07.30.10: CSTL: Faerieworlds, Day 1

Day 2: Faerieworlds : Good Faeries Day 1

Friday, 30 July 2010

* Albany-Eugene, Oregon, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Absinthe Alli, and Princess Astranna awoke after a good night’s rest at the Motel 6 ready for their journey into Faerie. They donned their faerie gear and costumes, did makeup, and realized they were short of some crafting supplies so googled a craft shop. After checking out of the motel, they headed off to Joann Fabrics and Super K for stocking up on gear while in Albany, Oregon. By 11:30 am they finally landed in Eugene, Oregon with enough time to grab provisions for their quest at Trader Joe’s. They got in touch with Fairy Girl of the Emerald City and Lady Bonefinder of British Columbia to pin-point the gateway where they were all camping. They drove onwards into Buford Park at the nature sanctuary of Mount Pisgah. Thanks to Lady Kimmy, Sir Thomas Leaf was blessed into Faerieworlds and Lady Absinthe Alli and Princess Astranna picked up their passes. On into the Camping Area, the adventurers soon enough found Fairy Girl and Bonefinder, dropped off their gear and unpacked the carriage. Setting up a tent for Leaf and Alli, then borrowed a tent from Fairy Girl for Princess Astranna to get her own private quarters. Mead and Absinthe was then head before dressing up as Good Faeries and wandering off for the days entertainment. A mystical opening ritual was done gifting the “standing stone circle” to Mt. Pisgah and Faerieworlds for eternities to appreciate. A beautiful rite and circle spiral dance was enjoyed. Most amazing, Sir Thomas Leaf thought. As he had experienced Three Wishes Faerie Festival in Bodmin Moor upon the lake of Sir Arthur’s Excalibur … he was warmed with enlightened joy that Sir Emilio, Lady Kelly, Lady Kimmy, and their merry band Woodland brought forth some enchanting pieces of the Isles back home with them. Then the festive music took place on the main stage with first up on stage was “Tricky Pixie“, followed by “Brother“, and then “Woodland“. The Fae felt that “Brother” and “Woodland” did amazing performances and were fabulous choices for opening up the music of the weekened. Following the performance, the fae migrated over to Netherworlds for some stunning aerial arts. Mesmerizing performances were found throughout the inner circle of Faerieworlds. Mystical workings in effect and an enchanting night was had by all. Various parties all around as Faerieworlds embarked on all night entertainment camps through the night with a campfire with festivities in the camping areas. It was a late night for the travellers as they were exhausted from their long journey. A whirlwind of fun enjoyed by all.

This Journey is quite expensive & took quite a bit of personal sacrifice to make happen.
Any contribution, $1, $5, $10+ will help more than you can believe
and will add more adventures, photos, stories, and reviews for your pleasure …

Photos and videos below the cut:

Mount Pisgah:


Faerieworlds: Day 1 – Good Faeries Day

Friday, 30 July 2010

Faerieworlds 2010 pilgrimmaged back to the Buford Recreation Park at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum once again this year with a spectacular opening day on Friday with Good Faeries Day. Now with evening entertainment and camps all night long as they re-designed their main event site as an inner circle with over 300 camping sites on its eastern end and more camping 10 minutes hike away. This year was their biggest Faerieworlds yet.

Faerieworlds: The Experience from Unreal Classy on Vimeo.

Lady Bonefinder and Lady Absinthe Alli



Sir Thomas Leaf


Absinthe Alli

Fairy Girl


Fairy Girl





Opening Ritual:


















Tricky Pixie













Live on Good Faeries night at Faerieworlds 2010 with a special dance performance by Ali Armstrong of Luminessah. Music and lyrics written by Emilio Miller-Lopez of Woodland.

















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