Gerlach, Nevada

Gerlach, Nevada, USA:

Gerlach was founded with the construction of the Feather River Route of the Western Pacific Railroad from 1905-1909. Very much tied with Empire, Gerlach is the larger of the two towns on the edige of Black Rock Desert. Combined population with Empire is about 500 according to the 2000 Census. Both towns support the local ranching and Gypsum plant miners as well as the annual festival tourism from Burning Man. With the January 2011 closing of the Empire Gypsum mine, and Empire becoming officially a ghost town, the population of children in Gerlach will be reduced to about 7-15. As opposed to Empire’s only convenience store/gas station, a Shell station was established for 24 hour service as Empire’s gas station is expected to close this year. Gerlach has a Union Pacific switching station as well as Washoe County public services including a roads department and a K-12 public school. There are 3 bars in Gerlach, Bruno’s Country Club, Bev’s Miners Club, and Joe’s Gerlach Club. Gerlach also has the only restaurant and motel for 80 miles. The rest of Gerlach consists of small private businesses, mainly internet-based. Gerlach’s population is increased every Labor day with the creation of the temporary festival city of Black Rock City by approximately 50,000 tourists. Gerlach has a small airfield suitable only for light planes as a graded dirt strip. Gerlach was the film setting of “Far From Home” starring Drew Barrymore.


Gerlach, Nevada: Exodus from Burning Man, 9/5/10:



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