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Technogypsie Treasures and Services

Technogypsie Treasures
& Services is Live!

Our web shop is open for business as of August 5th, 2012. We’ll have new listings available daily from our found treasures, gifts, collectibles, art, photos, publications, and services ready for your viewing, purchase, and shipping. We’re embarking on a grand journey this month and next to re-open our warehouse and relocate it to our Charleston, South Carolina office – so many more products and services will be offered in the next two months.

We’re travelling from our Dublin, Ireland office to Scotland, then Iceland, and on to our storage facility in Colorado. We’ll be taking a road trip relocating our gifts and merchandise from Colorado, and collecting new surprises and treasures from the trip on through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and to our port in Charleston, South Carolina. You can keep up with the travel tales and adventures in our blogs at Technogypsie Travels and Tales and Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf.

Currently, we only have our Graphic Design and Web Design Services, Bumper Stickers, and Decals uploaded for your access. Check back daily for our daily updates.

Coming soon: Found treasures, gems, rocks, books, and publications!

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The History of Leafworks, Inc. (1991-2000)

The History of Leafworks, Inc.
1991 – 2000

“… Just as trees sprout leaves producing beautiful inspirational works of art, Leafworks mimics this action in cyberspace by creating effective, inspiring, and entertaining web pages that provide informational resources for all.”

“Leafworks, Inc. was a web design, research, and informational service that sought to relay reliable, effective, and educational data in a cost effective manner. They were also in their era, one of the first “online research companies” of their time. Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Research Services, Computer Upgrades, Logo Creation, Program Installation, Classes, Training, and Networking … pre-dating the “Geek Squad” popularity, they served their clients well and were popular with what they offered as they were amongst the first to provide these services at this time. They taught online instructional classes on Web Design, HTML programming, and Graphic Arts before many Colleges and Universities offered these expertises as well as having amongst some of the first online educational training program scripts. They provided an array of web pages including their own bookstore. They also had a movie times web site that pre-dated Yahoo! Movies, Fandango, and Movie Times called “”. Because many of their staff had full-time committments with primary clients, many of their highly sought after services was on a “first come, first served service” basis with priority going to those clients with whom they already developed relationship or had worked with longer. Leafworks began in 1991 as a Research Firm that on occasion offered Graphic Design services and/or Logos. Originally a sole proprietorship in the “research” days, it became a Corporation in 1996. Leafworks was founded by Tom Baurley, the webmaster of Florida Division of Historical Resources, Florida Governors Page, Florida Symbols, Florida Museum of Natural History, and Florida Folklife Pages. When he began receiving phone calls from patrons of the State of Florida web pages who asked if he did web work on the side, he at first started saying “no”. After discussion with his boss, he was granted permission that he could follow up on some of those complimenting leads for side work. Already having been doing Site File Research work on the side since 1991, he quickly put together a business plan. Within a year he had an office down the street from the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Business became so busy and in high demand, he eventually left his position as webmaster with the State of Florida. Teaming up with contractors from State Agencies who were also wanting to do web design, graphic arts, or programming jobs on the side, the business took off. Eventually opening an office in New York as well as the home base in Tallahassee, Florida. Much of the work towards the end of Leafworks, Inc. were done by Tom Baurley and his wife Hena. When they divorced, during the time of the .dotcom crash, Y2K scares, the company was deeply affected by all the turmoil in 2000, which led to its demise. After the company closure, several members of the original company started up “Wandering Leaf Designs, LLC” who picked up where “Leafworks, Inc.” left off. Many of Leafworks clients went with the new company. Since the closure of Wandering Leaf, LLC in 2004, much of the inspired content that they created was adopted by Technogypsie Designs and Services.

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The History of Wandering Leaf Designs or “Wandering Leaf, LLC”

Wandering Leaf Designs, also known as “Wandering Leaf, LLC” was a web studio located in the region of North America’s Pacific Northwest – servicing its clients in the United States & Canadian provinces. A Limited Liability Company, Wandering Leaf Designs provided their clients with top-notch web designs, logos, art, graphics, wireless / nomadic technologies, and hot spots of interest from 2000 until 2004. “Wandering Leaf Designs” was founded after the closure of “Leafworks, Inc.. “Wandering Leaf Designs” was closed when its C.E.O., organizer, lead designer/developer, and mover/shaker left the .dotcom industry to return to his passion of “Archaeology & Anthropology”. Once on the trail to doing work at the Camano Beach Excavation, Miami Circle’s “Icon Brickell” project, and finally to be the GIS Specialist/Curator for the U.S. Army’s Cultural Resource Management Program at Fort Carson, he no longer had the time to continue operating “Wandering Leaf Designs”, much of which was the lasting demise of the “.dotcom” collapse that started in the late 1990’s into the early Y2K era. The Company closed shortly after his absence.

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