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Bitcoins are a decentralized crypto-currency also known as digital cash without a central bank or single administrator. the electronic currency can be transferred peer-to-peer from user to user directly without need of intermediaries, although they are used in the process. Network nodes will verify transactions by means of cryptography and are recorded in a public distributed ledger they call a block chain. No one knows who created bitcoins, though it seems to be related to a group of individuals who call themselves Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 being released as an open-source software. Bitcoins were originally meant as a reward for data mining. The bitcoins can be exchanged for other goods and services, as well as world currencies. The University of Cambridge estimated in 2017 there were 2.9-5.8 million unique users possessing crytocurrency wallets with the most common crypto-currency being bitcoin.

Bitcoins are commonly used in illegal markets and transactions. It has been criticized for high electricity consumption, price volatility, exchange thefts, and disruption of other markets. They are being scrutinized by the financial markets, and many regulatory agencies have issued alerts about the market. Some believe it was birthed from the “Denationalisation of Money: The Argument Refined” book by Friedrich von Hayek and influences from the Austrian school of economics. Satoshi Nakamoto stated in white papers that “the root problem with conventional currencies is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”
this led to the initial attraction of bitcoin being for philosophical or political ideology to become separate from the state. The concept is to remove money from social as well as governmental control – denying the reliance of money from social relations and trust. Bitcoin’s Declaration of Independence as found on YouTube states “Bitcoin is inherently anti-establishment, anti-system, and anti-state. Bitcoin undermines governments and disrupts institutions because bitcoin is fundamentally humanitarian.”

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EBT/SNAP – Not just food stamps

Electronic Benefit Cards (EBT)

Historically known as “Food Stamps”, EBT or the “Electronic Benefits Card” is a state operated program to assist no or low income families with monthly food expenses. There are however much more benefits to the cards than just monthly food allowance. The card can get you discounts and admissions to family museums and/or events. Just because poverty has given you a hard time recently, doesn’t mean your children have to suffer and not experience educational programs, museums, and ability to play with other children.

This article is centered around Colorado as that is my home state, however, many of these benefits extend to other states and other state recipients can benefit on these when coming to Colorado.

The Food selection of the EBT card in Colorado can be used for food and grocery purchases, food deliveries from Schwans, Pizza from Papa Murphy’s (and other take-n-bake outlets some of which will cook the pizza for you for an addition $1-2), Energy Drinks (has to have a food nutrition label on it), Fresh Produce at Farmer’s Markets, Starbucks in Grocery Stores, Seeds/Plants that grow food, live lobsters/shellfish, birthday cakes, special event cakes (unless decoration makes up more than 50% of cake), non-ornamental pumpkins, and gift baskets for the holidays (as long as all contents are edible and don’t contain prohibited items). Showing your EBT Card in Denver can get you and your family in for $1 each admission to the Denver Children’s Museum and the Denver Museum of Natural History.


  • Look up your state here:


    Double Up Food Bucks – Colorado

    Denver, Colorado:

    • Children’s Museum – $1 admission ticket for each family member.
    • Denver Museum of Natural History – $1 admission per person up to 10 in party.

      Lafayette, Colorado

    • WOW Children’s Museum – $10 per family per year.


      Bellevue, WA

    • KidsQuest Children’s Museum – $3 admission

      Everett, WA

    • Imagine Children’s Museum – $3 admission

      Olympia, WA

    • Hand’s On Children’s Museum – Free admission

      Seattle, WA

    • Living Computers: Museum + Labs – $1 daily admission OR $10 Family Memberships
    • Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) – $2 per person
    • Pacific Science Center – Family Memberships for $19/YEAR
    • Seattle Children’s Museum – $1 per person with EBT or ProviderOne Card

      Tacoma, WA

    • The History Museum – $1 for an individual OR $2 for the whole family
    • The Tacoma Art Museum – $1 for an individual OR $2 for the whole family
    • The Museum of Glass – $1 for an individual OR $2 for the whole family
    • Tacoma Children’s Museum – Donations Only
    • My kiddos at Tacoma Children’s Museum

      General Services and Purchases:

    • AMAZON PRIME $5.99/month :
    • Amazon Prime for $5.99/month
    • Bertoglio’s Pizza
    • Community-supported agriculture programs including organic delivery services sometimes accept EBT.
    • Farmer’s Markets (not all, but most – and some will double your money value – i.e. $20 worth of produce for $10)
    • Fast Food Restaurants (certain ones in certain states):
    • Food and groceries from most chain grocery stores like Albertsons, King Soopers, Safeway, Trader Joes, Costco, Walmart, City Market, Fred Meyers, Cheapies, etc. SNAP EBT Locator
    • Hot and Ready Pizzas at 7/11 (buy frozen with EBT and they’ll cook it afterwards on site)
    • Internet (Free and discounte):
    • Internet Essentials and Low Cost Laptops
    • Leonardi’s Pizza (inside Winco) ($1 cash per pizza to get it cooked)
    • Papa Murphy’s
    • Schwan’s Food Delivery Trucks (does not cover delivery charge)
    • Starbucks within Grocery Stores that accept EBT
    • Subway Sandwiches (inside gas stations)

    Recommended Reading:

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    Prince August Toy Soldier Factory


    Prince August Toy Soldier Factory
    * Kilnamartyra Village, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland * Phone + 353 (0)26 40222 * Fax + 353 (0)26 40004 * *

    As we were driving around Ireland looking for stone monuments, dolmen, tombs, and holy wells we stumbled upon this toy factory in the small village of Kilnamartyra in Macroom, near Killarney town and Cork City. The parking lot was empty but the open sign was up. The outside of the building had beautiful artwork and painting of mythology, toy soldiers, and dragons. Inside we were greated by a mom and her son who showed us around the store, let us take a peek in the warehouse, and demonstrated lead casting of the toy soldiers. Apparently this is the only Toy Soldier Factory in all of Europe and one of the largest of its kind in the world. They offer tours of the facilities, demonstrations, school tours, family days, parties, and craft making sessions.


    They offer casting and painting workshops as well. The Factory creates a variety of start kits that contain moulds that can be used for home crafting to create your own toy soldiers or mythical beings. The selection ranges from toy soldiers, traditional soldiers, Romans, Vikings, Faeries, Mythological Figures, Chess Sets, Christmas Ornaments, and Teddy Bears. The factory was founded in 1976 by two new Irish residents from Sweden. They bought a factory building in Kilnamartyra, recruited local help, and bought mould making machines beginning production. They originally packed and distributed in Germany while manufacturing in Ireland at first, but as their resources grew in Ireland, moved operations completely into Ireland. We had a great visit, and enjoyed the figurines. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


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    Starwood XXXIII – 2013: Tree Leaves Oracle / Pirate Relief / Faeid Fellowship Booth


    Starwood 2013:
    The Tree Leaves’ Oracle, Pirate Relief, Faeid Fellowship, & The Naiads Well Booth

    * July 9th-14th, 2013 * Starwood Festival XXXIII * Wisteria Nature Sanctuary * Pomeroy * Ohio * *

    For its seventh year as the manifestation of The Tree Leaves’ Oracle (of the 33 Starwoods), joined for its first year with its brethren of Pirate Relief and the Naiads’ Well, and the 5th year with the Faeid Fellowship – Tree Leaves presents its collection of treasures, art, clothing, incense, oils, bath and body works, leaf works, faeries, pirates, zombies, and fantasy collection at the annual Starwood Festival. First time they’ve attended on the new location of Starwood on the grounds of the Wisteria Pagan and Nature Sanctuary in Pomeroy Ohio. It was a fun-filled 6 days of vending through sunburns and drenching rains welcoming in new friends, extended family, clientele, and window shoppers for the duration of the event. A catastrophic storm demolished one of its 10×20 tents, a electrician helped try to solve the solar panel burnout, and a leaking RV roof only added to the adventure. Sales were decent, definitely covering festival costs, but nothing to write home about especially given the weather-induced damages. However, the festival was so incredibly fun that wasn’t a consideration as the crew plans to return next year. Albeit a different experience from it being held at Brushwood, Wisteria has a different experience and magic to be part of. Thanks for a wonderful Starwood!

    The Tree Leaves Oracle, Pirate Relief, Faeid Fellowship, & The Naiads Well Booth at Starwood 2013
    Wisteria Campground
    * Pomeroy, Ohio * * * * 740-742-4302 *

    Monday, July 9th, 2013
    Good times as we were setup during Wisteria’s Wormhole event, so didn’t have to stress with the craziness around us of incoming traffic, choosing camp locations, building and erecting camps … we welcomed in newcomer’s, revelled with those who already had been there, and provided supplies and gifts to those who sought them. New friends and extended family was made. Weather bounced between overcast and rain with a sprinkling of sun. Good times.



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    Manly Market (Queensland, Australia)

    Manly Market
    Manly Beach, Queensland, Australia

    Every sunday the Manly Creative Markets spreads out its presence in the Little Bayside Park along the Esplanade of the beaching and boating resort of Manly Beach. It runs from 8 am to 3 pm offering a wonderful assortment of hand crafts, Australian local gifts, food, snacks, handcrafts, and farmer’s produce. Lots of Food, fruits s, vegetables, plants, and crafts are available. On the entertainment side offered are kid’s rides, a coffee shop, massage services, performances, and a dog wash. Great place to get gifts!

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    Staurolite: Fairy crosses/stones

    We often have a large selection of faerie crosses in our found treasures collection you can obtain from us, view them here:

    Fairy Stone / Fairy Cross / Staurolite

    Localities: Fairy Stone State Park, Virginia, USA; North Georgia, USA; Little Falls, Minnesota, USA; Taos, New Mexico, USA; Switzerland; Russia; Australia; Brazil; France; Italy; Scotland.

    Description: Popular to its folklore and legends, this stone has a State Park in Virginia named after it as it is home to its namesake “fairy stones”. It is also the official stone of the state of Georgia in the USA. Most commonly shaped like Celtic crosses or the St. Andrew’s cross, as an “X” or as a “T” shaped Roman cross, and square Maltese crosses. Color of the Staurolite varies to the region it comes from but can be dark brow, brownish black, grey, or reddish brown.

    Geology:Staurolite are a combination of silica, iron, and aluminum. A silicate mineral, with the Chemical formula of Fe2+2Al9O6(SiO4)4(O,OH)2, and a Strunz classification of 9.AF.30, possessing a monclinic prismatic crystal symmetry. It’s H-M symbol is (2/m), with a Space group of C 2/m, and a unit cell a = 7.86 , b = 16.6 , c = 5.65 ; ? = 90.45; Z=2. Coloring ranges from yellowish brown, rarely blue, dark reddish brown to blackish brown, pale golden yellow in thin sections with a subvitreous to resinous luster, white to gray streaks, transparent to opague diaphaneity. Specific gravity is 3.74 – 3.83 meas. 3.686 calc. Twinning is commonly as 60 twins, less common as 90 cruciform twins. Subconchoidal fracture, brittle tenacity, mosh scale hardness of 7-7.5. Common to have penetration twinning, or a characteristic cross-shape. It occurs with almandine garnet, micas, kyanite; as well as albite, biotite, and sillimanite in gneiss and schist of regional metamorphic rocks. It is only found in rocks once subjected to great heat and pressure. A rare mineral occurence in nature, it is only found in certain areas of the world in the fairy cross or celtic cross shapes. Each are unique and never are identical. True Staurolite crosses are hard enough to scratch glass.

    Folklore: Named after the Greek word “Stauros” for “cross”, they are commonly known as “fairy stones” or “fairy crosses”. According to European and Christianity influenced Native American legend on the state park website, “hundreds of years before Chief Powhatan’s reign, the fairies were dancing around a magical spring of water, playing with naiads and wood nymphs, when a elfin messenger arrived from a city far away bringing the news of the death of Christ. When these creatures of the forest heard the story of the crucifixion, they wept, as their tears fell upon the earth they crystallized into beautiful crosses”. During the first meeting of John Smith and Pocahontas, it is said the Indian princess gave John Smith a good luck charm made out of a “fairy cross”. Legend has it that Richard the Lionheart used them during the crusades to heal the wounded. Some say these are the tears of the Cherokee who wept over the loss of their homeland during the exodus on the “Trail of Tears”. Others talk of an ancient race of mountain faeries who were dancing at their favorite meeting places, and upon finding out that the “Great Creator” had died, shed tears, so moved, were crushed in heart and cried, as they wept their tears crystallized into the “fairy crosses”. Others say that during the defeat of the Tuatha de Danann and other faerie races when they were forced under-ground to live in the hills, the faeries around the world shed tears, made of Iron to represent the Iron Age destroying their race, in the shapes of crosses as an omen of the peopling that would destroy the planet next.

      Ay the charms of the fairy stone make you blessed
      through the days of labor and nights of rest
      Where ever you stay, where ever you go,
      May the beautiful flowers of the good Fairies Grow.
      ~ Little Falls Minnesota web page

    Well known that Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Thomas A. Edison, Colonel Charles Lindbergh, and other prominent people carried one of these on their person(s).

    Magical uses: For centuries these were believed to protect the wearer from sickness, accidents, disaster, and witchcraft. Used to find lost objects. Placed under the pillow to help induce lucid dreaming and astral travel. Used as amulets for good luck. Used to aid stress, anxiety, fear, considered soothing energy, and helpful with grounding. Many believe they embody an energy that will help you make contact with faeries or nature spirits. Some believe wearing the stones will help one stop smoking. Astrologically associated with Pisces. Associated with the base chakra. Healing qualities, good luck, rituals, protection, fever, defeat of malaria, stress, depression, addictive personality traits, time management, smoking cessation.

    We often have a large selection of faerie crosses in our found treasures collection you can obtain from us, view them here:

    By Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions and Research Facility.

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    The Phoenix Flea Market (Canberra, Australia)

    The Phoenix Flea Market
    * Phoenix * 21 East Row * Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, Australia * * 2601 * (02) 6247 1606 * *

    The Irish ultra-cool hip hangout in Canberra, Australia known as the “Phoenix” celebrates its connection with the arts and alternative culture by hosting a sunday Flea Market where vendors can come and sell their art, creations, wares, used goods, and treasures. Its a definite trendy move for alternative bars and establishments today to have a market once in a while, monthly, or even weekly. I’ve become a great fan of these moves by venues as I think it is an extroadinary motion on their behalf – supporting the arts, community, local culture, alternative subcultures, and home based merchants. I feel the Phoenix has a great potential with their market and idea. During our participation in the market, unfortunately due to a bus strike during Easter sunday weekend, we were the only participating vendors and clientele was at a minimum. We still had a blast, good time socializing, and face painting. Visited 4/24/2011. Reviewed 11/15/2011 by Leaf McGowan,

    Photos are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission of authors Tom Baurley or Leaf McGowan. Photos can be purchased via at Technogypsie Photography Services for nominal use fees. Restaurants, Businesses, Bands, Performances, Venues, and Reviews can request a re-review if they do not like the current review or would like to have a another review done. If you are a business, performer, musician, band, venue, or entity that would like to be reviewed, you can also request one (however, travel costs, cost of service (i.e. meal or event ticket) and lodging may be required if area is out of reviewer’s base location at time of request).

    These reviews are done by the writer at no payment unless it is a requested review and the costs for travel, service, and lodging was covered – in which case, expenditure reimbursement will not affect review rating or content. If you enjoy this review and want to see more, why not buy our reviewer a drink to motivate them to write more? or help cover the costs they went through to do this review?

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    Echoe Park Time Travel Mart

    Echo Park Time Travel Mart
    * Echo Park * Los Angeles, California * * 1714 W Sunset Blvd * Los Angeles, CA 90026 * (213) 413-3388 *

    In the heart of Echo Park is the thriving little convenience mart for “Time Travellers”. Is your flux capacitor out of commission? This is the place to go for repairs. Need leeches? They’ve got them in stock. Need a Toga in a jar? Need beards for disguises? weapons? dinosaur eggs? freeze dried milk robot milk? Viking odorant, mammoth chunks, Ricky Martin lunch boxes? they are in stock. While this shop has everything to peek one’s interest and give a chance to get a souvenir while visiting historic Echo Park, in reality this shop is a facade for another artsy “” shop known as These are amazing writing labs where kids can go to write and learn with a non-profit organization that tutors kids ages 8-18. Throughout America are 826 stores that have a creative facade to attract tourists and souvenir shoppers while supporting the non-profit witha mission to support the local community, sell books, and teach under-privileged youth. San Francisco’s shop is a “Pirate Supply Store”, New York City’s is a “Superhero Supply Company”, while Seattle’s is a “Space Travel Supply Company”, Chicago has a secret agent supply store, Boston a Cryptozoology shop, and Michigan’s Liberty Street location is a “Robot Supply and Repair Shop”. L.A.’s Time Travel shop is operated by Miguel Arteta, Mac Barnett, Joshuah Bearman, Nnive Clements Calegari, Dave Eggers, Jodie Evans, John T. Gilbertson, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, Keith Knight, Melissa Mathison, Salvador Plascencia, and Sally Willcox as the Board of Directors. Drop In Tutoring is available from Monday through Thursday, 2:30-5:30 pm. Tutoring has a focus on personalized instruction offering local students individualized help with their homework. Often many of the student’s works are published by Dogtown Books, an in-house publishing outfit in L.A. Workshops are offered to help students strengthen their skills, foster their creativity, and give them an opportunity to execute projects that showcase their work. The 826LA also sends volunteers to local L.A. schools to support teachers in their classrooms.

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    The Tree Leaves Oracle & Folk Fellowship

    The Tree Leaves’ Oracle and Folk Fellowship
    * * 1991 – Present * Livejournal Community * Facebook Group *

    Founded in 1991 as an underground Neo-Pagan newsletter, evolving into an arts and crafts wandering business, “Tree Leaves” eventually mutated into a cooperative / collective of folk enthusiasts, folklorists, artists, musicians, religionists, and culturalists who seek to preserve folk and tree lore, culture, ways, religion, art, music, and beliefs. As a cooperative, members network together, share ideas, theories, concepts, art, techniques, and lore to help one another preserve traditions, knowledge, and beliefs that have been generated in the past, present, and future. Tree Leaves sprouted from an entity known as “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle”. (The Tree Leaves’ Oracle started as a community newsletter and grew into a journal. It became an organization, a store, a company, and was reduced back to a journal offered by the Folk Fellowship to it’s membership. From 2007-2008 it became a faerie and art store in historic Manitou Springs, Colorado.)

    When “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle” started out as a Tallahassee Florida publication in 1991 it very quickly shifted into a nomadic arts/crafts/oils/ and herbal sachets nomadic peddling business founded at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon that same year. In 1993 a not-for-profit special-interest group was formed for the study of folklore and the offering of folk artist networking as a avenue for drum circles, talent shows, classes, and discussion groups. This special-interest group became known as “The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship”. Tree Leaves soon took off on it’s own and escaped the financial support of “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle”. In fact, as the “The Tree Leaves Oracle, Inc.” collapsed as a corporation, the Folk Fellowship was still holding activities and networking several hundred enthusiasts of folk culture (and a membership base of a couple hundred). The Tree Leaves Folk Fellowship was officially born and founded as a separate entity in November of 1995 with conceptual activities sprouting in 1994. Through membership dues and support, the fellowship offered it’s collective a bi-annual journal called The “Tree Leaves’ Oracle”, a quarterly newsletter known as “Tree Talk”, an annual membership directory, a web site, and a board of Directors and volunteers who actively organized activities, events, and question/answer support for those seeking answers about folk culture. Because of difficulties with volunteer support, The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship closed it’s person-to-person activities and community support on September 1st of 1998. By October 1, 1998 Tree Leaves had mutated into a internet organization that operated on a strictly cyber-basis. (although Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship forest groups still held activities in their local areas) The official organization stopped holding events, printing paper publications, and no longer offered telephone or person-to-person guidance & support. After careful consideration of the expenses involved in becoming a non-profit tax-exempt organization, Tree Leaves decided to remain not-for-profit and allow other organizations to donate support and funding for it’s operation and existence. The journal, website and former newsletters were shortly made available for free online. Their folk journal is sporadically still published online for free viewing by anyone with internet access. From 1998 to 2000, Tree Leaves was adopted by the research and design firm known as “Leafworks, Inc.” (a company now defunct). From the death of Leafworks, Tree Leaves operated under the wings of Wandering Leaf Designs. Reproduction of all cyber published materials was available for a nominal printing or reproduction cost through copyright held by Wandering Leaf, LLC. (now defunct)

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    Technogypsie Sale Items; Weekend of 3/11/11

    Technogypsie Sale Items; Weekend of 3/11/11:

    Current Craigslist listings of Furniture and Items being sold in Colorado Springs. All funds from the purchases go towards bringing you more adventure tales on the upcoming trip Down Under (Canberra/Brisbane, Australia) and England/Ireland/Scotland.

    Pictures and Items below the following cut. Continue reading Technogypsie Sale Items; Weekend of 3/11/11

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    “The British Tree Leaf” Festival Tent: 2001-Present

    “The British Tree Leaf”
    a.k.a. The Tree Leaves’ Merchanting or Bodypainting Camp Tent

    2001 C.E. to Present. :

    It was in 2001 that Sir Thomas Leaf was blessed with this new festival tent. The tent was created by the infamous seamstress “Bonefinder” for Leaf in Vancouver, British Columbia. It consists of a historic British Columbia Forestry Shelter Tent extended and expanded with canvas, velcro flaps, door ties, and patching by Bonefinder. Long dowel tent poles with recycled plastic bottle tops hold up the tent, while split 1×1 end poles hold up the corners and flaps, staked and corded with rope and rebar stakes. It is an easy to setup up tent with another person, and about a 30 minute chore for a single person. It has served Leaf well and while it has sustained damage from a tornado at Starwood, high wind rips at several Burning Man festivals, and mold damage from East coast festivals, it still stands and serves the Techno-Gypsie travels.

    Burning Man:
    “Tree Leaves Body Painting Station at Black Rock City” – Burning Man 2003, Burning Man 2004, Burning Man 2006, Apogaea 2008, Burning Man 2008, Apogaea 2009
    , Burning Man 2010.

    For five (unconsecutive) years, Leaf McGowan has been setting up a Body Painting theme station at Burning Man. This camp, consists of a shelter, water, tables, chairs, stools, throw sheets, pillows, mirrors, and approximately $300-500 worth of paints / art supplies that visitors to the station can use to paint themselves, paint one another, or be painted by Leaf when he’s in camp. This is Leaf’s gift to Black Rock City every year that he goes as Black Rock City is a non-commercial event and community, where everyone brings gifts and excess to share. As an example, while Leaf shares his paints and art; his neighbour down the corner might have a soft freeze ice cream parlor where a visitor to that camp could bring a cup or bucket and have free ice cream pumped into it for them, or one of several hundred bar camps where a visitor just needs to bring a cup to get a free fill of alcoholic drinks, beer, or wine. Another camp may offer free massages or baths, scalp massages, or poetry, rollerskating rink or a ride. Because at Burning Man, it is a gift economy. It is a true meaning of what community should be mixed with self-reliance and self sustainability. Sharing of resources when one has excess, gifting gifts because one wants to, and making another happy or content. That is Burning Man.

    Adaptable to any festival, the Tree Leaves’ Bodypainting Tent becomes a festival booth at other festivals, such as those with a commercial nature. Underneath this shelter can be found tables of arts, crafts, herbs, books, paintings, artwork, faerie figurines, collectible rocks, and Leaf doing tarot readings or bodypainting. Sometimes, if you are lucky, one evening at a festival, you might be blessed with one of his magic shows. Other evenings you might find a nice space to chill and chat, exchange stories, music, or art.

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    Old Bushmills Distillery

    Bushmills Distillery

    Bushmills Distillery
    * The Distillery * 2 Distillery Rd, Bushmills BT57 8XH, United Kingdom/Northern Ireland * 028 2073 1521 * *

    Bushmills is the home of the identically named Irish Malt Whiskey that is distilled in the Old Bushmills Distillery. This Distillery is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world. Bushmills has been manufacturing since 1608 for over 400 years. They are also notorious for their Single Malt Whiskies called “Bushmills” and “Black Bush”. “Irish Whiskey” is also called the “Uisce Beatha” which means “Water of Life” in Irish Gaelic. Bushmills is known for their warm, distinctive tastes and the arts/craft used by the Distillery to distill them, which has been passed down for generations. The Distillery hosts daily 2 hour tours educating visitors in the process and craft as well as providing tasting opportunities. Bushmills utilizes the magical waters from the Springs of St. Columb’s Rill, processes it, runs it through triple distillation in its copper stills, then matures the spirits in oak casks. Irish Malt Whiskeys are closely related to the Scotch Malt Whisky with the differences of Irish Whiskey is spelt with an “e”, and in Scotland the malted barley acquires a peaty smoky character as it is dried whereas Bushmills is never smoked thereby granting it a honeyed malt flavor. Bushmills is very proud of its ingredients and processes. Bushmills is gluten free (distillation removes glutens from the cereals), is Kosher (status awarded by Chief Rabbinate of Ireland) and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as they are made from barley, corn, or wheat, and other cereal grains, water, and yeast. They are distilled in oak casks which previously only contained spirit or fortified wine – no animal products used in production. Bushmills is healthy, and a 25 ml serving of the whiskey is only 56 calories and an ABV alcoholic strength of 40% (alcohol by volume). The Distillery reserves typically range from 50 to 60% abv.

    It began in 1608 when the distillery became licensed by King James I. By 1784 the Distillery became an officially registered company and word spread of the elixir especially from 1740-1910 with the Irish emigrants to the USA. The 1920’s Prohibition in the United States banning sale and consumption of alcohol harshly hurt Bushmills but they managed to ride through it even though at many levels they were dependent on sales from the USA. The Director at the time, Wilson Boyd, took the advantageous step in predicting the end of Prohibition and had ready to export large stores of whiskey. Isaac Wolfson bought Bushmills after WWII, and the Irish Distillers group took it over in 1972 controlling all Irish whiskey at the time suffering serious neglect as their whiskey stocks decreased in order to increase market shares of Jameson Whiskey which is Irish Distiller’s main brand. The French group Pernod Ricard took over Bushmills in 1988 and then in 2005 it was purchased by Diageo for 200 million pounds.

      Bushmills produces:

    • White Bush – Bushmills White Label, Bushmills Original – Blend of single malt Irish whiskey and Irish grain whiskey that is matured in American oak casks.
    • Black Bush – Premiere blend with more proportion of malt to grain whiskey than the Whie. Selected Spanish Oloroso sherry-seasoned oak casks are used to mature the malt before it is blended with delicate sweet single grain whiskey. Created in 1934.
    • Bushmills 10 year single malt – Matured in American bourbon barrels for 10 years.
    • Bushmills 12 year Single Malt – A special edition sold only at the Bushmills distillery that is matured mostly in sherry casks.
    • Bushmills 16 Year Single Malt – matured for 16 years or more in a combination of American bourbon barrels, Spanish Oloroso sherry butts, and Port pipes.
    • Bushmills 21 Year Single Malt – A limited number of 21 year bottles are made annually and matured in 3 different types of casks – first in American bourbon barrels and then in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks for 19 years, then in Madeira drums for 2 more years before bottling.
    • Bushmills 1608 – Special 400th Anniversary whiskey containing 95% malt and 5% grain whiskey made with 30% crystal malt for smoothness. Now only available at the Distillery and in Duty Free.

    Rating of the tour: As a big fan of Bushmills, I was pretty excited to see the distillery. I was a bit discouraged after the tour as I didn’t see anything in operation and thought it was very dry and boring. The tour guide however knew her stuff and did an excellent job with the presentation. Of course the samples of Bushmills were delicious and spirited, but after taking the Jameson distillery tour (even though they weren’t producing) which was 100 times better, I look back at the Bushmills tour and felt ripped off with the admission they charged. Rating: 2 stars out of 5 for the Tour; 5 stars out of 5 for the liquor.

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    Hard Rock Cafe Dublin

    Hard Rock Dublin
    * 12 Fleet Street, Dublin, Co. Dublin City – 01 6717777 * *
    I’ll be honest … I’m not a big fan of chains or Hard Rock Cafes. The only time I usually enter one is when I’m with friends who are fans … such as was the case for my visit to the Dublin one. The setup for these cafes are pretty similar wherever you go I find, and the memorabilia on the walls and in the cases are the usual lot of “this belonged to so n’ so” and “this was used is such n’ such”. Not much different than the movie fan chain of Club Hollywood, just for the Music industry. The food was mediocre pub food, and the drinks pricey. Some interesting and unique art/stuff for Ireland. Anyhow, if you’re a fan of Hard Rock Cafes … this one will please you as its the only one in all of Ireland, as the one in Northern Ireland was closed down. The Dublin one was established in June 29, 2004. They pride themselves for their unique collectibles just like all the other Hard Rock’s … in this case a pair of Bono’s sunglasses, a favorite shirt of Elvis, Paul McCartney’s “Beatle Boots”, one of Madonna’s jackets, a Paul Stanley guitar, and a Mimi Hendrix rug. Rating: 1 star out of 5.

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    Craigslist: Colorado Springs – Furniture for Sale 5/4/2010 (SOLD)



    Stackable Green Chapel Chairs: $200 Set of 6

    Used Set of 6 Stackable Green Chairs that were probably once part of a church, chapel, funeral parlor, or community center. For the most part they are all pretty nice, though a couple have some wax splatter stains from candles being to close to them. “As Is”. 34″ x 17″ x 17″. Buyer must come and pick them up. Fort Carson / Cheyenne Mountain State Park Neighborhood Area (South Colorado Springs). 719.433.4587.

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    Punk Rock Flea Market – 4/24/10 – Pueblo, Colorado

    “Punk Rock Flea Market” @ The Red Raven, Pueblo, Colorado
    * Red Raven Studios * 1143 E. Evans * Pueblo, Colorado * Saturday, April 24th, 2010 * * All Ages Event *
    From noon until about midnight, a host of talent as well as arts/crafts/collectibles/shirts/candles/and punk rock oriented gifts were presented to Pueblo’s alternative culture for a fundraiser held to get supplies and gear for Pueblo’s first May Day Celebration to be held May Day weekend. The Benefit brought together talent from Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and beyond. Tables were offered at an affordable $7 which included entrance to the show. Inbetween the shows, Nick and Chris from the ‘The Nicotine Fits’ were spinning records. The stage was blessed by the Conjugal Visits (members of the Nicotine Fits), M.D., Sonic Vomit, the Naked Bowlers, Katey Sleeveless, Inaiah Lujan, Made Up Minds, One51, The Good Morning Accordian Terrorist from Colorado Springs, Grace Champe, Brain Distortion, The Asssault Shakers, and many others. The Fundraiser was to raise money for the local artistic and musical communitie’s celebration of May Day – which they see as for the “International Worker’s Day of May Day” as well as the pre-Christian holiday of Beltane for rebirth and fertility. Overall as a nineteenth century working class struggle to gain the 8-hour work day when working conditions at the time were severe and common for a 10-16 hour day in unsafe conditions. From the National convention held in Chicago, 1884 – it was decreed that “eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labor from and after May 1, 1886″. It was also from here that anarchist proclamations were printed appealed to the working class ”
    Workingmen to Arms! War to the Palace, Peace to the Cottage, and Death to LUXURIOUS IDLENESS. The wage system is the only cause of the World’s misery. It is supported by the rich classes, and to destroy it, they must be either made to work or DIE. One pound of DYNAMITE is better than a bushel of BALLOTS! MAKE YOUR DEMAND FOR EIGHT HOURS with weapons in your hands to meet the capitalistic bloodhounds, police, and militia in proper manner. Not surprisingly the entire city was prepared for mass bloodshed, reminiscent of the railroad strike a decade earlier when police and soldiers gunned down hundreds of striking workers.” It was on May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the first May Day celebration in history for this purpose. In Chicago, the epicenter for the 8-hour day agitators, 40,000 went out on strike with the anarchists in the forefront of the public’s eye. With their fiery speeches and revolutionary ideology of direct action, anarchists and anarchism became respected and embraced by the working people and despised by the capitalists. To celebrate this important step in American history – the local community will bring together a celebration to honor those who stood up for their righs on this day, even though they were met with police harrassment, beatings, lock-outs, and riots. From these riots – eight anarchists rose above the rest – Albert Parsons, August Spies, Samuel Fielden, Oscar Neebe, Michael Schwab, George Engel, Adolph Fischer and Louis Lingg – who were arrested and convicted of murder, though only three were even present at Haymarket and those three were in full view of all when the bombing occurred. The jury in their trial was comprised of business leaders in a gross mockery of justice similar to the Sacco-Vanzetti case thirty years later, or the trials of AIM and Black Panther members in the seventies. The entire world watched as these eight organizers were convicted, not for their actions, of which all of were innocent, but for their political and social beliefs. On November 11, 1887, after many failed appeals, Parsons, Spies, Engel and Fisher were hung to death. Louis Lingg, in his final protest of the state’s claim of authority and punishment, took his own life the night before with an explosive device in his mouth. Today we see tens of thousands of activists embracing the ideals of the Haymarket Martyrs and those who established May Day as an International Workers’ Day. This is why they will celebrate May Day. The Event had quite a good crowd in attention through the day and evening, with a next-to-free potluck smorgasboard of delicious food and plethera of entertainment. The bands were great and fun was had by all.

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    Colorado Springs Flea Market

    Colorado Springs Flea Market

    * * 5225 East Platte Avenue * Colorado Springs, CO 80915-3514 * (719) 380-8599 * Sat-Sun: 7 am – 4 pm *

    A great place marketed to sell your household and craft goods – Colorado Springs Flea Market advertises themselves as the premiere place to host your garage sale. Every city has them, each one is unique in its own way. Its a place to buy, sell, bargain, and enjoy a family outing – food, entertainment, and vendors galore. They host up to 500 vendors throughout Colorado at this market on a 30 acre paved site with new and used merchandise, and open year round every weekend with plenty of free parking. Admission is $2 with kids 12+ free. Sometimes live acts bless the space with musical entertainment and a food cart is driven up and down the aisles. I enjoyed my time there even though my new metaphysical merchandise didn’t sell too great. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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    West Side Bargain Mart (Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs)

    Bargain Mart

    * 3135 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs * 80909 * (719) 685-4500 *

    Bargain Mart – one of my favorite discounted groceries hosts proudly adverts claiming they are the ‘lowest priced groceries in town’ – which they are unquestionably in this town, the most affordable bargains you can find. Its because they deal in the discounted grocery, closeouts, overstocks, and damaged freight goods. Here you can get most high brand salad dressings that usually cost you $3 a bottle, for a great deal of 2 dressings for a $1.25. Started up by John and Jean Fowler, it was taken over by Jim and Diane Krug to provide an alternative for west-side shoppers boasting having 70’s pricing scales. There are two others in the area – on the east side of the Springs and Manitou Springs – all different owners. Here you find a variety of foods – always a treasure trove of finds – always different, though some brand names can be seen there on a frequent basis. They carry the stuff that premiere and pricey grocery stores think they can’t sell – dented cans, surplus that might have torn labels or missing labels, improperly guled cereal boxes, inventory at King Soopers that someone opened up on the shelf to take a single item from, now making the set un-sellable there – all of these items go to a reclamation center to determine what should be boxed up for discount outlets like Bargain Mart, disposed of, or given to charities. Bargain Mart weeds through the surplus and won’t carry anything that is perishable which makes them different than alot of their competitors. They also have alot of organic and natural foods in their inventories.
    I’ve found lots of Starbucks coffee, high-end teas such as Oregon Chai, A Taste of Thai, and other great finds. They also have electronics, household goods, and clothing in their offerings. I often get Vitamin Water, Propel, and Gatorade for 50 cents a bottle there. For the soda drinkers, you usually can get your can of coke or pepsi for 25 cents a can. Of course my most favorite grocery store – is Trader Joe’s, where you get perfectly packaged, brand new unique grocery stuff for comparable prices to Bargain Mart – but alas, there are no Trader Joes in the state of Colorado. Therefore my shopping plan is check first at Bargain Mart, write down on a list of what-can-wait for my Trader Joe trips to New Mexico I do every other month, and then its off to the Vitamin Cottage, King Soopers, or Safeway. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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    Faerieworlds Winter 2010 Market (1/30/10 – Eugene, Oregon)

    Faerieworlds Winter 2010 Market

    Faerieworlds Winter Celebration Market 2010
    * January 30th, 2010 * Lane Center * Faerieworlds Winter 2010 * Eugene, Oregon *
    Out of the two days of the Faerie Market, I was only able to do Saturday as I had a flight out of Portland on Sunday. Alot of the wonderful Faerie vendors one have come to know from Faerieworlds Summer were there, with I imagine a few new ones. Great art, clothes, jewelry, crafts, and gifts. I’ll be honest though, I’m not a fan of faerie arts being indoors … and while its understandable for winter (rain outside even on this date) and it was aimed for large attendance, having it at the fairgrounds exhibit hall / auditorium was just too “boxy” and hard to absorb the energy. Good bands and performances, but very few danced. There was a great kids activity center, and workshops amass, but unless you were focused on a shopping spree, it didn’t hold entertainment very long. Very little in the food and drink department too … they certainly should have had more food vendors and entertainment mixed around the marketplace. Its evolving I understand … so I look forward to its next evolution cycle. Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5.

    Kids Activity Center

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    Amy Brown: Amy Brown Figurine, Winged Goddess with Silver Corset (AB0001)

    Amy Brown Figurine, Winged Goddess with Silver Corset (AB0001)

    Amy Brown Figurines

    Amy Brown Figurines: #AB0001 Winged Goddess wearing Silver Corset. roughly 12″ tall x 6″ wide. Amy Brown Figurine: #01 – Winged Woman Fairy Wearing Silver Corset

    Amy Brown

    Pacific Northwest artist Amy Brown was born in Bellingham Washington in 1972. As a child she spent countless hours drawing fairy princesses at an old, dark wood table in the living room of the beach cabin her parents rented. The doodling continued throughout her adolescence and at the age of 21 she began to take her art seriously, specializing in painting the fairy realm. Amy started working with water colors and found a deep love for the translucent qualities of the paint … a perfect medium in which to paint the creatures of Fairy. Come visit her fairy friends … stay a while.

      “I try to keep things simple, so the viewer’s eyes and mind are allowed to create their own reality. Every viewer has a different story to go with what they see. Often they pick up on things in the paintings that I never even realized were there.” – Amy Brown


    Weight: 2 lb.


    Note: Your purchase helps fund Reviews, Photography, and Travels, and activities, events, and workshops and The Tree Leaves’ Oracle.

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    Amy Brown Queen Figurine with Branch

    Amy Brown Figurine, Queen with branch (AB0010)

    Amy Brown Figurines

    Amy Brown Figurines: #AB0010 Queen with Branch. roughly 23 cm tall x 18 x 8 cm base. Amy Brown Figurine: #10 – Woman Fairy with Black and Red Wings holding a Hawthorne Branch

    Amy Brown

    Pacific Northwest artist Amy Brown was born in Bellingham Washington in 1972. As a child she spent countless hours drawing fairy princesses at an old, dark wood table in the living room of the beach cabin her parents rented. The doodling continued throughout her adolescence and at the age of 21 she began to take her art seriously, specializing in painting the fairy realm. Amy started working with water colors and found a deep love for the translucent qualities of the paint … a perfect medium in which to paint the creatures of Fairy. Come visit her fairy friends … stay a while.

      “I try to keep things simple, so the viewer’s eyes and mind are allowed to create their own reality. Every viewer has a different story to go with what they see. Often they pick up on things in the paintings that I never even realized were there.” – Amy Brown


    Weight: 2 lb.


    Note: Your purchase helps fund Reviews, Photography, and Travels, and activities, events, and workshops and The Tree Leaves’ Oracle.

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