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Starwood XXXIII – 2013: Tree Leaves Oracle / Pirate Relief / Faeid Fellowship Booth


Starwood 2013:
The Tree Leaves’ Oracle, Pirate Relief, Faeid Fellowship, & The Naiads Well Booth

* July 9th-14th, 2013 * Starwood Festival XXXIII * Wisteria Nature Sanctuary * Pomeroy * Ohio * *

For its seventh year as the manifestation of The Tree Leaves’ Oracle (of the 33 Starwoods), joined for its first year with its brethren of Pirate Relief and the Naiads’ Well, and the 5th year with the Faeid Fellowship – Tree Leaves presents its collection of treasures, art, clothing, incense, oils, bath and body works, leaf works, faeries, pirates, zombies, and fantasy collection at the annual Starwood Festival. First time they’ve attended on the new location of Starwood on the grounds of the Wisteria Pagan and Nature Sanctuary in Pomeroy Ohio. It was a fun-filled 6 days of vending through sunburns and drenching rains welcoming in new friends, extended family, clientele, and window shoppers for the duration of the event. A catastrophic storm demolished one of its 10×20 tents, a electrician helped try to solve the solar panel burnout, and a leaking RV roof only added to the adventure. Sales were decent, definitely covering festival costs, but nothing to write home about especially given the weather-induced damages. However, the festival was so incredibly fun that wasn’t a consideration as the crew plans to return next year. Albeit a different experience from it being held at Brushwood, Wisteria has a different experience and magic to be part of. Thanks for a wonderful Starwood!

The Tree Leaves Oracle, Pirate Relief, Faeid Fellowship, & The Naiads Well Booth at Starwood 2013
Wisteria Campground
* Pomeroy, Ohio * * * * 740-742-4302 *

Monday, July 9th, 2013
Good times as we were setup during Wisteria’s Wormhole event, so didn’t have to stress with the craziness around us of incoming traffic, choosing camp locations, building and erecting camps … we welcomed in newcomer’s, revelled with those who already had been there, and provided supplies and gifts to those who sought them. New friends and extended family was made. Weather bounced between overcast and rain with a sprinkling of sun. Good times.



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Tree Leaves’ Vardo: The 1984 Pace Arrow (2005-Present)

It was in 2005 that my boss saw snow collecting above me and Liz’s tents while doing field work at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site as we weren’t about to stay in the “hanta house” infested ranch house most of the field crew was staying in. At least with a tent, we could control what entered. As my boss originally owned this wonderful caravan, he was primarily working back up in Colorado Springs and never using it. On occasion he’d let field crew sleep in it while working down in the field to get some space away from others. He’d use it on occasion when down in the field. Then one cold winter day, he offered to sell it to me. I bought it and it then became my “field headquarters” while doing Archaeology down at Pinon.


Years later, after the army stripped away the Directorate of Environmental Compliance and Management and moved the archaeologists into the Directorate of Public Works, many changes lay ahead for lodging opportunities for the archaeologists and wildlife officers taking care of the resources at Pinon. The field houses were deemed “un-inhabitable” and the field crews were no longer allowed to stay overnight on the training grounds. Therefore it came time for me to move my RV from Red Rocks ranch. Rain storms and flooding we had to fight when moving the RV that weekend we went down. But once on the dry interstate highway, it was smooth sailing from Trinidad to Colorado Springs. This Archaeological bunkhouse was now to change definition … it became the festival headquarters for The Tree Leaves Oracle and Folk Fellowship, Pirate Relief, and Technogypsie Productions. It has about 60,000 miles and hasn’t been used by us much as it gets between 8-10 mpg. told it only gets 6 mpg if towing a car. We’ve taken it from Trinidad to Colorado Springs, From Colorado Springs to Denver, to Rocky Mountain National Park, and on a few outings.


As Pirate Relief, Tree Leaves, and Technogypsie Productions went abroad exploring the globe from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia … The Vardo became a storage unit for the faeries, art, wares of the companies while abroad still located in Colorado.

Potentially Available for Sale

Since most of our world explorations are taking place outside of Colorado and mainly consist of international locations, we are contemplating selling this piece of our history and memory. Those interested should contact technogypsie (at) gmail . com with an offer. Serious enquiries only. It can be viewed First week of September 2012.

Known problems:
It has a small fuel leak in the rubber seal where the fuel line connects into the gas tank (above it). A mechanic friend once temporarily fixed this (without dropping the tank) for a case of beer. That fix lasted 6 months. He did say, it was temporary fix, and to properly fix it, the gas tank would need to be drained to drop the tank to properly fix. Of course, it has over $100 worth of fuel in its 1/2 full tank, so have been waiting til the tank worked its way down naturally to fix. Supposedly an easy self-fix for those mechanically inclined. Otherwise mechanics have quoted approximately $200 to fix.

The water pipes (shower/faucets) had hard water once running through them which caused leak(s) somewhere in the water lines. Not sure what it would involve to fix that. Since we’ve owned it, we haven’t used the water as hadn’t really the call for it.

Battery might need to be replaced. Since its been in storage for over a year, there is a good chance the battery is dead (though it has been disconnected when put in storage).


Master bedroom in back with a pull out privacy screen (Queen bed) with cabinets and storage. Side bathroom with toilet and sink, medicine cabinet, and under sink cabinet and drawer. Across from bathroom is a shower stall. Next to shower is a clothing cabinet and storage drawers above central heat/furnace. Kitchenette has microwave above hood range gas stove with 4 burners, and a oven. Storage cabinet and 3 drawers underneath the sink. Half size (5 cuft?) mini fridge across from kitchenette. Living room has two chairs with table that can be packed up for more floor room. Across from table/chairs is a fold out sofa couch that can turn to a bed to sleep 2. Fold-out bunk above driver/passenger seat that sleeps 2 kids. Total sleeps: (6) = 4 adults and 2 children comfortably. Central air conditioning in roof unit/ controls in ceiling interface. Generator on outside, with awning over door that folds out. Storage cabinets on outside of RV. Ladder to go to top of RV on back.

Its a 1984 Pace Arrow, 27-30′, and is most similar to these various RV’s (1984 Fleetwood Coachmen Pace Arrow): 1986 Fleetwood Pace Arrow, 1986 Coachmen, 1986 Pace Arrow for sale, 1986 Pace Arrow for Sale (Austin), and 1986 Pace Arrow Valuation: Nada Guide (to the best we can remember afar what it has).

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Pirate Relief’s : “Project Sustainability”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Sustainability
* *

The ongoing focus of Pirate Relief is “Education”, “Awareness”, and “Sustainability”. Were also currently focusing on educating our crew in the ways of the sea, and the public in the ways of sustainability, environmental stewardship, & responsibility. By passing on stories, myths, legends, and tales of past – we will weave solutions for the future. Awareness. Understanding. Compassion. Manifesting a means for our community to be responsible. Right now, this is a dream we are breathing into creation. The seed is being planted. How can you help? Get involved. Donate. Spread the Word. Help Raise Funds. Weve already got our eyes on a few vessels, our Captains are looking into getting educated on sailing and ship operations, and were looking for a force that are interested in the project: Fire Spinners? Artists? Entertainers? Ecologists? Historians? Cooks? Crafts-People? Social Workers? Doctors without Borders? Guards? Crew Mates? Nurses without Borders? Have we left anyone out? Weve already got a talented crew climbing aboard … How about you?

The world is simply not taking care of the Earth and her oceans. Oil, plastics, toxins, and waste are being dumped into our lifestream daily … We’re looking into ideas and solutions to help. We are striving to live a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle with a focus on “community”. With one of the world’s most tragic environmental Disasters – “The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill” in our own backyard, we realize strongly now more importantly than ever, we need to get away from the vanishing resource we know as “oil” and “gas”. With the horrid unseen and “out of sight, out of mind” growing Ecological trash heap known as “Pacific Trash Island”, we are also realizing we need to stop using plastics for day-to-day activities. Stop using those once-used water or soda bottles. Re-use containers and focus more on a organic and free range lifestyle. In addition we need to do something with all that plastic trash already existing. With the tragedy of Japan with the Tsunami/Earthquake of 2011, and the contaminants leaking into the oceans from Nuclear Power Plants, we realize everyone (including ourselves) need to be educated about the pros and cons about certain forms of energy, and how can we work together to find alternative energies and harness them sustainably. We are looking into projects that can help with revitalizing the environment, assisting the wildlife affeced, and help rehabilitate the damages of this and other catastrophes are causing. We hope to educate the public about these issues through art, music, theater, and storytelling … bringing to fruition the “Living Myth” and getting involved in any way we can. Mobility by wind, alternative fuels, and energies. Renewal and Sustainable technologies in which to effect change on the planet ….

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Pirate Relief’s “Project Pacific Trash Island”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Pacific Trash Island
* *

Project “Pacific Trash Island” is one of Pirate Relief‘s first Environmental “Large Scale” cleanup projects the organization will work on, ship or no-ship yet ready to sail. One of our first projects will be to find solutions in tackling the ecological mess that is known as the Pacific Trash Island. In the center of the Pacific, natural ocean currents have been collecting trash in the ocean and lumping it together to create a mass of junk over the years the size of two Texas landmasses stuck together. We are abhorred by the fact that the Nations of the world responsible for this trash is not cleaning it up. Were investigating sustainable renewable floating islands, art projects, and recycling ventures to tackle this issue. We will also investigate how we can help with the Gulf oil spill rehabilitation. This growing ecological catastrophe brewing in the Pacific Ocean the size of “two” Texas length and width landmasses of trash and litter nestling in the middle of the ocean currents. We are in process of investigating recycling and renewal technologies to help break up Trash Island. From floating islands to renewable energy … our research team is brainscheming for our first of many ecological battles to tackle …

  • Recycling
  • Cleanup
  • Sustainability
  • Floating Reclaimed Islands
  • Plastic Bottle Vessels like “Plastiki” that just made their successful journey from California to Australia
  • Art Projecs and Events to Make the Project Fun

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Pirate Relief’s : “Project Black Pearl”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Black Pearl
* *

Project Black Bearl is one of Pirate Relief‘s projects they are seeking by no later than 2015 in achieving. At present, negotiations are being made in the use of some “historic tall sailing ships” that are already in use, as a means of vehicles to use until we can afford our own to purchase or build. As the end of 2011/2012 is focused on achieving a home base on the coast somewhere in the world through Project Gypsy, most likely England near Penzance; Oregon near Eugene / Ashland / or Portland, Washington near Point Roberts, Seattle, or Bellingham; or Florida near St. Augustine, Melbourne, or Miami as being the most realistic of locations due to support, community, services, land, and/or ship expertise located in these regions that might become accessible to us. The first exciting and alluring vessel we’ve had our eye on is “The Black Pearl” which is currently on sale for a mere $994,000 (currently located in Honduras). Of course, no-where in our budget line at the present moment, but definitely an aspiring dream to work towards. Realistically though, we’ll start with any good, sturdy, long distance sea worthy tall sailing ship vessel, and will even start out with a small sailing boat or yacht if we have to.

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