The Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: Complete Up-to-date Table of Contents

Once upon a time …. there was a cartographer and adventurer named Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf who embarked upon great adventures between the New and Old Worlds searching through folklore, myths, and legends in search of answers to many different quests, each linked together, as he unravelled the secrets of the world, of mythology, of fantasy, of faeries, and magic. Many of these adventures began as dreams realized by vacations as he delved and explored the mysteries of the unknown. As he weaves his “Living Myth” the divine has presented upon him various omens, oracles, and prophecies that lead him to some pretty fascinating places in the world, embarking upon travels found in legend, but taking place in the modern era. He has found secrets of love, unravelled lore, unlocked secrets of the unknown, and has begun to walk the threshholds between the world of mortals and that of the lands of faeries. Below, we invite you to take the journey from whence it began and follow it as the Living Myth unwinds opening doorways to a future of high sea adventure, mystical lands, and proof that what was once thought to be a mere ‘fairy tale’ is very much alive in the concrete jungles of technological societies. Delve through the lore with this technogypsie as he explores the ancient, mundane, magical, in the here and now ….

Mystically guided by the ancient Goddess Brigid (now a Catholic Saint), Sir Thomas Leaf has been taken around North America, across the seas to Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, and Italy revealing legends and lore ranging from Janet’s Foss, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Roswell Crash Site, National Museum of Crime and Punishment, Museum of the American Indian, Ghosts of Williamsburg, Orient Land Trust, Tower of London, Traitor’s Gate, Pirates on the Thames, Blackfriar’s Bridge, Jack the Ripper, River Thames, Museum of Natural History – London, Money Trees. Faerieworlds 2009, Briarhurst Manor, Malham Cove, Miracle of Amsterdam, Sex Museum, Amsterdam Waag, Kasper Hauser, Palmbosch’n’, Nibelungenmuseum and the legend, Worms, Cologne Roman-German Museum, Koln Chocolate Museum, Koln Cathedral, Xanten Roman Amphitheater, The Harbour Temple, Xanten, Dusseldorf, Mauna Kea, Punalu Beach, Pele, Kilaeua, Faerieworlds Winter Celebration, Windsor Ruins, Beltania, Men Scryfa, Men-at-tol, Lanyon Quoit, Nine Maidens Stone Circle, Madron Well, Lesigney Round, National Leprechaun Museum, The Bodmin Beast, Colliford Lake, Three Wishes Faerie Festival, Ritual Offering Pits at Saveok, Saveok Water Archaeology Site, Cornish Witchcraft, Purification Pools at Saveok, Bodmin Moor, Bru na Boinne, Ragnarok, Dublinia, The Black Church, Poulnabrone, Knocknashee, Dunseverick Castle, The Giant’s Causeway, Newgrange, Knowth, St. Michan’s Mummies, The Spirits and Entities of Alcohol, The Blarney Castle, The Rock Close, Blarney Poison Garden, The Witches’ Wishing Steps, Legend of the Blarney Stone, Wishing Trees, The Curraugh, Brigid’s Sacred Wells, Brigid’s Sacred Flame, to The Portal, Reflection on the loss of his mentor, and ….

Foreward and Prologue: Who is Oisin? Who is Thomas the Rhymer? Who is Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf?

Lady of the Rhine Sagas: (Part I and II)

Lady of Rhine: Curse of the Enchanted Ring

Lady of the Rhine: Quest 2: Search for the Sacred Key

Hearth Quest: Finding my Hearth, Delving Deep into the Core

The Witch Potato Project: June-July 2010

Sir Thomas Leaf’s journeys took him to the mystical lands of England and Ireland as he embarked on a journey of self-induced poverty in order to take an adventure across the Great Pond and explore the Witches, Faeries, Pirates, and Legends of England and Ireland.

  1. Day 1: The Vision (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  2. Day 2: Packing Up The Cottage (6/6/2010: Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  3. Day 3: Transitions (6/7/2010: Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  4. Day 4: Curation, Moving Out (6/8/2010: Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  5. Day 5: The Expedition – Flight from Colorado Springs to Newark) 6/9/10: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Newark, New Jersey)
  6. Day 5, Part 2: Expedition & Air Travel: Air Travel in Wonderland (6/9/10: Newark, NJ; Dublin, Ireland)

  7. Day 6: Guinness in Dublin; Bristol, England (6/10/10: Dublin, Ireland; Bristol, England)
  8. Day 7: Penzance and the Haunted Castle (6/11/10: Bristol to Penzance, England; Cornwall)
  9. Day 8: Pixies of Penzance; Walk-a-bout; Hengestones; Madron Well (6/12/10): Penzance/Cornwall, England
  10. Day 9: Cornwall/ Taxicabs, Trains, Iron Age Roundhouses (6/13/10: Penzance, Truro, Chacewater, England)
  11. Day 10: Saveok Mill, Excavations, Chacewater (6/14/10: Chacewater/Truro, Cornwall, England)
  12. Day 11: The Witch Project: Roundhouses, Sheep, Excavations (6/15/10: Chacewater/Truro, Cornwall, England)
  13. Day 12: Saveok Tour, Goddess Quest, Swan Pits, Excavations, Vertigo (6/16/10: Truro, Cornwall, England)
  14. Day 13: Last day of Excavations, The Collections, Newquay Beach (6/17/10: Truro, Newquay, Cornwall, England)
  15. Day 14: The Bodmin Beast and the Moor, Three Wishes Faerie Fest (6/18/10: Newquay / Bodmin, Cornwall, England)
  16. Day 15: Three Wishes Faerie Festival (6/19/10: Bodmin/Lake Colliford, Cornwall, England)
  17. Day 16: Three Wishes Faerie Festival, Excalibur/Lady of the Lake (6/20/10: Bodmin/Lake Colliford, Cornwall, England)
  18. Day 17: The Summer Solstice, Cornwall Cyber Pirates, Stonehenge, and Bristol … (6/21/10: Bodmin, Avebury, Bristol, England)
  19. Day 18: Bristol to Dublin with a bit o’ boxtie .. (6/22/10: Bristol, England; Dublin, Ireland)
  20. Day 19: Vikings, Leprechauns, and the Black Pool (6/23/10: Dublin, Ireland)
  21. Day 20: Dublin, Faerie Sidhe, Newgrange, Coastal Causeway (6/24/10: Dublin, Newgrange, Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills, Ireland)
  22. Day 21: The Giant’s Causeway, Glenariff Forest, Rope Bridge, Coastal Causeway (6/25/10: Northern Ireland)
  23. Day 22: Bushmills, Dunluce Castle, Gilligan’s World, Sligo, Knocknashee, Cannamara (6/26/10: Sligo, Knocknashee, Cannamara, Ireland)
  24. Day 23: Connemara to Blarney (6/27/10: Cannemara, Blarney, Cork, Ireland)
  25. Day 24: Land of Leprechauns, Kissing the Blarney, Rock of Cashel (6/28/10: Cork, Blarney, Cashel, Dublin, Ireland)
  26. Day 25: Potato famines, Revelations, Dublin … (6/29/10: Dublin, Ireland)
  27. Day 26: Dublin, Jameson, Mummies, Pub Crawl … (6/30/10: Dublin, Ireland)
  28. Day 27: Dublin Wanderings, Beaches, Ships, Museums, St. Patrick’s …. (7/01/10: Dublin, Ireland)
  29. Day 28: Pilgrimage to St. or Goddess Brigid, Sacred Wells, Trees, and her Flame (7/02/10: Kildare, Dublin, Ireland)
  30. Day 29: Blonde Goddesses, Community Picnics, and Dominion … Last day in Ireland (7/03/10: Dublin, Ireland)
  31. Day 30: Flight Home, Freedom …. (7/4/10: Dublin, Ireland; Newark, NJ)
  32. Day 31: Independence, Back to America (7/5/10: Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Chronicles and Visions of 2010-2011:

This Journey is quite expensive & took quite a bit of personal sacrifice to make happen.
Any contribution, $1, $5, $10+ will help more than you can believe
and will add more adventures, photos, stories, and reviews for your pleasure …

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