Lake Hume: Mitta Mitta River

Lake Hume: Mitta Mita River

* Victoria, Australia *

During our road trip across the Snowy Mountains on into Victoria to Albury, we came across a river or lake with lots of trees popping out of the water. My first impression was that the area was flooded but it was very much a part of the “Mitta Mitta River” and Lake Hume. A major tributary of the Murray River in Australia, the Mitta Mita provides over 40% of the Murray River flow. It’s headwaters come from one of Victoria’s highest mountains – Mount Bogong, winding over 100 kilometers before joining into the other rivers. Its flow its influenced by the Dartmouth and the Hume Dams. Where the Mitta Mitta meets the Murray, is the waters of Lake Hume, which is often flooded on an annual basis. This area is a great place for trout fishing especially Brown and Rainbow Trouts. Lake Hume is formed artificially by the Hume Weir east of Albury-Wodonga on the Murray River just downstream of junctioning with the Mitta Mitta River. The lake is great for fishing trout, carp, Golden Perch, Murray Cod, and redfin.





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