Dominic’s Abbey (Cashel, Ireland)


Dominic’s Abbey

* Dominic Street, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland *

Just down the hill from the Rock of Cashel southeast as ruins and graveyard. It was first founded by the ArchBishop David McKelly in 1243 C.E. and dedicated to Saint Dominic. McKelly was first considered the Dean of Cashel and as an Dominican Friar finally becoming the Bishop of Cloyne, being appointed ArchBishop in 1238 C.E. These are the ruined remains of the monastic grounds called Dominic’s Abbey and during the High Middle Ages became the ecclesiastical center for Cashel and its surrounding locale. It was enlarged in 1270 C.E. to a southern aisle. In 1480 C.E. it was damaged by a fire and renovated by ArchBishop John Cantwell and perhaps was the date when the central tower was built. In 2389 C.E. as well as in 1307 C.E. the Irish Dominican Order held its general meetings here. It has since fallen in ruins, but protected by the local historical society and is now permanently locked with reservations available for tours and the gate’s key can be hired from a neighbor’s house.



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