Ghost Stories on Wreck Beach …

Saturday, November 6th, 2004

Wreck Beach Ghost Story, Wreck Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia

Wreck Beach Ghost Stories

Wreck Beach- Vancouver, B.C.

Some say, that if you visit Wreck Beach at night, and are away from the camp fires or the crowds, you can hear a woman screaming as if she’s being brutally murdered. Some say, you can see a apparition of a bloodied naked young girl stumbling around on the sand or walking the trails. Others claim to have seen a mist that floats with a shape of a young woman. Some have said to hear screams coming from the bushes. Others have reported seeing a ghost of a male wailing in agony.

Evidence of these tales have not been proven. Some say the ghost tales are hearsay. In 1990, Kevin Ladouceur was brutally murdered on the beach. He was the first reported murder at Wreck Beach. The horrid death of Christina (Tina) Joy Thompson who was murdered at the top of Trail Six in August 1993, inspired a local play called “Wreck Beach” that tells the tale, and could be the source of the tale. Apparently this was the 2nd murder committed at Wreck Beach by 1993. Not aware of any other murders since that date.

In 1995, after two years of angst in the community as rumours circulated over who murdered the popular girl, Joseph Daniel Hammond arrived with a priest at the Richmond RCMP detachment and admitted killing Thompson. He was jailed for life and is eligible for parole in 2004. Hammond said he had watched the woman argue with her boyfriend. He then offered to carry a bag for her up a trail. He began to touch her and a struggle ensued. The woman was quickly strangled. The Crown lawyer said that Hammond had intercourse with the deceased woman “a couple of times” in the bushes after killing her.


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12 thoughts on “Ghost Stories on Wreck Beach …”

  1. Kevin Ladouceur was my father, I was only 9 and living in the U.S. when he was murdered. I know very little about who did that to him. Do you have anymore information? Please let me know.

  2. This is the right blog for everyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so significantly its almost hard to argue along with you (not that I actually would wantHaHa). You definitely put the latest spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  3. Am doing research on Tina Thompson murder and the links you provise are no longer active. Please contact me if you can provide me help.

  4. I stumbled across your blog today and would just like to tell you that Tina was not a “teenaged beer vendor”
    She was a sister, a daughter, an auntie and a friend.
    She was loved and is missed every day.
    Maria that is doing research, why are you doing research on my sister?

  5. Dear Family of your Subject:
    I am very sorry for your loss. The “teenaged beer vendor” came from one of those links online and was reproduced here. As you are family, that reference has been removed.

  6. We all love Christina. She is our inspiration every day at Wreck beach. We celebrate her life every year on her anniversary of her death. She will always be remember. She is remember as a young lady that never had the chance to make it up the hill because of a crazy man. Please respect Christina, respect her memory and have respect for all other women that are in a better world. Christina is well love and cherish by a lot of people. Keep peace. RIP Tina and we all enjoy to visit you. Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir. hugs&kisses L

  7. Dear Marie
    She was my brothers girlfriend…she an I were very close..i miss that girl and think of her often.
    This horrific murder destroyed my Brother and still to this day he is not the same.
    She was pregnant a few months with my brothers baby.
    I hope that the man that did this to beautiful girl is suffering for his evil crime.
    Such a loss..she was my friend and I miss her.

  8. That is SO SAD 🙁 … We all hope So, Holly! Having learned just now reading this blog, it’s Un comforting to learn that he’s been eligible for parole since 2004! :/ Let’s hope NOT

    My Deepest of condolences and sympathies to Christina’s Family!

  9. Dear Holly Ennis,
    I am one of Christina’s sisters. I wonder if you possess even the most basic level of understanding the degree of upset your comment about Tina being pregnant has caused. It is tantamount to cruelty to read this nearly 21 years after her passing not knowing if it is true. I have been able to think of nothing else for weeks since I came across it.
    A phone call and review of her autopsy report have confirmed that there is no truth in this, she was not pregnant.
    I want you to know that whatever it is you were hoping to gain by posting that comment, perhaps a little sympathy from strangers..?, cannot be worth the agony you have put me through wondering if, along with losing her, we also lost her child. The pain of having to make that call and ask the question is nearly as great as the pain of her loss.
    Even had it been true it was not your place to have said such a thing.

  10. I was a vendor on Wreck Beach in 1993, with my Satay stand close to the entrance to the trail. Tina was well known & well loved by all the vendors & regulars that year. She was on her way up the trail that night. I gave her my last beer & some satay as I was closing my stand & we talked for a while. I offered to walk up the trail with her & to give her a ride home. She thanked me, smiled & said she would be okay. I wish she would have accepted my offer. According to the UBC RCMP detachment, I was the last person to see her that night. I was actually considered a suspect & was interrogated by them. I was in shock. I went to her funeral & a week later we held a vigil for her, sending a raft of lit candles out to sea & releasing paper lanterns with our final words to Tina. It was such a tragedy. Rest in Peace my friend!

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