Itchy-O @ Smash Club (Denver, CO)

Itchy-O @ Smash Club
* Private Party * Denver, Colorado * Saturday, August 21, 2010 * *

An AMAZING Marching Band by the name of “Itchy-O” graced our presence and spiced up the already fantastic party to enlightened levels at Odd Todd’s Junk Yard “Smash Club” this particular Saturday. A major compilation of ambient, experimental, and ghettotech music with full ski-mask covered dark musicians beating and banging on their drums sending shivers through the veins of all onlookers. Based out of Denver, this act (wherever it mysteriously appears) is never to be missed. They are in the works of producing a record with the Record Label Mettle. Itchy-O got it start as a solo project in 2003 when Scott Banning, a experimental percussionist and filmmaker brought together his art piece while living in Denver. Mixed together with Phagocytosis, Conrad Kehn (vocalist, improvisationalist, and composer from Skull Flux / Kallisti) in 2005 and then with guitarist Nick Lloyd and flemenco guru Rene Heredia in 2006. They composed the film “Whirl” in 2007 and was joined by Kirsten Vermulen with her accordian. They began to play live scores to Scott’s experimental films in 2008 and was joined that year by Bill Englebach and Scot Waknin. They describe themselves now as “Hyper-Intentus~ Electro-Acoustic~ Artifex Voluptus~ Celebratio Professio~ Compello-Fratorum” musical and artistic theatrics experience as one of the world’s only percussion-centered electronic marching bands priding itself on bringing sophicated savage avante-garde music to the people, when and where it is least expected. I for one have to concur, they manifest that destiny to the highest impressive degree. The current composition of artists are: Drew Vinciguera~ Snare; JD Hortel~ Quad Tenors; Jesse Dickens~ Quint Tenors; Rachel Hargroder~ Quad/Quint Tenors; Dustin Ardnt~ Quint Tenors; Scott Banning~ Roto-Toms; Luke Wachter~ Timbales; Steve Gordon~ Bass Drum; Paul Alexander~ Bass Drum; Dean Hirschfield~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Stephanie Wood~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Pamela Webb~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Justin Simoni~ Marching Crash Cymbals; Kirsten Vermulen~ Synthesizer/Vocoder; David Britton~ Synthesizer/Vocoder; Coby Hickman~ Synthesizer; Bert Beudin~ Electric Bass; Ed Smith~ Electric Bass; Roger Liu~ Electric Guitar; John Gross~ Vocoder; Conrad Kehn~ Vocoder; Joe Mehner~ Dr. Bucket; Aaron Spriggs~ Theremin; Josh Strange Powers~ Vocoder; Joanne M.W. Liu~ Larry the Chinese Lion; Megs Burd~ Larry the Chinese Lion; Ryan Archuleta~ Special Unit I; Todd Yore~ Special Unit II; Jill Mustoffa~ Special Unit III; Mable Mabe~ Special Unit IV; Alicia Bailey~ Special Unit V; Nick Lloyd~ Special Rolling Unit; Sara Valentine~ Miss. O; and Justin Hicks~ MSP (Most Special Player); (and often many more). Once again, have to stress, NEVER to miss this sensational crew. Rating: 5+ stars out of 5.

Itchy-O Marching Band @ Smash Club
Photo by Guy Mason Photography, © 2010
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