Traitor’s Gate, London, England


Traitor’s Gate is an arch along the Thames River just down from the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge and was named as such during King Henry the VIII’s reign (16th c). This is where the prisoners would arrive to the Tower by boat – once in they would be interrogated and tortured within the Tower of London. 9 out of 10 times this would lead to a confession – then they would be rowed up the River to stand trial at Westminster Hall … the oarsman during this journey would have an Executioner’s axe at the prowe of the boat with the blade facing the prisoner – if he was found guilty he would be rowed back to the Tower as a traitor … if the blade was turned around to face him, confirming his fate, he’d be beheaded on Tower Hill at the public execution site.


Traitor’s Gate, Tower of London, England
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