms; Luke Wachter~ Timbales; Steve Gordon~ Bass Drum; Paul Alexander~ Bass Drum; Dean Hirschfield~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Stephanie Wood~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Pamela Webb~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Justin Simoni~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Kirsten Vermulen~ Synthesizer/Vocoder; David Britton~ Synthesizer/Vocoder; Coby Hickman~ Synthesizer; Bert Beudin~ Electric Bass; Ed Smith~ Electric Bass; Roger Liu~ Electric Guitar; John Gross~ Vocoder; Conrad Kehn~ Vocoder; Joe Mehner~ Dr. Bucket; Aaron Spriggs~ Theremin; Josh Strange Powers~ Vocoder; Joanne M.W. Liu~ Larry the Chinese Lion; Megs Burd~ Larry the Chinese Lion; Ryan Archuleta~ Special Unit I; Todd Yore~ Special Unit II; Jill Mustoffa~ Special Unit III; Mable Mabe~ Special Unit IV; Alicia Bailey~ Special Unit V; Nick Lloyd~ Special Rolling Unit; Sara Valentine~ Miss. O; and Justin Hicks~ MSP (Most Special Player); (and often many more). Once again, have to stress, NEVER to miss this sensational crew. Rating: 5+ stars out of 5.

Itchy-O Marching Band @ Smash Club
Photo by Guy Mason Photography, © 2010
permission granted to reprint

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Talesma (Faerieworlds 2010)

* * Maryland * Performance at Faerieworlds 2010 on Saturday from 5:30-7 pm; 7/31/2010 *
A very intriguing American psychedelic electro-tribal rock band out of Maryland, Telesma pounded and tranced the fae on day 2 of Faerieworlds 2010. They played Faerieworlds in 2009 and came back for a repeat performance. Talesma brings together modern and tribal instrumentation with fusion of the primitive with the futuristic. Amazing drumming, primal beating, exotic music, and sensational dancing – Talesma blends the stage with the dancefloor. Didgeridoos, kubing, tribal drums, modern instruments, and mesmerizing vocals they create a indigenous form of polyrhyhmic rock and roll. Their lyrics has a mythological message. They have two full length albums “O(h)M” and “Hearing Visions: Live” that they produce on their independent lable “Strangely Compelling Music”. The bodypainted Ian Hesford (didgeridoo, kubing, dumbek, djun-djun, throat singing) stunned the stage; melded with the sounds of Jason Sage (keyboards, percussion, programmer, lyrics); Joanne Juskus (vocals, percussion, karatalas); Chris Mandra (guitar, analog guitar synth, his unique manDrum, and vocals); and Bryan Jones Jonesy (6 string MIDI & upright basses, theremin, percussion); Rob Houck (drum kit, percussion, electronic drums). Spiritual walkers between the worlds, these shamans know how to rock the worlds. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Dominion (Dublin, Ireland)

Dominion Resurrection
* Cellar of Murrays Bar * 33-34 O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland *
Every Saturday from 9.30 pm – 2.30 am in the cellar of the sports bar called “Murrays” is Ireland’s premiere and only Goth night. Only 3 until 11, afterwards 6 to enter. Darksome and divine, this small little hole is comfortable and roomie for those interested in the sub-culture to gather and dance their night away. I was quite curious how the Goth scene would be in Ireland and was quite pleased to hear some great music. The music was diverse from 80’s to electronic, goth, industrial, to medieval. The particular night I visited on July 3, 2010 – DJ’s Conor, Ozzy aka David Osborn, and Beo aka Christoph Heimann were playing. Good times. Good tunes. However, it was under-attended. There was about a dozen there and they all knew one another. It would appear a bit cliche’ish to those who are shy as I am (until I get to know people I’m actually a shy wallflower) so I’m just as guilty for not having made an attempt to make friends. Having to be at the airport at 4 am, I decided to call it an early night. But I’ll be back. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

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VNV Nation / System Syn / Revolution State (Colorado Springs – April 8, 2010)

VNV Nation, System Syn, Revolution State
* Thursday, 8 April 2010 * 8 PM – 12:30 AM * The Black Sheep * 2106 E. Platte Ave * Colorado Springs, Colorado *
While I’m not a big fan of the Black Sheep as a venue (too small, too grungy, the sound is often messed up, and other items too numerous to mention here) – I was very pleased with this show, the performers, and the crowd. It’s simply a rarity that VNV Nation will hit a small town like Colorado Springs, especially at the affordable rate of $15.00. The big additional plus is to be able to see Revolution State open up for VNV – which was like icing on the cake. System Syn was great too – so a three-spice addition to the night. VNV of course was amazing as I’ve always seen them be (but wasn’t one of their best shows as the venue wasn’t complimentary to their greatness). A spectacular time was had by all – combining the venue with each of the performers I give the overall concert experience a … 4 stars our of 5. [note – I’ve been to several shows at the Black Sheep [venue rates 2.5 out of 5], I’ve seen System Syn three times – this was an o.k. show for them [rates 4 out of 5], this was a first time for Revolution State – great first impression! [rates 4.5 out of 5 stars] and VNV I’ve seen around the world – six times – this wasn’t their best [rates 4 stars out of 5].
System Syn
System Syn is a futurepop/electro-industrial/tech/goth band that started in 1997 and has been pulsating their audiences ever since. Comprised of Clint Carney who makes up the vocals, lyrics, and studio music as well as backup vocals for Imperative Reaction; we have Atom Strange on synthesizers; Jake Strange on guitar and backup vocals; and Jaymie Valentine with live synths and backing vocals (who is also the singer and songwriter for Cindergarden). Together they make an amazing quad of talent.
Revolution State or
A Colorado Springs talented duet – Ben and Bonnie P. brings to stage an amazing act of electrifying Industrial/Electro/Tech/IDM Beats. Analogue laden Electro-Noise that brings forth another world – A Revolution State – where modern technology meets vintage instrumentation harmonized to save the Earth. They began in 2000 focused on a philosophy with music and sound to bring it to life. In 2003 they added to songs to the Velvet Acid Christ album ‘Hex Angel’; Utopia Dystopia ‘Misery’ and ‘Eva’. In 2005 They brought to life a live act called “Noizekatt” and released their first LP called “Revolution State” vs. “Noizekatt”. In 2006 two of their remixes were contributed to Velvet Acid Christ’s ‘Wound’ and ‘Ghost Regen’ as well as an ethereal dance remix of ‘Demon Breeder’ to Neikka RPM’s ‘Rise of the 13th Serpent’. They were signed with Vendetta Music in 2007 and since 2009 have been weaving some magical creations and remixes.
VNV Nation
VNV stands for “Victory Not Vengeance” for a motto of “One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret”. VNV is a European-Duo composed of Ronan Harris on electronics/lyrics/vocals and Mark Jackson on Drums. They bring together a clash of modern and classical Europe culture where mythology and technology live in an uneasy fusion but embracing a world view – comprised of electronic dance music, industrial, trance, synthpop, and EBM (Electronic body music) to ballads and classical inspired music. They serve a contemporary underground club culture and are well known for their Goth, Industrial, and Classical music that is inspired by art, literature, philosophy, and the classics. Originally from Wexford, Republic of Ireland and London and now based in Hamburg, Germany – The Duo began in 1990 when Ronan Harris moved from Dublin to London and put together a collage of orchestral and electronic dance pieces where he self-produced “Body Pulse” and “Strength of Youth”. In 1994 he was signed with the German label “Discordia” and put out the CD “Advance and Follow” – the same year that Mark Jackson joined him as the drummer. In 1998 they signed with the German label “Off-Beat” and released “Praise the Fallen” and the “Solitary EP” in the same year as doing their first headline tour of Germany. By 1999 They signed with Dependent Records, releasing “Empires” and several of their songs hit the German Alternative Charts. By 2001 the first ever VNV Nation album was remastered and released as “Advance and Follow v2”, with more new music on the horizon, hitting the German Media Control Charts and embarking on the highly successful “Futureperfect” tour of Europe and North America. In 2003 They form their own label “Anachron Sounds” and throughout 2003/2004 hold German Music CD and DVD charts. By 2005 They hit 8 major US cities with Front 242 with all shows sold out except the Detroit one affected by a major snowstorm – ‘Matter and Form’ hits #7 on the US Billboard Electronic Chart as well as many other charts around the world. Since 2005 – They have been producing, recording, and touring some amazing stuff and a major favorite of the Gothic/Industrial Club culture.

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Faerieworlds Winter 2010 Celebration: “Bad Faeries” Masquerade Ball

Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball – Faerieworlds Winter Celebration 2010

Faerieworlds Winter 2010 * McDonald Theater * Eugene, Oregon * January 30, 2010 * 7:30-12:30 *

An amazing night following the Good Faeries Night at the 2010 Winter Celebration of Faerieworlds was the notorious “Bad Faeries Night”. For this celebration, it was by far my favorite of the activities spun for the three day event. The doors to Faerieworlds opened up around 7:30 pm, with several merchants in the hall hawking their steampunk and faerie wares; costumes galore with steampunk influence, and kids dancing in the theater awaiting the amazing acts. Blossomed forth from the infamously successful Summer Faerie Festival extravaganza – Faerieworlds – comes a rather new evolution of their festival – The Winter Celebration. Hosted indoors similar to a “Con” rather than a “Festival” – partakers of the merriment gathered together to celebrate Imbolc and the season of Winter with concerts at the McDonald Theater and a marketplace during the day with workshops, activities, and performances at the Lane Events Center in radical Eugene, Oregon. The second night of the event was the “Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball” held exclusively in the McDonald Theater. The Steampunk costumes were amazing. Adam Hurst did a fantastic performance warming up the stage afterwhich was taken over by Seattle’s Steampunk band “Abney Park“. Then Kelly and her bellydance troupe did an Amazing Dryad Imbolc Rite with mesmerizing tree spirits dancing in the moonlight. The evening was concluded with the ethereal and stunning performance of Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique. Simply Amazing Evening. Of course it ended too soon … just after midnight … but all good things must come to an end. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.



























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Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique @ Faerieworlds Winter 2010

Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique
* Faerieworlds Winter 2010 Celebration * McDonald Theater * Eugene, Oregon * January 30th, 2010 * 11:00-12:30 *
* * * * *

Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball couldn’t be more spectacular then to end with a mesmerizing and enchanting performance by Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique. One of my new favorites Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes what an incredible display of style, grace, tribal fusion, beats, and sheer art. Zo Jakes & Beats Antique is a fusion trio of star American Tribal Fusion bellydancer Zoe Jakes teamed together with Electronic beats DJs/musicians David Satori (laptop DJ remix artist; guitar; violin) & Tommy Chappel (laptop DJ remix artist; hand drums). Zoe Jakes often dances with the Indigo Belly Dance Company with Rachel Brice and Mardi Love. Zoe specializes in ATS (American Tribal Style) and Tribal fusion mixed with hip-hop pops and locks. Beats Antique has produced a digital EP called Contraption Vol. 1? composed of glitch-rock, dub, world music, electronic compilations. Since ATS and Tribal fusion are the styles of bellydance Ive been learning over the last year, I was in utmost awe to see one of my favorite dancer inspirations. This was my second time Ive been blessed with seeing them perform. Major kudos for the mesmerizing and enchanting performance! Completely blessed my night. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Official Photogallery of Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique can be found at the Faerieworlds web site.

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Delhi 2 Dublin @ Faerieworlds Winter “Good Faeries” Masquerade Ball – 29 Jan 2010

Delhi 2 Dublin * Performance 1/29/2010 * Faerieworlds WInter 2010 Celebration * Good Faeries Masquerade * McDonald Theater * Eugene, Oregon *
Growing very rapidly to be one of my favorite dubstep/fusion/beat bands, from my pseudo-home city of Vancouver, B.C. Delhi 2 Dublin is sure to entice its audiences into a frenzy … and the friday night of January 29th proved that description completely. The Faerieworlds Winter Celebration patrons were ecstatically dancing to the Bollywood/India/Irish/Celtic fusion band known as “Delhi 2 Dublin”. Their name says its all. Five incredibly talented musicians and artists blending and fusing the Bhangra, tabla, celtic fiddle, dhol, Punjabi vocals, electronic sitar, Celtic, Dub, electronica, and world music together that are fantastically dance-able tunes. They were formed for a one-time performance at Vancouvers Celtic Fest in 2006 and instantly became famous – their music took a life of its own. They went on tour of Eastern Canada and California playing a number of festivals including Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Shambhala, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues, etc. Their debut album spread throughout North America, Japan, and Eastern Europe. They played Canada Days large celebration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on July 1, 2007. The band consists of Tarun Nayer (Tabla, electronics); Kytami (Fiddle); Sanjay Seran (vocals); Andrew Kim (Electric Sitar, Guitar); and Ravi Binning (Dhol, Tabla). Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Faerieworlds Winter Celebration 2010: The Good Faeries Masquerade Ball

Good Faeries Masquerade Ball

Good Faeries Masquerade Ball
* January 29th, 2010 * McDonald Theater * Faerieworlds Winter 2010 * Eugene, Oregon *
Blossomed forth from the infamously successful Summer Faerie Festival extravaganza … Faerieworlds … comes a rather new evolution of their festival – The Winter Celebration. Hosted indoors similar to a “Con” rather than a “Festival” … partakers of the merriment gathered together to celebrate Imbolc and the season of Winter with concerts at the McDonald Theater and a marketplace with workshops, activities, and performances at the Lane Events Center in radical Eugene, Oregon. The first night of the event was the “Good Faeries Masquerade Ball” held exclusively in the McDonald Theater. A spectacular event put on by members of the band “Woodland” and the arts phenomena known as Imaginosis combining together to create “Faerieworlds”. The weekend of art, music, and imagination came together beautifully as a select group of faerie artisans had tables in the lobby, a full-service bar downstairs and upstairs in the balcony, and a place to get the concert artists souvenirs and music. Everyone’s costumes were fantastic and appropriately creative to toss one into feeling like one is in the world of the fae. Doors opened at 7:30 pm, and Adam Hurst opened the stage with a great performance at 8:30. Following Adam was the ethereal melodic rhythmns of the Pagan folk band “Woodland” enchanting the audience in faerie bliss from 9-10:30. At 10:45, Vancouver’s (BC) hottest Celtic-India fusion band “Delhi 2 Dublin” took to the stage mixing Celtic and Dub flavors fusing tabla, celtic fiddle, dhol, punjabi vocals, and electric sitar and electronic beats. Dancing was fantastic. The audience was captivated until a little after midnight when the Ball ended. Great evening of enjoyment. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Good Faeries Masquerade Ball

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Zoe Jakes & Beats Antique (Faerieworlds 7/31/09)

Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes
* * * * * performance at Faerieworlds: Day 1 * July 31, 2009 * from 7:30-8:45 pm on the main stage *

One of my new favorites … Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes … what an incredible display of style, grace, tribal fusion, beats, and sheer art.
Zo Jakes & Beats Antique is a fusion trio of star American Tribal Fusion bellydancer Zoe Jakes teamed together with Electronic beats DJ’s/musicians David Satori (laptop DJ remix artist; guitar; violin) & Tommy Chappel (laptop DJ remix artist; hand drums). Zoe Jakes often dances with the “Indigo Belly Dance Company” with Rachel Brice and Mardi Love. Zoe specializes in ATS (American Tribal Style) and Tribal fusion mixed with hip-hop pops and locks. Beats Antique has produced a digital EP called “Contraption Vol. 1” composed of glitch-rock, dub, world music, electronic compilations. Since ATS and Tribal fusion are the styles of bellydance I’ve been learning over the last year, I was in utmost awe to see one of my favorite dancer inspirations. This is the first time I’ve been exposed to Beats Antique who definitely have made an impression on me. Major kudos for the mesmerizing and enchanting performance! Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Official Photogallery of Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique at Faerieworlds Continue reading Zoe Jakes & Beats Antique (Faerieworlds 7/31/09)

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7.25.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 15: ‘Halloween Comes Early This Year’

[ Back to Chapter 14: The Ghost of Briarhurst Manor ]   [ Chapter 15: Halloween Comes Early This Year ]   [ Chapter 16: Renaissance Faire ]

Pirate for Early Halloween

From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: The 25th of Quintilis (Julius Caesar’s “July”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“Arrrgghh, yeee matey! I’ve been able to sleep! So nice to have a day to be able to sleep in abit. Before I was to wander off to my adventures, I went up the hill to my landlord’s castle for a delicious barbeque. Ribs, Chicken, smokies, salads, and desserts oh my! It was a grand feast for sure. Got to meet lots of my neighbours and some from further up in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain and NORAD drew me a map leading me into the woods for a future adventure of a historic homestead, mountain lion’s den, and airplane crash fucilage. Sweet. I have yet to explore ye old Cheyenne Mountain State Park even though its been my backyard for more than a fortnight’. I just have to find the time to hike it soon, before winter befalls me. More tales of the cougars in our hood getting into the trash and tromping through people’s yards. As I headed down the hill to my serfly cottage I spied the local wild turkeys gobbling through the yard with hatchlings following close by. Sooo cool. Then on to Party #2, as I hit Mark and Pam’s housewarming. More wonderful food and spread. Got to catch up with the co-workers and then get a tour of the rebuilt house that sprung forth from the ashes of their formerly burnt down palace. A few hours later I was back at the cottage donning my pirate outfit, painting on makeup, and braiding my hair with exotic beads. Then into my ship for a drive up to Denver. I met up with PJ, Mark, and the lovely Christina for bevvies and grub. My seafaring friend Eric from the Seattle ports with the captive maiden Julia came to join us. Frolick, laughter, and jokes spun the clock away for soon enough I was off like a boot to the burner warehouse party ‘Halloween Comes Early This Year’ at Bat Country. The decor was outdone and enchanting at best, with a warm kindling hearth ablaze on the patio. Pretty hot and steamy inside the depths of the cave with skeletons, zombies, and ghosts dancing to amazing music. Due to the summer heat though much time was spent outside by the fire. Met up with Shawn and his wife for some partying fun. DJ Milk joined in the festive frolick as he drove the dancefloor mad. Flirtations abound I lasted until 4. Groggy, recovering, and sleepy I was, bestowed with the best of blessings for a good night’s rest under the Brian Froud Faeries collage to bring intriguing dreams as I passed out on PJ’s comfy bed. Thank you PJ for a place to crash! I owe ya plenty!”

plunder and pillage

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Lunar Fire 6/28/09 at Owsleys, Denver, Colorado

Lunar Fire
Rooted with the infamous band “Kan’nal” this mystical array of musical talent, vocals, costumes, dance, and theater divinely constructed into a remarkable stage performance youll never forget. Amazing performance like always on 6/28/09 in Denver at Owsleys. As always, this awesome band from the Otherworlds, takes a weave of magical evolution with high energy, fire dancing, spectacular theatrics, and an earth shaking experience. Theyve been dubbed Tribal Gypsy Hop bringing in multi-lingual lyrics, rap, hip hop, disco, trance guitar, bass funk, and massive tribal percussion. Lunar Fire embodied the definition of Dance Party wherever they play. The majority of the audience crowd danced and moved to the amazing rhythms of this fantastical force. Lunar Fire is beginning to hit international popularity, with 100 performances in over three countries. They have performed at many festivals including Dream Time Festival, Burning Man, 3 sided Whole, and High Sierra Music Festival. Gilly Gonzales on hand drums and kit; Tierro on guitars; Rodolfo Escobar III on bass, Mateo on cajon and sound engineering, Lisa Wimberger on congas and African drums; Teresita on mic and dance; and dancers Akayate from Kannal; Tiffany of Artsmyths; MaQi of Maqi healing arts, and Katchi of Kataliktic Inc bring to the stage an amazing performance. What an absolutely otherworldly enchanting entity. As always, I’m blown away by this band who always draws me into dancing up a storm – and that says alot, I don’t often dance to bands being one of those only hitting the floor on a dancefloor at a club. But this band definitely turns me into a whirling dervish. Rated: 5 stars out of 5.

Incredible angelic faeries dancing in the pyschedelic lights … Owlesleys, Denver, CO 6/28/09
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Apogaea 2009

Volcano Burn at Apogaea 2009

Apogaea 2009

Happy Ass Ranch, Lake George, Colorado * Annually each June * Colorado’s Regional Burn *

Every year the local Colorado Burner community puts together a regional burn in central eastern Colorado called “Apogaea”. An amazing festival of arts, sustainability, and community with leave-no-trace green thumbs on a wild ranch on 140 private acres of Rocky Mountain forested land blended with a community ethic to attain self-sufficiency, production of renewable energy, creation of agricultural base, and the development of mineral resources and mining reclamation. They possess a low-impact approach supportive of environmental preservation. The lands are surrounded by Pikes National Forest. Apogaea is a great testing ground for the local Burning Man community to set up and test their theme camp ideas for Burning Man. This year the theme was a sacrifice of the virgin offering to the Volcano Gods … incredible fire spinning and dancing, ritualized dramatic performances, and a festive dance around the bonfire. Dozens of theme camps and DJ booths, wild parties, workshops, and special events. Art installations and theme camps. Bodypainting. Contact Improv. Cuddle Camp. Safe Sex Play. Dancing. Hulahooping. Camel racing. Color book sessions. Multi-colored goats that you could learn how to milk. Pancake and bacon breakfasts and parties. Xpat Alien parties at the Crop Circle Cantina. Festivity, Friends, and Community. Apogaea is simply amazing. Highly recommended especially for any Burning Man enthusiasts and community. Galleries, photos, and items are located here: Rating: 5 stars out of 5. [ Photos on Flickr ]

Crop Circle Cantina

View Apogaea: Day 1 [ Myspace ] ; Day 2 [ Myspace ] [ ] [ ] : Photogalleries: [ Myspace Photos (does not contain nudity) ] uncensored: [ ColoradoBurn.ning – Day 6/5/09 ] [ Rest on ColoradoBurn.ning ] [ FlickR ]

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Day 3: Apogaea – Technicolor Goats, Xpat Alien Party, Sacrifice to the Volcano

Saturday, 6th June 2009
Lake George, Colorado

Travelogue: Apogaea, Day 3 [ Apogaea – Colorado’s Regional Burn, June 2009

Partying at the Crop Circle Cantina * Fawn and Kerri Anne dancing up a storm

Another morning rising early … hanging in the hammock, enjoying the rising sun, and the multi-colored goats across the way. As Camp Chaos (Goes Capricious) with their technicolor baby goats that you could cuddle and learn about goat-raising. They threw milking lessons at 9 am and 5 pm each day so anyone could take some raw milk back to their camps to share.

Technicolor Goats

The group had another big breakfast and enjoyed catching up and social conversations as we were all pretty hungover from last night’s parties. Noah wandered out in this risque’ ninja turtle suit with his package hanging out … too funny. Special Bacon breakfast up on the hill for the Apogaea newbies. In addition Mr. Mojo’s had a Reggae Pancake and Bacon breakfast as well … so no excuses for not having breakfast. Early, I started in on the painting, and I went for a half-gold, half-silver paint job for wandering around. Testing that “if you’re painted solid gold you won’t breathe and suffocate” myth and quite proved it to be innocent. Well, I did feel a little lightheaded, but I’m sure it was the sun and not the paint. I got to paint my youngest canvas … a 2 year old who was very squirmy as I tried to paint straight outlines of the insect he wanted on his face. That was tough! Allison went for flames. The XPAT Alien Camp was having a rockin’ party with booze aflowin’ all day long. Had an incredible blast. Thank you Xpats! One of the top parties for the entire event! Hoop it Forward had their annual decorate and create your own hula-hoop workshop which I unfortunately missed as I was distracted elsewhere. Then come dark it was time for the sacrifice of the virgin to the Volcano as it opened up with ritual performances by Colorado’s spectacular Fire Conclave as they spun wildly before and during the explosion of the volcano into embers … dancing around the madness and wild partying all night long. What a blast!

Volcano burn

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