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Glastonbury Experience Courtyard

The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard
~ Glastonbury, England * ~

One of the must see sections of Glastonbury as I experienced on my 2011 backpack tour of England is the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard. It was founded in 1978 by a Dutch couple named Willem and Helene Koppejan who bought the retain properties at the foot of Glastonbury High Street and converted to a shopping mall of unique shops and function rooms called the “Glastonbury Experience”. Most of the shops began with specialization on “arts and crafts” focused on contemporary spirituality. Willem passed before they finished their dream. For several years the project came out at a loss being supplemented by Helenes private funds until in 1987 Helene met Barry Taylor who was a management and financial consultant who also had a strong interest in spirituality. They incorporated Barry’s plan to turn everything around. It came about when a section of Glastonbury’s residents were also inspired to re-create Glastonbury as a great center for learning, teaching, and spirituality mimicking what they saw it was in the Middle Ages but appropriate for the 21st century. Several key institutions moved in and became based in the Glastonbury Experience including the Isle of Avalon Foundation, The Library of Avalon, and the Goddess Temple. A Pilgrim Reception Center and Sanctuary was also formed. By 1992 Barry and Helene set up the Glastonbury Trust whose purpose was to benefit the public through the advancement of religion and education as a charity. In 1997 they established an agreement that in the event of their deaths the ownership of the Glastonbury Experience would pass on to a new charity. In 1998 Helen died and the Experience was transferred to the Glastonbury Trust Limited. The Trust began setting up a center offering help, guidance, training, and healing for all aspects of spiritual growth and ecological awareness.

Rated: 5 of 5 stars. Visited 8/1/2011. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

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Barbara and Art Culver Center for the Arts (Riverside, California)

~ Riverside, California ~

Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts is located in the Riverside Downtown/Street Mall and is an extension of art displays from the University of California at Riverside. The Center hosts art installations, weekly film programs, musicals, dances, and theatrical performances in dynamic settings recognizing that artists play a crucial role in our society. They continued preservation of the arts with a series of lectures, symposiums, and community forums. The main level hosts an expansive atrium gallery beneath a 40′ high skylight, home to the Sweeney Art Gallery, hosts a 72 seated screening room, and a cafe. On Level 2 there is a Media Lab, dance studios, black box with green screen, and a sound recording studio. The lower level houses the California Museum of Photography’s Important Keystone Mast Collection of stereo-graphs preserved in state of the art seismically isolated cabinets.

Rated: Unrated of 5 stars. This location has not been visited. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

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Bitcoins are a decentralized crypto-currency also known as digital cash without a central bank or single administrator. the electronic currency can be transferred peer-to-peer from user to user directly without need of intermediaries, although they are used in the process. Network nodes will verify transactions by means of cryptography and are recorded in a public distributed ledger they call a block chain. No one knows who created bitcoins, though it seems to be related to a group of individuals who call themselves Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 being released as an open-source software. Bitcoins were originally meant as a reward for data mining. The bitcoins can be exchanged for other goods and services, as well as world currencies. The University of Cambridge estimated in 2017 there were 2.9-5.8 million unique users possessing crytocurrency wallets with the most common crypto-currency being bitcoin.

Bitcoins are commonly used in illegal markets and transactions. It has been criticized for high electricity consumption, price volatility, exchange thefts, and disruption of other markets. They are being scrutinized by the financial markets, and many regulatory agencies have issued alerts about the market. Some believe it was birthed from the “Denationalisation of Money: The Argument Refined” book by Friedrich von Hayek and influences from the Austrian school of economics. Satoshi Nakamoto stated in white papers that “the root problem with conventional currencies is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”
this led to the initial attraction of bitcoin being for philosophical or political ideology to become separate from the state. The concept is to remove money from social as well as governmental control – denying the reliance of money from social relations and trust. Bitcoin’s Declaration of Independence as found on YouTube states “Bitcoin is inherently anti-establishment, anti-system, and anti-state. Bitcoin undermines governments and disrupts institutions because bitcoin is fundamentally humanitarian.”

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Roswell Country Club (Roswell, New Mexico)

Roswell Country Club
~ 2601 N. Urton Road, Roswell, New Mexico 88201 * 575-622-3410 * ~

I remember growing up with parents part of this social club – in the 1980’s it was seen as a status symbol and was a way to show off wealth (which my parents were wealthy). In my opinion it wasn’t a good life lesson to show off status or place in society, but that was the way it was back then (and maybe is now). My dad’s intent was probably more for using the golf course and to do business connections in the clubhouse with potential clients for his car dealership and real estate business. We kids of course loved fishing in the lake, swimming in the pool, and doing tennis, golf, and other sports with dad on the grounds. The membership fee in those days were steep and I imagine they are still today.

The club is located outside of Roswell just down the road from my old high school – Goddard. It was established and built in 1905 by members of the Roswell community who wanted to create recreational facilities for its members and families. It’s first officers were W.E. Wisely, E.A. Cahoon, and J.A. Graham – originally purchasing 50 acres from the Stone Estate and Cosmos Sedillo. They began construction of the Club House in 1906 under guidance of D.Y. Tomlinson and the 16 acre lake was stocked with black bass. More land was later added from John T. Stone, adding in a nine-hole golf course and swimming pool.

Rated: 4 of 5 stars. ~ Review by Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

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Starwood XXXIII – 2013: Tree Leaves Oracle / Pirate Relief / Faeid Fellowship Booth


Starwood 2013:
The Tree Leaves’ Oracle, Pirate Relief, Faeid Fellowship, & The Naiads Well Booth

* July 9th-14th, 2013 * Starwood Festival XXXIII * Wisteria Nature Sanctuary * Pomeroy * Ohio * *

For its seventh year as the manifestation of The Tree Leaves’ Oracle (of the 33 Starwoods), joined for its first year with its brethren of Pirate Relief and the Naiads’ Well, and the 5th year with the Faeid Fellowship – Tree Leaves presents its collection of treasures, art, clothing, incense, oils, bath and body works, leaf works, faeries, pirates, zombies, and fantasy collection at the annual Starwood Festival. First time they’ve attended on the new location of Starwood on the grounds of the Wisteria Pagan and Nature Sanctuary in Pomeroy Ohio. It was a fun-filled 6 days of vending through sunburns and drenching rains welcoming in new friends, extended family, clientele, and window shoppers for the duration of the event. A catastrophic storm demolished one of its 10×20 tents, a electrician helped try to solve the solar panel burnout, and a leaking RV roof only added to the adventure. Sales were decent, definitely covering festival costs, but nothing to write home about especially given the weather-induced damages. However, the festival was so incredibly fun that wasn’t a consideration as the crew plans to return next year. Albeit a different experience from it being held at Brushwood, Wisteria has a different experience and magic to be part of. Thanks for a wonderful Starwood!

The Tree Leaves Oracle, Pirate Relief, Faeid Fellowship, & The Naiads Well Booth at Starwood 2013
Wisteria Campground
* Pomeroy, Ohio * * * * 740-742-4302 *

Monday, July 9th, 2013
Good times as we were setup during Wisteria’s Wormhole event, so didn’t have to stress with the craziness around us of incoming traffic, choosing camp locations, building and erecting camps … we welcomed in newcomer’s, revelled with those who already had been there, and provided supplies and gifts to those who sought them. New friends and extended family was made. Weather bounced between overcast and rain with a sprinkling of sun. Good times.



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Technogypsie Treasures and Services

Technogypsie Treasures
& Services is Live!

Our web shop is open for business as of August 5th, 2012. We’ll have new listings available daily from our found treasures, gifts, collectibles, art, photos, publications, and services ready for your viewing, purchase, and shipping. We’re embarking on a grand journey this month and next to re-open our warehouse and relocate it to our Charleston, South Carolina office – so many more products and services will be offered in the next two months.

We’re travelling from our Dublin, Ireland office to Scotland, then Iceland, and on to our storage facility in Colorado. We’ll be taking a road trip relocating our gifts and merchandise from Colorado, and collecting new surprises and treasures from the trip on through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and to our port in Charleston, South Carolina. You can keep up with the travel tales and adventures in our blogs at Technogypsie Travels and Tales and Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf.

Currently, we only have our Graphic Design and Web Design Services, Bumper Stickers, and Decals uploaded for your access. Check back daily for our daily updates.

Coming soon: Found treasures, gems, rocks, books, and publications!

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Tree Leaves’ Vardo: The 1984 Pace Arrow (2005-Present)

It was in 2005 that my boss saw snow collecting above me and Liz’s tents while doing field work at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site as we weren’t about to stay in the “hanta house” infested ranch house most of the field crew was staying in. At least with a tent, we could control what entered. As my boss originally owned this wonderful caravan, he was primarily working back up in Colorado Springs and never using it. On occasion he’d let field crew sleep in it while working down in the field to get some space away from others. He’d use it on occasion when down in the field. Then one cold winter day, he offered to sell it to me. I bought it and it then became my “field headquarters” while doing Archaeology down at Pinon.


Years later, after the army stripped away the Directorate of Environmental Compliance and Management and moved the archaeologists into the Directorate of Public Works, many changes lay ahead for lodging opportunities for the archaeologists and wildlife officers taking care of the resources at Pinon. The field houses were deemed “un-inhabitable” and the field crews were no longer allowed to stay overnight on the training grounds. Therefore it came time for me to move my RV from Red Rocks ranch. Rain storms and flooding we had to fight when moving the RV that weekend we went down. But once on the dry interstate highway, it was smooth sailing from Trinidad to Colorado Springs. This Archaeological bunkhouse was now to change definition … it became the festival headquarters for The Tree Leaves Oracle and Folk Fellowship, Pirate Relief, and Technogypsie Productions. It has about 60,000 miles and hasn’t been used by us much as it gets between 8-10 mpg. told it only gets 6 mpg if towing a car. We’ve taken it from Trinidad to Colorado Springs, From Colorado Springs to Denver, to Rocky Mountain National Park, and on a few outings.


As Pirate Relief, Tree Leaves, and Technogypsie Productions went abroad exploring the globe from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia … The Vardo became a storage unit for the faeries, art, wares of the companies while abroad still located in Colorado.

Potentially Available for Sale

Since most of our world explorations are taking place outside of Colorado and mainly consist of international locations, we are contemplating selling this piece of our history and memory. Those interested should contact technogypsie (at) gmail . com with an offer. Serious enquiries only. It can be viewed First week of September 2012.

Known problems:
It has a small fuel leak in the rubber seal where the fuel line connects into the gas tank (above it). A mechanic friend once temporarily fixed this (without dropping the tank) for a case of beer. That fix lasted 6 months. He did say, it was temporary fix, and to properly fix it, the gas tank would need to be drained to drop the tank to properly fix. Of course, it has over $100 worth of fuel in its 1/2 full tank, so have been waiting til the tank worked its way down naturally to fix. Supposedly an easy self-fix for those mechanically inclined. Otherwise mechanics have quoted approximately $200 to fix.

The water pipes (shower/faucets) had hard water once running through them which caused leak(s) somewhere in the water lines. Not sure what it would involve to fix that. Since we’ve owned it, we haven’t used the water as hadn’t really the call for it.

Battery might need to be replaced. Since its been in storage for over a year, there is a good chance the battery is dead (though it has been disconnected when put in storage).


Master bedroom in back with a pull out privacy screen (Queen bed) with cabinets and storage. Side bathroom with toilet and sink, medicine cabinet, and under sink cabinet and drawer. Across from bathroom is a shower stall. Next to shower is a clothing cabinet and storage drawers above central heat/furnace. Kitchenette has microwave above hood range gas stove with 4 burners, and a oven. Storage cabinet and 3 drawers underneath the sink. Half size (5 cuft?) mini fridge across from kitchenette. Living room has two chairs with table that can be packed up for more floor room. Across from table/chairs is a fold out sofa couch that can turn to a bed to sleep 2. Fold-out bunk above driver/passenger seat that sleeps 2 kids. Total sleeps: (6) = 4 adults and 2 children comfortably. Central air conditioning in roof unit/ controls in ceiling interface. Generator on outside, with awning over door that folds out. Storage cabinets on outside of RV. Ladder to go to top of RV on back.

Its a 1984 Pace Arrow, 27-30′, and is most similar to these various RV’s (1984 Fleetwood Coachmen Pace Arrow): 1986 Fleetwood Pace Arrow, 1986 Coachmen, 1986 Pace Arrow for sale, 1986 Pace Arrow for Sale (Austin), and 1986 Pace Arrow Valuation: Nada Guide (to the best we can remember afar what it has).

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The Venus Project: Sustainable Cities

A world of modern design, no hunger, no unemployment, no financial collapse, as visioned by Jacque Fresco in his “The Venus Project”. Very interesting ideas, concepts, and applications.

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The Ghost Bikes of Dublin

Ghost Bikes of Dublin

* All around Dublin, Ireland (& the world) * *

An art project? A found art piece? memorial?

Its a memorial to a lost bicyclist who was hit or killed on the street. They are placed locked to a crash site with a small plaque and painted in white to serve as reminders of the horrors that bicyclists have faced and dealt with on their commutes or pleasure rides in the streets of the world. I came across them for the first time in Dublin, but they are a worldwide phenomena, first appearing in 2003 along the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. Now there are reported to be over 500 of them in over 180 locations around the world. The web site tells all. The site is setup to inform those about what this project is about, how to set up a ghost bike memorial, and the safety concerns with this issue. The Dublin project began in 2009 with the first ghost bike to Zu Zhang Wong organised by the Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC). They reported that 11 cyclists died in Dublin from 2002-2006, seventy five percent from left hand turning lorries.

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Article and research by Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Research, August 7, 2017 (Originally written in 2012 original lost from hackers)

Starbucks … my biggest addiction and life saving business that I stand by strong and dedicated. I apologize for the loss of the original article as it was destroyed from a hacking attack. So let’s begin with my telling of the small coffee roaster shop turned international empire. Starbucks has grown from the small love-able shop and blossomed into a world-wide phenomena with lots of love or despise depending on who you talk to. Today it operates over 24,000 locations worldwide (2017).

As a world traveller, Starbucks has been my saving grace – free high speed WiFi enabling me to stay in touch with family/friends, get business done, find lodging, get my bearings, and internationally have a place to rest and recover with a slice of home … and not have to pay a table fee, pay for the rest rooms, or get pressure to move on. Starbucks has become my second office place and when travelling, my main office. Not being a coffee drinker, it is the source of my biggest addiction – The Chai Creme Frappacino. Truth be told, I LOVE the fact that Starbucks is everywhere, she has been my hero. Growth changes many companies, but regardless of the current controversy, she has always taken the right course in my mind’s eye.

Many consider Starbucks a threat to the small mom-and-pop, setting course for the soothsayers who don’t realize Starbucks was originally one. Understandably Starbucks makes it harder for the small mom and pops to survive, but that’s not their fault nor their business model. They are riding their wave of success. They are seen worldwide as the main icon of “second wave coffee” by having their own quality, brand, taste, and experience. All of which (minus the coffee product) I can vouge is amazing and unique. The third wave coffee market competes with Starbucks and surpasses it with their own unique clientele, those seeking hand-made coffee, lighter roasts, and a more independent move. That’s great and fabulous leading to the success of the third wave coffee businesses. But Starbucks has a unique place and need regardless of how large it has become. It will be more efficient, safe, and contributing for the world.

Starbucks has expanded from being simply a coffee bean roaster to a world-wide coffee shop, restaurant, and WiFi hotspot. It is a place for all to find rest and relaxation. They serve a wide variety of products from tea & coffee to smoothies and alcohol. All locations serve hot and cold drinks ranging from whole-bean coffee, microground instant coffee (VIA), espesso, caffe latte, loose or liquid teas ranging from peppermint to chai, Evolution fresh juices, Frappuccino (smoothie-like) drinks, hot chocolate, beer, and wine. They offer La Boulange pastries, snacks, chips, crackers, pre-packaged food, hot/cold sandwiches, appetizers, and ice cream. They also offer various products – pre-packaged coffee, tumblers, coffee cups, music, and other novelties.

The very first Starbucks was founded on March 31, 1971 in Seattle, Washington by three students from the University of San Francisco – English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker. They were first inspired to sell high-quality coffee and roasting equipment. The ideas and methodologies were taught to them by Alfred Peet, a coffee-roasting entrepreneur. They named the company of the chief mate in the book “Moby Dick” – “Starbuck”. Its first location was at 2000 Western Avenue, Seattle, Washington from 1971-1976. It’s second location was at 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, Washington which stands today. They originally only sold roasted whole coffee beans at the first location and got their green coffee beans from Peet’s. Eventually they went to growers directly for their beans. In 1984 they purchased Peet’s. By 1986 they had 6 stores in Seattle and began selling espresso coffee made for customers. By 1987 the original owners sold the chain to Howard Schultz who rebranded his Il Giornale coffee outlets as “Starbucks”, expanding quickly through the U.S. By 1989 he had 46 stores in the Northwest and Midwest. Starbucks spreaded quickly in the 1990’s, and had its first international location opened in Tokyo by 1996. June 1992 Starbucks made its initial public offering on the stock market with 140 outlets and a annual revenue of over 73 million. By 2003 Starbucks purchased Seattle’s Best Coffee and Torrefazione Italia. By 2006 it purchased Diedrich Coffee and Coffee People. They purchased Teavana for 620 million in 2012. By 2014 they expanded in having 30 of their stores to serve beer and wine.

By 2014 Starbucks created its own line of hand-crafted sodas they call “Fizzio”. By 2015 They offered coconut milk as an alternative to soy or dairy.



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I’ve been a member of for over 5 years now, and while I’ve done alot of couchsurfing in my life, most of it was done with friends or friends of friends. But this year, I had to try it out directly from the site when visiting Australia, and it was none other than a most excellent experience. Since then I’ve couchsurfed in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. I personally believe its a brilliant network and an amazing experience. My interest in couchsurfing was as a budget tourist looking for ways to cut the costs of the high costs of travel. In addition, i was very excited at meeting new friends, learning about different ways of life, and getting to see the places i was visiting from a local’s perspective. Being a member of various alternative special interest groups and communities, such as Burning Man I often never have a problem finding a friend or a friend of a friend in a city where I’m travelling who offers a couch to crash on. Australia was different though, as I didn’t know anyone there and I was truly a “stranger in a strange land”. (Of course shortly after I started to network with couchsurfing hosts, a friend of a friend offered me comraderie and lodging in Canberra – which I did travel solely to just to meet him and take a holiday; and towards the end of the journey, met up with Burning Man community who offered me places to stay where I was at home with like-minded kindred) The several people I hosted with however as strangers from the network were amazing, friendly, hospitable, and great hosts. I had never felt more at home with complete strangers than during my trip to Australia. Because of Australia, I’ve continued to add couchsurfing to my itinerary whenever I’m travelling as its a fantastic way to visit a city and make new friends. Couchsurfing is easy … you join the site for free, you register, you can get validated if you’d like by donating to the company who mails you a postcard back to verify you are a real person, and you create a profile similar to one you have on any other social networking site. When travelling to another area where you’d like to couchsurf, you look at potential hosts you share things in common with, contact them to see if they have availability or interest, and set up the stay. They often describe the space they are offering for free whether its floor space, couch space, an extra bedroom, or a caravan in the driveway. Many times they offer to pick you up from the airport or station, shuttle you around, and one of the greatest activities … cooking with each other – or taking turns sharing food, tales, and sightseeing together. Every host I’ve stayed with has gone way-out-of-their-way to make me feel welcomed, looked after, and feel at home. All hesitations I’ve ever had about the concept, disappeared with that trip Down Under. has millions of members worldwide in over 230 countries and territories around the world. They are a community, a network, and a “gifting” movement (similar to that found at Burning Man). The pros: free lodging, sometime free meals, hospitality, new friends, tourist advice, events, networking, and fabulous experiences. The cons: You are staying with strangers – your hosts may not necessarily have personalities that merge with yours, there is an obligation of spending some time together – so if you’re a tourist trying to get work done or specifically trying to see alot in a day – couchsurfing properly can be difficult. You are putting your safety and personal belongings in the hands of a stranger (as they are with you). So common sense, as with anything you do, especially social networking, needs to be at play at all times. All on a sidenote, in my personal experience, couchsurfing is an amazing experience and highly recommended for anyone who likes social interaction, learning about cultures, and ready to make new friends. In addition, Couchsurfing can be a meeting place for other like-minds. There are local communities on the site where people can network about things they are interested in together such as music, art, theater, hobbies, and special interests. Special interest groups or member groups organize trips such as bar crawls, meetups, camping trips, and outings. Lodging agreements are always free for the host and the visitor, food is sometimes provided for free or for a fee or not at all, though never expected. Homestays are consensual between the host and the guest, with rules agreed upon before coming together, such as duration, nature, or expectations. The project was founded by Casey Fenton in 1999. Launched in January of 2003, the site took off like wildfire. By the end of 2004 it had 6,000 members, by end of 2005 it boasted 45,000, and by 2011, it has over 3 million members. Their motto and mission is as follows: “At CouchSurfing International, we envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community. Since 2006, Couchsurfing collectives sprung up to bring together Couchsurfers in chosen cities to develop and improve the project, they also exist to manage the website. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Similar networks are:

  • Hospitality Club, which is an international, internet-based hospitality service like Couchsurfing, that boasts over 300,000 members in 226 countries. Like couchsurfing, membership is free by registering on the website, and centers around the free gift exchange of accomodation, no guests or hosts exchange money for the lodging. Duration of stay, whether food is provided for free, for a fee, or not at all, is up to the parties involved to decide. Like couchsurfing, this is regulated by comments and reviews on the user’s profile page. Its motivation is the idea of bringing people together and fostering international friendships that will increase inter cultural understanding and strengthening peace in the world.
  •, which is also identically styled after is a global community of travelers who believe in making the world a better place through cultural exchange, exchanging travel tips, making friendships, and offering homestays in over 175 countries. It also offers the widest selection of local home rentals in these kind of networks. It was founded in 2009 by Jen O’Neal and Nate Weisiger.
  • Servas Open Doors is an international, non-governmental, interracial hospitality association present in over 125 countries and run mostly by volunteers. It’s purpose is creating a non-profit, worldwide, cooperative, cultural exchange network bringing people together to build understanding, tolerance, mutual-respect, and world peace. Like other hospitality organizations, it promotes world peace by encouraging individual person-to-person contacts through social networking on the site, meeting in person, get-togethers, and homestays.
  • Global Free Loaders: Another alternative network, as an online community to bring together people from all walks of life by offering free lodging around the world. Membership is free.
  • Be Welcome: another cross cultural network introducing hosts and visitors offering free lodging, social activities, and travel advice. It is a free network to join, non-profit and operated by volunteers in a open, transparent, and fair way.

As with any network, common sense should be used before entering a stranger’s home or inviting a stranger into your home. Couchsurfing is a brilliant way to make friends, travel affordably, and network. But we live in a world that has many problems as well as negative people, criminals, stalkers, predators, and people wanting to take advantage of others. Just like with any social networking, common sense is key. Get to know your host, get to know your visitor. Check their references. Talk to their friends. Meet in person before offering or accepting lodging if you have any doubts, red flags, or intuitive questions. Out of 5+ years of being a member, I’ve never had a negative experience with couchsurfing, but others have as can be found on sites like Bad Experiences with Couchsurfing: The Dark Side,, The Truth About Couchsurfing, A Travelers nightmare couchsurfing in New York, and Criticism of Couchsurfing and Review of Alternatives. Threats to the safety of travelers exist everywhere whether they are couchsurfing or not. In a given year example, 1.25 million stays have been organized through couchsurfing since 2004. About 99.6 percent of users considered their experiences as positive. The latest statistics show that out of 2,554 real-life introductions in a given day, only two people viewed their experience as negative. [stats from this article].

  • Web Site. Site referenced in December 2011.
  • Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. “Couchsurfing”. Site referenced in December 2011.

Photos are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission of authors Tom Baurley or Leaf McGowan. Photos can be purchased via at Technogypsie Photography Services for nominal use fees. Restaurants, Businesses, Bands, Performances, Venues, and Reviews can request a re-review if they do not like the current review or would like to have a another review done. If you are a business, performer, musician, band, venue, or entity that would like to be reviewed, you can also request one (however, travel costs, cost of service (i.e. meal or event ticket) and lodging may be required if area is out of reviewer’s base location at time of request).

These reviews are done by the writer at no payment unless it is a requested review and the costs for travel, service, and lodging was covered – in which case, expenditure reimbursement will not affect review rating or content. If you enjoy this review and want to see more, why not buy our reviewer a drink to motivate them to write more? or help cover the costs they went through to do this review?

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Lentil as Anything (Melbourne, Australia)

Lentil as Anything restaurant
, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. April 15, 2011.

Lentil as Anything
* * Abbotsford Convent * 9 am – 9 pm except mondays noon – 9 pm * (03) 9419 6444 * 1 St. Heliers Street,
Abbotsford, Victoria 3067 *

A most excellent dining experience after a day of sightseeing around the Melbourne area. The band of three of us headed off to one of a series of three “Pay as you Feel” vegetarian restaurants located in Melbourne, Australia. Now having only experienced this “Abbotsford” location located within an old nunnery, I’m inspired to go back to Australia to experience the rest that exist in St. Kilda and Footscray as well. The Abbotsford Convent is within a historical site that will seat upwards of 150 patrons. The concept of the restaurants are based on “trust” to “pay what you can” or “pay as you feel” what the food and dining experience was worth, a concept which impressed me so much I paid more than I would normally for such a meal. They also invite their patrons and fans to donate (which can be done on the web site) towards a philosophy that places human dignity above profit. When dining, all donations for the meal are made into an anonymous box which they feel preserves dignity while promoting trust and feelings of social inclusion. Many activities and artistic expression, fellowship, and communing take place at the “Lentil as Anything” restaurants including live music, world music, films, and art exhibits. All food is sourced from local organic farmers and producers that is prepared on site by volunteers and staff often served all you can eat buffet style. Food is vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options/selections. They also offer catering services. They pride in being community based and driven. They are a unique not for profit community organisation. A most excellent organization and dining experience. A must not miss in Melbourne. Rating: 5+ stars out of 5. Visited 4/17/11, 4/18/11.

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Echoe Park Time Travel Mart

Echo Park Time Travel Mart
* Echo Park * Los Angeles, California * * 1714 W Sunset Blvd * Los Angeles, CA 90026 * (213) 413-3388 *

In the heart of Echo Park is the thriving little convenience mart for “Time Travellers”. Is your flux capacitor out of commission? This is the place to go for repairs. Need leeches? They’ve got them in stock. Need a Toga in a jar? Need beards for disguises? weapons? dinosaur eggs? freeze dried milk robot milk? Viking odorant, mammoth chunks, Ricky Martin lunch boxes? they are in stock. While this shop has everything to peek one’s interest and give a chance to get a souvenir while visiting historic Echo Park, in reality this shop is a facade for another artsy “” shop known as These are amazing writing labs where kids can go to write and learn with a non-profit organization that tutors kids ages 8-18. Throughout America are 826 stores that have a creative facade to attract tourists and souvenir shoppers while supporting the non-profit witha mission to support the local community, sell books, and teach under-privileged youth. San Francisco’s shop is a “Pirate Supply Store”, New York City’s is a “Superhero Supply Company”, while Seattle’s is a “Space Travel Supply Company”, Chicago has a secret agent supply store, Boston a Cryptozoology shop, and Michigan’s Liberty Street location is a “Robot Supply and Repair Shop”. L.A.’s Time Travel shop is operated by Miguel Arteta, Mac Barnett, Joshuah Bearman, Nnive Clements Calegari, Dave Eggers, Jodie Evans, John T. Gilbertson, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, Keith Knight, Melissa Mathison, Salvador Plascencia, and Sally Willcox as the Board of Directors. Drop In Tutoring is available from Monday through Thursday, 2:30-5:30 pm. Tutoring has a focus on personalized instruction offering local students individualized help with their homework. Often many of the student’s works are published by Dogtown Books, an in-house publishing outfit in L.A. Workshops are offered to help students strengthen their skills, foster their creativity, and give them an opportunity to execute projects that showcase their work. The 826LA also sends volunteers to local L.A. schools to support teachers in their classrooms.

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Event Organizing: concerns and/or compliments

I’m tagging many movers and shakers from various communities, event coordinators, festival planners, discussion group organizers, entertainers, and/or vendors because I think this may be beneficial to you from one organizer / entertainer / and vendor to another. However, I realize I may be stepping on the toes of some who don’t agree with my following two cents. I welcome input and dialogue in this forum. If I’m wrong, I would appreciate being enlightened otherwise. It is my thoughts and beliefs, none other, but some thoughts/beliefs shared with others in the community. So its important to understand where some of us are coming from when we don’t support certain events or projects. I apologize in advance if it feels insulting, attacking, or personal, it is not meant as such. Especially the last paragraph. I realize that paragraph is a bit personal to a local event organizer, but it needs to be expressed for the upcoming events are seen as an insult and complete disrespect for many in the local community it is attempting to profit from. Many of these community members have asked me to speak out about it, and I’ve put it off too long.

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for awhile now. There has been a disturbing trend I’ve seen lately where too many “community” based events and organizers have been catching the “knickel and dime to death” virus that Corporate America, its airlines, its businesses, and its government has been initiating in our world since the “Dotcom” crash. (Prior to this point, the world and its corporations thanked their customers, their workers, their patrons, and often gifted them extras or benefits – something that has long since vanished)

I’ve held off on writing and publishing it because right about when I was going to ‘release’ it, a friend of mine, or a community member of mine, was hosting an event where they were showing signs of this virus. But now is the time to write it because instead of being approached with an event that was infected, I was blessed with an event last night that radiated exactly what has seemingly vanished. This event last night, re-established my faith that there are still community organizers out there like me who are NOT profit-driven and a bright example of entities that exist for “their community”. For those of you who are infected with the “greed” virus, I wish you the strength to get over your illness, and while this might be stepping on some of you “profiteering” toes, it needs to be said. Because such actions are “NOT” community. Commercialism does not equate to community. Now don’t get me wrong, it is totally understandable to want to be compensated for your cost, fund-raise for a specific cause, be paid for you art and time – but honestly, if a “profit” intent is your focus, please keep the word “community”, “non profit”, or “not for profit” out of your vocabulary. For those that are not infected with the said virus, I commend you for sticking true to ethics, for the hard work you give to community, and all the work you do for us. You indeed will be rewarded through time. It may not be financial, but I guarantee “goodness” comes back to you when you put it out. Call it Karma or what-have-you.

Last night I attended, and participated as a vendor, in an incredibly successful event that was held by “The Denver Community Collective”. (At least I hope it was successful – they appeared to have great community support, stunning attendance, fabulous entertainment, and most of the people I spoke to afterwards came out with a very empowering rush of community spirit) (Kudos for those of you who were responsible for such an incredible event). This event stated on their web page that it was created with a soul purpose of educating, empowering, and uniting the community through sound, art, love, and knowledge. I would say they were highly successful with that purpose and intent. They also stated that The CommUnity Family believes in only charging you for what the event actually costs, to ensure that more of you can be involved and enjoy this community experience. (this project is not profit driven in any regard, other than staying sustainable). Again, I say KUDOS and Congratulations again to the CommUnity Family. Four floors of entertainment, 5 domes, two stages, three DJ rooms, free water, free vending, free art space. 7 pm until 3 am. Wow. Admission: $14 pre-sale, $17 at the door. A bargain. Thank you for such a wonderful experience last night. I saw an incredible community spirit last night. I was beyond impressed. The entertainers, the artists, the musicians, the community came together to make this happen. It appeared to me to have more than 600 participants. (I’m not aware of the numbers, but the Sherman Center holds 2,000 and the place was pretty packed)

:: Begin Rant ::

From a struggling artist perspective, I was originally attracted to the event for (a) their mission statement and intent, and (b) the free vending as an artist. From an individual who had been a struggling “feast or famine” technogypsie artist travelling around to festivals “trying to make a living” this was like a heaven-send to me. I gave up that lifestyle 6 years ago because I couldn’t make it. Mainly because too many festivals after the .dotcom crash pumped up their vendor fees, knickel and dimed their vendors and entertainment, added on ridiculous rules, regulations, tax permits, licensing, insurance requirements, etc. making a life of a vendor too difficult to live off. So I gave up. I went to work for the Federal Government and a defense contract firm for a steady paycheck. 6 years later, I am now voluntarily leaving a secure job to go back to pursue the struggling artist lifestyle with knowledge of the fears and struggles that lifestyle has. But I have to say, the event last night gave me hope. As a vendor I did make money albeit not much. Had I paid the typical vendor fee that many events charge out there, I would have come out in the negative. I was impressed with CommUnity realizing that this is all-too-often the situation with vendors/artists and is what is collapsing the independent artist from surviving and many from pursuing such inspiration. Kill your art, you kill your entertainment and in many cases, you kill your event’s attractions. You kill the community’s purpose or intent on preserving the arts, culture, folklore, tribal focus, and reason for being there in the first place. Vendors are a festival’s “free information booth”, “guide”, “point of help”, and a draw to one’s attendees and participants. Certainly there is a place for a vendor fee or a commission of sales, but not to where it can destroy that existence of said talent. Honestly how many people would attend a Renaissance Faire without the vendor presence? very few. I’m not quite sure why the vendors who participate in the “worst of the worst” events that prey on vendors like the “Renaissance Faire” circuit does, attending and paying such ridiculous fees, perhaps it is worthwhile to some of the larger well known artists who can make a living from it. But for the small fry, or the “startup from scratch” artist, they don’t have a chance. Imagine if all the Renaissance Faire vendors, artists, and entertainers stood up and held a strike? I guarantee you the corporation behind that institution would drop their fees and plea for them to come back. I’ve been vending for over 10+ years and I to this day will boycott Corporate festivals that prey on the vendor. Usually its a boycott based on ethics, but sometimes even when I believe in the community and its event, it has to do with the cost and the knowledge of knowing I’d come out at a loss.

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The History of Leafworks, Inc. (1991-2000)

The History of Leafworks, Inc.
1991 – 2000

“… Just as trees sprout leaves producing beautiful inspirational works of art, Leafworks mimics this action in cyberspace by creating effective, inspiring, and entertaining web pages that provide informational resources for all.”

“Leafworks, Inc. was a web design, research, and informational service that sought to relay reliable, effective, and educational data in a cost effective manner. They were also in their era, one of the first “online research companies” of their time. Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Research Services, Computer Upgrades, Logo Creation, Program Installation, Classes, Training, and Networking … pre-dating the “Geek Squad” popularity, they served their clients well and were popular with what they offered as they were amongst the first to provide these services at this time. They taught online instructional classes on Web Design, HTML programming, and Graphic Arts before many Colleges and Universities offered these expertises as well as having amongst some of the first online educational training program scripts. They provided an array of web pages including their own bookstore. They also had a movie times web site that pre-dated Yahoo! Movies, Fandango, and Movie Times called “”. Because many of their staff had full-time committments with primary clients, many of their highly sought after services was on a “first come, first served service” basis with priority going to those clients with whom they already developed relationship or had worked with longer. Leafworks began in 1991 as a Research Firm that on occasion offered Graphic Design services and/or Logos. Originally a sole proprietorship in the “research” days, it became a Corporation in 1996. Leafworks was founded by Tom Baurley, the webmaster of Florida Division of Historical Resources, Florida Governors Page, Florida Symbols, Florida Museum of Natural History, and Florida Folklife Pages. When he began receiving phone calls from patrons of the State of Florida web pages who asked if he did web work on the side, he at first started saying “no”. After discussion with his boss, he was granted permission that he could follow up on some of those complimenting leads for side work. Already having been doing Site File Research work on the side since 1991, he quickly put together a business plan. Within a year he had an office down the street from the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Business became so busy and in high demand, he eventually left his position as webmaster with the State of Florida. Teaming up with contractors from State Agencies who were also wanting to do web design, graphic arts, or programming jobs on the side, the business took off. Eventually opening an office in New York as well as the home base in Tallahassee, Florida. Much of the work towards the end of Leafworks, Inc. were done by Tom Baurley and his wife Hena. When they divorced, during the time of the .dotcom crash, Y2K scares, the company was deeply affected by all the turmoil in 2000, which led to its demise. After the company closure, several members of the original company started up “Wandering Leaf Designs, LLC” who picked up where “Leafworks, Inc.” left off. Many of Leafworks clients went with the new company. Since the closure of Wandering Leaf, LLC in 2004, much of the inspired content that they created was adopted by Technogypsie Designs and Services.

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The History of Wandering Leaf Designs or “Wandering Leaf, LLC”

Wandering Leaf Designs, also known as “Wandering Leaf, LLC” was a web studio located in the region of North America’s Pacific Northwest – servicing its clients in the United States & Canadian provinces. A Limited Liability Company, Wandering Leaf Designs provided their clients with top-notch web designs, logos, art, graphics, wireless / nomadic technologies, and hot spots of interest from 2000 until 2004. “Wandering Leaf Designs” was founded after the closure of “Leafworks, Inc.. “Wandering Leaf Designs” was closed when its C.E.O., organizer, lead designer/developer, and mover/shaker left the .dotcom industry to return to his passion of “Archaeology & Anthropology”. Once on the trail to doing work at the Camano Beach Excavation, Miami Circle’s “Icon Brickell” project, and finally to be the GIS Specialist/Curator for the U.S. Army’s Cultural Resource Management Program at Fort Carson, he no longer had the time to continue operating “Wandering Leaf Designs”, much of which was the lasting demise of the “.dotcom” collapse that started in the late 1990’s into the early Y2K era. The Company closed shortly after his absence.

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Pirate Relief’s : “Project Sustainability”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Sustainability
* *

The ongoing focus of Pirate Relief is “Education”, “Awareness”, and “Sustainability”. Were also currently focusing on educating our crew in the ways of the sea, and the public in the ways of sustainability, environmental stewardship, & responsibility. By passing on stories, myths, legends, and tales of past – we will weave solutions for the future. Awareness. Understanding. Compassion. Manifesting a means for our community to be responsible. Right now, this is a dream we are breathing into creation. The seed is being planted. How can you help? Get involved. Donate. Spread the Word. Help Raise Funds. Weve already got our eyes on a few vessels, our Captains are looking into getting educated on sailing and ship operations, and were looking for a force that are interested in the project: Fire Spinners? Artists? Entertainers? Ecologists? Historians? Cooks? Crafts-People? Social Workers? Doctors without Borders? Guards? Crew Mates? Nurses without Borders? Have we left anyone out? Weve already got a talented crew climbing aboard … How about you?

The world is simply not taking care of the Earth and her oceans. Oil, plastics, toxins, and waste are being dumped into our lifestream daily … We’re looking into ideas and solutions to help. We are striving to live a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle with a focus on “community”. With one of the world’s most tragic environmental Disasters – “The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill” in our own backyard, we realize strongly now more importantly than ever, we need to get away from the vanishing resource we know as “oil” and “gas”. With the horrid unseen and “out of sight, out of mind” growing Ecological trash heap known as “Pacific Trash Island”, we are also realizing we need to stop using plastics for day-to-day activities. Stop using those once-used water or soda bottles. Re-use containers and focus more on a organic and free range lifestyle. In addition we need to do something with all that plastic trash already existing. With the tragedy of Japan with the Tsunami/Earthquake of 2011, and the contaminants leaking into the oceans from Nuclear Power Plants, we realize everyone (including ourselves) need to be educated about the pros and cons about certain forms of energy, and how can we work together to find alternative energies and harness them sustainably. We are looking into projects that can help with revitalizing the environment, assisting the wildlife affeced, and help rehabilitate the damages of this and other catastrophes are causing. We hope to educate the public about these issues through art, music, theater, and storytelling … bringing to fruition the “Living Myth” and getting involved in any way we can. Mobility by wind, alternative fuels, and energies. Renewal and Sustainable technologies in which to effect change on the planet ….

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Pirate Relief’s “Project Pacific Trash Island”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Pacific Trash Island
* *

Project “Pacific Trash Island” is one of Pirate Relief‘s first Environmental “Large Scale” cleanup projects the organization will work on, ship or no-ship yet ready to sail. One of our first projects will be to find solutions in tackling the ecological mess that is known as the Pacific Trash Island. In the center of the Pacific, natural ocean currents have been collecting trash in the ocean and lumping it together to create a mass of junk over the years the size of two Texas landmasses stuck together. We are abhorred by the fact that the Nations of the world responsible for this trash is not cleaning it up. Were investigating sustainable renewable floating islands, art projects, and recycling ventures to tackle this issue. We will also investigate how we can help with the Gulf oil spill rehabilitation. This growing ecological catastrophe brewing in the Pacific Ocean the size of “two” Texas length and width landmasses of trash and litter nestling in the middle of the ocean currents. We are in process of investigating recycling and renewal technologies to help break up Trash Island. From floating islands to renewable energy … our research team is brainscheming for our first of many ecological battles to tackle …

  • Recycling
  • Cleanup
  • Sustainability
  • Floating Reclaimed Islands
  • Plastic Bottle Vessels like “Plastiki” that just made their successful journey from California to Australia
  • Art Projecs and Events to Make the Project Fun

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Pirate Relief’s : “Project Black Pearl”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Black Pearl
* *

Project Black Bearl is one of Pirate Relief‘s projects they are seeking by no later than 2015 in achieving. At present, negotiations are being made in the use of some “historic tall sailing ships” that are already in use, as a means of vehicles to use until we can afford our own to purchase or build. As the end of 2011/2012 is focused on achieving a home base on the coast somewhere in the world through Project Gypsy, most likely England near Penzance; Oregon near Eugene / Ashland / or Portland, Washington near Point Roberts, Seattle, or Bellingham; or Florida near St. Augustine, Melbourne, or Miami as being the most realistic of locations due to support, community, services, land, and/or ship expertise located in these regions that might become accessible to us. The first exciting and alluring vessel we’ve had our eye on is “The Black Pearl” which is currently on sale for a mere $994,000 (currently located in Honduras). Of course, no-where in our budget line at the present moment, but definitely an aspiring dream to work towards. Realistically though, we’ll start with any good, sturdy, long distance sea worthy tall sailing ship vessel, and will even start out with a small sailing boat or yacht if we have to.

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