Pirates on the Thames, London, England

Pirates on the Thames!
During the 16th and 17th centuries the Thames River was a major European port – filled with the arrival of expensive goods and cargo into the Port of London. Where there is wealth comes pirates seeking that treasure …. the tidal property of the river made loading and unloading difficult and organized gangs of pilferers exploited the situation stealing and plundering as they saw fit. British Law brought severe penalties for piracy – usually resulting in death. The accused was taken to Excution Dock and suspended over the River and left to drown as the waters slowly rose – and the bloated remains was left to hang for three high tides until it became a ‘wapper’ – all distended, blown up and water logged – then cut down, tarred, and hung in a gibbet on the banks of the river to show example of what life of piracy leads to …


Pirate ship, Thames River, London, England
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