Brother (Faerieworlds 2010)

* * Australia * Performance at Faerieworlds 2010 on 7/30/2010 from 8:00-10:00 pm *

An awesome Celtic mongrel rock band from Australia … Brother had the Fae spinning crazily on the main stage opening night of Faerieworlds 2010. Brother incorporates bagpipes, didgeridoo, vocals, and mashes Celtic and Australian rock to a unique sound of their very own. The band consists of the Richardson brothers – Hamish, Angus, and Fergus who grew up together in Bathurst while attending the Scots School. They started their band in 1992 touring pubs in Sydney Australia. They record on their own record label called Rhubarb Records having released their first album “Black and White” and then “2000’s THis Way Up”. Fergus left the band in 1996 for filmmaking and now resides in Arizona operating a boutique with his wife. Hamish left in March of 2007 and moved to New South Wales. Angus moved to Los Angeles. Today they primarily play in the United States and take numerous tours around North America, Japan, France, Egypt, and Australia. The Brothers consist of the sounds of Angus, Dalbo, and Drew today. An amazing combination who certainly contributed to the gates opening to Faerieworlds. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.



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