04.11.11: Chronicles: The Great Walkabout: Off to the National Capital – Canberra

Travels Down Under:
Journey to Canberra

Monday, April 11, 2011

* Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia *

Sir Thomas Leaf awoke at 3:00 am as he had fallen asleep at 4:30 pm after his 24 hour flight on the Qantas air-dragon across the Pacific Ocean and needed the adjustment to the time zones around the globe. Early awake, he stumbled into the elevator only to jump back as the “Great White Shark” in the bottom of the elevator shocked his groggy self only to realize it was simply a mural. Down to reception he inquired if he could print out his airline ticket and onwards to the Internet Kiosk to arrange his next journey. The guy at reception didn’t charge him since it was only one page. On the 2nd floor he found a community TV lounge open where he could do some scanning and internet while awaiting the main “Beach” lounge to open at 5 am. Preparations for his trip, by 7:30 am he was out the door of the hostel, hiking down High Roma Street, to the Airtrain station for his ride back to the Brisbane International Airport though would unload one stop further at the Domestic Airport. Re-allocating weight and checking into Virgin Blue, he checked both bags and carried his satchel and camera through security. Grabbing a chai (which wasn’t all that common in Australia at coffee shops but they had the powder) and on to a wing where construction was amiss and no internet signal. They changed his gate 10 minutes before boarding time but “no worries” as he got on the plane in no time. A few hour flight on a small plane across a section of Australia, and Sir Thomas Leaf was landing in the Country’s Capital “Canberra”.

Down to luggage, which arrived safely, Sir Thomas Leaf was just getting his packs ready when Sir Bluey of the Bee Tribe greeted him holding a mini Australian and American flags. Now Sir Thomas has never met Sir Bluey in person, as he was introduced to him by means of mutual friends Sir Chrispy and Lady Sheila of the Colorado Plains online through the cosmic oracular interface known as “Facebook”. As Sir Bluey had offered to be host to Sir Thomas on his Walkabout Quest. A humorous eccentric man of wit and charm, the pair was a match for this leg of the adventure. He would be sir Leaf’s guide and tracker across the Australian Bush in the Australian Capital Territory. They drove through Canberra on to Isabella Plains where they were on the hunt for kangaroos and wombats. The first spotting of a kangaroo couple was quickly made in Pine Island reserve. Eucalyptus trees aplenty the forests during a hike was medicinally fragrant. On to Sir Bluey Bee’s ranch, he treated Sir Thomas Leaf to a grilled cheese Brevilles. They then went on to the adventurer’s supply shop to purchase a camp stove and fuel for their upcoming quest along the Australian coast. Enroute, they popped into a butcher shop so that Sir Thomas could try kangaroo. However, they did not have any on display. Sir Bluey asked the butcher if he had any kangaroo and he said he’d check in the back to see if he had some. Sir Thomas was just imagining him putting the steroid infused ground beef into a package slapped on with a kagaroo meat label – but the butcher came back and said he had none. Said it wasn’t asked for much, mostly aboriginee’s eat it. Too wild game taste for many. He suggested Woolworth’s would have it. Sure enough, the delvers found the kangaroo meat (only marinated which the butcher said to avoid) at Woolworth’s and bought a couple steaks. On to Sir Bluey’s ranch and they fried up the steaks for both Sir Bluey’s and Sir Thomas Leaf’s first kangaroo. Sir Bluey’s son and roommate also tried it even though they were hesitant at first to try something they never thought to try. After dinner, Sir Bluey took Sir Thomas for a rideabout for more kangaroo sightings and perhaps a chance to see a platypus around Point Hut River. The Duo had internet difficulties connecting that night, so an early evening was had.

Remainder of the Story, Photos and videos below the cut:

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Brisbane City YHA Hostel




Brisbane Skyline


Brisbane Domestic/International Airport, Queensland, Australia


Virgin Blue


Queensland, Australia





Australian Capital Territory, Australia






Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia



Canberra Airport






Pine Island Reserve





Eucalyptus Tree










Point Hut River






Isabella Plains















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