Blackfriar’s Bridge, London, England

Blackfriars Bridge Central London, England
A road and foot traffic bridge over the Thames between Waterloo and the Blackfriars Railway Bridge. It was first opened to the public in 1769 and was originally named the William Pitt Bridge but soon after was renamed after the Blackfriar’s Monastery. The current bridge was completed in 1869 and consists of 5 wrought iron arches built to Joseph Cubitt’s winning design. It became notorious in 1982 when the Italian God’s banker Roberto Calvi was found hanging from its arches found to be a murder though originally thought a suicide. It is one of Britain’s most extroadinary unsolved crimes and is riddled with conspiracy theories over the death of the Vatican financier. It is believed he was lured on to a River Thames boat by the mafia, garrotted from behind with a rope, concrete blocks stuffed into his pants, and pockets with $15,000 in case – then hung with the same rope and made to look like a suicide. He was originally believed to have been murdered by Italian drug dealer and playboy Sergio Vaccari – and three months after the murder, Vaccari was found lying in a pool of blood in his flat in Holland Park stabbed 15 times in the face and neck.


Blackfriars Bridge
London, England
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