Denver International Airport (DIA)

Denver International Airport (DIA)
Aurora/Denver, Colorado. A very state-of-the-art Airport, with modern art displays, tented by large pavillion teepee-like structures protecting against the winds and snow gusts, also giving an ethereal architectural display of settlement on the plains as the airport is in close proximity between Denver and the state of Kansas, in the heart of the plains most western edge. Tornados are common in the area away from the seasons or months that carry snow, and serves as a Tornado shelter. Panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains as you sit waiting for your flight in this mile-high location. Efficient staff and services, shops, restaurants, and a effective check-in/screening process. DIA does take advantage of the technologies lying around out there. Wifi, tele-services, and a postal office area within the terminals. By far, minus the crowds, DiA is one of my favorite airports. Rated 5 stars out of 5.


DIA Terminal, Denver/Aurora, Colorado

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