The Portal

The Portal Mystery Concert
* Friday, 16 July 2010 * Boulder Theater * Boulder, Colorado * * *

I received an email invitation from the now defunct spiritual tribal-rave band Kan’nal saying “The Portal” was premiering in their home town of Boulder, Colorado. So I enthusiastically got tickets online earlier in the week with hopes of seeing Kan’nal do a performance back together. Not at all. No Kan’nal appearances. They are still defunct. Instead we were inspired and enchanted by a multi-media rock concert that weaved together live music, video, folk tale, myths, and poetry into a comprehensive mythical experience. On the screen it presented us with “Dante” who is lured by the words and visions of a exotic woman following her into the most bizarre and fascinating realms of the desert pursuing a quest for enlightenment, guidance, and wisdom. Dante took us through the magical Portal into another world where we met various characters, archtypes, and reflections of Dante’s troubled heart. It is a journey into the threshhold of the mind. The multi-media presentation and music has bits and pieces of Pink Floyd, Kan Nal, Burning Man, Kahlil Gibran, Joseph Campbell, Paganism, Mythology, and the Modern World. It was filmed in Moab, Utah and produced in Boulder, Colorado. It was directed and produced by Luke Comer, and music put together and produced by Kan’nal’s own guitarist/producer Tierro Lee. The lead actor was Chris Kelly. It was a bit long, had a few mesmerizing moments, and overall a pleasant en-trancing experience. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

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