Empire, Nevada

Empire, Nevada, U.S.A.:

Very much tied to “Gerlach“, Empire is the smallest of the two towns on the edge of the Black Rock Desert. It is the classic company town of the United States Gypsum Corporation which owns all property and buildings in Empire. This was the longest continually operating gypsum mine in the U.S. It has a church, public pool, 9 hole golf course, a post office, and a airport for light planes with an asphalt landing strip as well as a day care facility for employees of the mine. A convenience store and gas station, the only one for more than 50 miles, sits here. Its combined population is 499 with Gerlach. Both towns support the local ranching and Gypsum plant miners as well as the annual festival tourism from Burning Man. Empire is the headquarters of the areas Gypsum Plant that closed its doors on January 21, 2011. Residents with kids can continue to inhabit the town until June 30 after that, Empire officially becomes a ghost town with the onslaught of 95 jobs being terminated. It is estimated that now there will be only 7-15 kids left in Gerlach.

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