Echo Park

Echo Park
* Los Angeles, California *

A great little artistic neighborhood with San Francisco steep style hills that is northwest of Downtown Los Angeles and southeast of Hollywood. The area was founded by Thomas Kelly, a carriage maker who eventually became a real estate developer. By the late 1880’s he alongside with other investors sold off a land tract know as “The Montana Tract”. Originally named “Edendale” it was called “Echoe Park” shortly after the construction of same named park that housed the original film industry before it moved to Hollywood. It is still a very popular filming location such as “Chinatown”, “Echo Park”, “Kentucky Fried Movie”, “Tending Echo Park”, “Columbus Day”, “Gilligan’s Island”, “Michael Jackson’s 1983 music video ‘Thriller'”, and the 1953 “War of the Worlds”. It was also home to the main house used in the television series “Charmed”. Up to World War I, it became a middle-class neighborhood named “Red Hill” because of the concentration of political radicals setting up camp there. Ever since it has been a mecca for creative, underground, independent, and inconoclastic types. After the Postwar “white flight” to the suburbs in the area, it became settled and inhabited by high populations of Latinos and working class Chinese immigrants. The park with its small lake is a popular location for films and outdoor recreation. The district is also home to many unique businesses such as Barragan’s Restaurant, Echo Park Film Center, The Echo & The Echoplex, Machine Project, The Echo Park Time Travel Mart, Vlaze Media Networks, Inc., Epitaph Records, Taix French restaurant, Origami Vinyl, Echo Curio Curiosity Shop & Art Gallery.


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