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Boulder SantaCon 2017

Boulder SantaCon 12

Boulder Santa Con 12
Boulder, Colorado * *

It’s that wonderful time of year when the red tide makes it’s way through Boulder Colorado … It is also the birthplace where I got my start frolicking with the Santa’s … So I recall …. Either-or Boulder, Colorado springs, or Denver.

This year in it’s 12th year there was two Santa crawls …. The early one starting out with dining Mexican fare then on to the gentlemen’s club next door. Onwards they took a sleigh ride on the public bus downtown for more fun.

Misfit toys handed out to all, candy canes, and holiday cheer aplenty. With boom boxes in place they had a spontaneous dance party on the bandstand in the city park.

More Coming soon …

Boulder SantaCon ( — New Life in Colorado: Chronicle 26 – Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian. Adventures in Colorado. Photos taken November 24, 2017. To read the adventures, visit To read reviews, visit: All photos and articles (c) 2017. – by Leaf McGowan and Thomas Baurley. All rights reserved. More info about Colorado Springs:

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Widow’s Bane @ Brethrencon 2010

Widow’s Bane at Brethrencon 2010
* Saturday, 18 September 2010 Performance * Brethrencon 2010 * Denver Airport Marriott * 16455 E. 40th Circle * Aurora / Denver, Colorado * * facebook *
Rocking the banquet hall, direct from the grave, as the risen dead came “Widow’s Bane”, a motley crew of zombies en-trancing their victims at Brethrencon this year. Colorado’s infamous zombie band, The Widow’s Bane has folk, gothic, and roots music and comes from Boulder, Colorado. They also describe themselves as “Zombie Death Polka”. They claim a fantastical origin “shortly after being poisoned to death by his wife, Governor Mortimer Leech was recruited by the Dark Lord himself to join the house band upon his ship, The Widow’s Bane. The crew exclusively consisted of men fallen at the hands of their beloveds, and it was there that Leech was introduced to the rest of the band. There was Rutherford Belleview, an accomplished accordionist hailing from Connecticut, whose wife hung him up to dry with a piano wire. Bartholomew Catacombs, lovingly refered to as “Bat”, had been buried alive. A hundred years later The Devil dug him up, and he was now holding down the low end of the band on board The Widow’s Bane. Franklin McKane, a drunken gambler of the potato famine era, had been shot to death by his blushing bride when she realized his banjo and deck of cards meant more to him than she ever would. And then there was Rictus Corpum, who met the sharp end of a scythe after his wife played him out for another man. The Devil, however, was kind enough to transform Corpum’s bride into a violin so he might exact his revenge by playing her daily for all eternity. The ghastly band consists of Mortimer Leech, Rutherford Belleview, Rictus Corpum, Franklin McKane, and Bat Catacombs. Gruesome and upbeat, this band knows how to please their audience. Good rhthymn and dance beat. Great performance that gave Brethrencon a good time by all. Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5.

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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado
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Boulder, Colorado is a kitchy little artsy town to the Northwest of Denver, Colorado. The areas was first settled by the Arapaho Indians who lived in a villaged near the Haystack Mountains. The area was heavily visited and occupied by the Utes, Cheyennes, Comanches, and Sioux. The first Euro-Americans to settle here came in for the Gold Rush … settling the first non-native settlement in the area on Oct 17, 1858 at Red Rocks near the entrance to Boulder Canyon. A year later, the town was organized and property became sold. Originally a supply base for gold miners, Boulder quickly grew into a stable town with restaurants, gambling, schools, and hospitals. Mount St. Gertrude Academy was the first private school to open in the area in 1892. By 1905 tourism swept over the area and became prosperous. Between 1950-1972, Boulder grew from 20,000 inhabitants to 72,000. In 2005, the Best features of Boulder were listed as: “50 fabulous gay-friendly places to live” – book by Gregory A. Kompes, November 2005; “Top 10 cities for masters athletes” – GeezerJock Magazine, September 2005; “7th Best Running City” – Runner’s World Magazine, August 2005; “#6 in “The 100 Best Art Towns in America” by John Villani; “50 Best places to live – best overall city” – Men’s Journal, March 2005; “Going to Boulder” – The New York Times, May 2005; “#18 in the Top 25 Art Cities” – American Style Magazine, June 2005; and “Top 20 greenest spots in the country” – Vegetarian Times, July/August 2005. Today its is well known as a retreat, an artist’s collective, an alternative city, inspirational, relaxing, very educated, and a city rich in culture, arts, music, education, and open spaces. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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2009 Boulder SolFest

Boulder SolFest 2009 * SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009 * Double Rainbow Ranch * 6541 N 63rd St, Niwot, Colorado * 4-11pm, $12 *
This year I decided to try out the Boulder SolFest at the Double Rainbow Ranch. At first, arriving into someone’s backyard with only a few people around shortly after gates opened originally concerned me that no one was going to show up even though they had billed some great local talent. But as the clock ticked along, a good crowd showed up. They also had some local natural art/products vendor tables, and once the fear of rain dismissed, the talent took to the stage to provide a wonderful show that led to a brilliant Summer Solstice fire ceremony ritual and fire dancing. Pretty spectacular, home-feel community and connectivity. Lil Sum’N Sum’N with Tierro and Gilly from Kan’nal, Ariana Saraha, the Mountain Trance Medicine Band, and Shaela Noella mesmerized the comfy crowd with some wonderful music for the welcoming of Summer and the celebration of Father’s Day. I was quite pleased and thought the event went very well. I couldn’t stay to the bitter end as I had work back in Colorado Springs the next morning, but was very fulfilled with the beauty shared with us. Thank you! Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5.

Lil Sum’n Sum’n *
A artistic music project from members of Lunar Fire and Kan’nal that is composed of Lisa Wimberger, Tierro, and Gil Gonzalez blesses its audiences with improvisational psy-trance world beat haung drums, tablas, doumbeks, dounouns, congas, shakers, udas, guitars, drones, ballaphones, with tap dancing blending rhythmns and music from afro-cuban, african, middle eastern, and American influences. Simply amazing trio.

Mountain Trance Medicine Band *
The main act for the SolFest 2009 I attended as it was held at their ranch. I’ve been seeing quite a bit of this band lately and impressed with their music. Regressive TechnoBilly Bluegrass Funk. They bring together the banjo, drum, didjeridoo, and other traditional instruments influenced by the old claw-hammer dance tunes merging tribal beats of modal mountain melodies to trancy grooves, sanskrit ragas, and bluegrass harmonies. Very dance-able stuff. Mountain Trance is made up of Paul Temple, Hal Landem, Michael Krow, Jessee Layton, Damian Leuthold, and JVonD. Great performance and magic! Thank you!

Ariana Saraha *
Another great performer I’ve seen a bit of lately mesmerizing her audience with Middle East, Far East, Celtic and Flamenco flavored world beats blending together traditional with a natural soulful funk. Amazing rhythmns and vocals that inspires environmental healing through music. Very inspirational. Thank you Ariana!

Shaela Noella *
An amazing enchantress from Hawaii, Shaela Noella brought to SolFest spiritually strengthening and blessing acoustic songs to her audience. She was an amazing presence that made my Summer Solstice blessed. Thank you.


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Yaki Maki Sushi (Boulder, Colorado)

Yaki Maki Sushi
* 1175 Walnut St., Boulder, Colorado * 720-974-0388 *
A great little sushi restaurant in the heart of artsy Boulder, Colorado where one can reasonably have an amazing amount of unlimited sushi for a reasonable price. Its one of my favorite places in Colorado. Lunch special is 13.95 and the dinner special is $18.95. As with any all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurants, you have to eat everything you order or you’ll pay extra. They limit how much you can have per order run, but they continuously come back for your next run as you’ve devoured the first. Covers appetizers, nigiri, and rolls. Edamame, Miso soup, tempura, terriyaki are all appetizer selections. Even high priced special rolls like the Dragon and the Rainbow can be obtained in the price. What an excellent concept, excellent sushi, great service, and an all around fabulous deal. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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2008 Boulder SantaCon – Black Friday 11/28/08

Black Friday, 28 Novembre, 2008

Boulder, Colorado

Vodka in Hand, Ready for SantaCon

Ah, what a day. The story to be told on Black Friday leading to irresponsibility and debauchery. Uggh. I have a headache just thinking about it. The morning awaking in the cottage, nestled up against Cheyenne Mountain, with snow covering the ground and the roads a bit icy, deer prancing in the yard looking for splotches of grass peering through the icy cover. I packed up my red coat with white fluffy lining, white beard, and red santa hat … bag of misfit toys and packed it into the Matrix. Awoke and rustled Doug from the couch and off in a jiffy we were in Manitou to meet Jess and Cody for crepes and goodies at the European Cafe. Delicious. A walk around downtown Manitou Springs to find they were not really amped or open for Black Friday. A sigh of relief, and off in a bolt, I was onwards to Denver to meet up with Viktoria for a massage to start out the day. We grabbed some veggie cuisine at the Krishna temple Govinda buffet and after a delicious fill and a muscle relaxing massage, was off to Denise’s to don the red coat. Vodka bottle in hand I was released of any responsibilities as was given the gift of a non-drinking designated driver who would care for Santa in his plight of drunken debauchery. ‘Tis always a danger when Sinterklaas is given a sleigh he doesn’t have to drive and a bagful of booze and misfit toys where there is no limitation or responsibility of care, and soon enough felt the pangs of that evolution, as he ended his night hugging a tree as a bad santa would when the booze doesn’t agree with the body in it flows.

Invading Maceys santa seat

A short drive from Broomfield to Boulder, we found the La Casa Mexican restaurant in the strip mall where the Santa Clauses and Elves were to gather. Bags of candy canes and naughty toys in hand, we walked through the doors to find a handful of santas already imbibing in the two-for-one Margarita’s and beer that they offered exclusively to those donned in Xmas cheer. Afterall Thanksgiving is over, and its time for the red caped wonders to unwind and prepare for December’s payload of chimney swooping and gift giving chores. Every 10 minutes the restaurant was invaded by mystical misfits of North Pole origin. Some of the patrons who were seated in the territory were soon outnumbered and scared from their seats, unaware what toil was soon to take place. Drinking and merriment with chorus of ho-ho-ho’s; Santa was in da house with Elvis santas, credit card santas, elves, reindeer, and comical santas galore. A few children dining with their parents were confused as to why there were so many santas together some quite frightenely dazed by the red glare and glimmer. Especially as misfit toy plunder was dished out on the tables for each santa to grab and add to their bags.

The fearless Santa leader with antique boom-box in hand, led the red crowd into the parking lot for some mischievious broadcasts of bad santa humor and songs as we paraded away to the city mall around the corner. A security truck spied the sleigh of 75+ santas entering in Macey’s and organized their ambush for our exit on out. Parading through Macey’s – quite dead for Black Friday, we hit santa’s booth and invaded it for a photo session, then on out of the store with intent of visiting and shopping around the rest of the mall, was met with intense discrimination for being red skinned and white haired … a security cop with a cowboy hat tried to stop the crowd and warn for us NOT to give out anything to anyone. Aggravated and irritated that this crowd wasn’t paying him much attention, told the merry-makers this is private property and we were not welcome. So off we complied and deciding not to wait for the bus, headed over to a bar afterwhich security, for some unknown reason, since we were listening, called the cops and sent them flashing after us. Full in our right, to dress as we wish, and walk where we wanted, we headed on off for more margaritas and salsa. Dance party in the bar with frolick and flirtations flying.

dancing in the bar

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