“Kite Hill” or “Baxter Street Hill” (Echo Park, L.A., CA)

“Kite Hill” on Baxter Street
* Echo Park * Los Angeles, California *

Also known as “Kite Hill”, the large steep hills that are criss-crossed in Echo Park by various streets such as “Baxter Street”, “Fargo Street”, etc. are the “steepest streets” in Los Angeles, and a little side-trip for visitors to historic Echo Park. Each of the hills have infamous stone steps climbing them that is reminescent of San Francisco’s hilly highlights. This hill was popular in its historic origins as a great place for families to go fly a kite. It was first published as such in a short story called “Kite Hill” in 1996. Kite Hill is the hill east of Avon street and north of Baxter street stairs proper. It is also the name for a community that was resurrected by neighbours when a developer sought to build 10+ houses on the spot with huge retaining walls. Down below the hill is Lake Shore Avenue just over the hill from Echo Park Avenue. Baxter Street’s stairway is a winding, narrow, cement climb of 230 steps. As everyone drives up and over “Baxter Street”, their heart slips and falls as they hit the top of the hill without being able to see below the dash that the hill continues rather than falling off a cliff, or if there is traffic approaching all three ways.


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