Waterford, Ireland

Waterford, Ireland

From Old Norse Veðrafjǫrðr, meaning “ram (wether) fjord”, Irish: Port Láirge is a port city in southeastern Ireland within the province of Munster. Centered in the Waterford Harbour it is a known port for ships travelling to and from Ireland. It is the oldest and 5th largest city in Ireland. Besides shipping, it is known for its glass-blown crystal known as the “Waterford Crystal”. In 2016 it was recorded to have a population of 53,504 residents and a metropolitan population of nearly 83,000.

The Port was first established by Viking invaders around 853 C.E. These long ports were vacated in 902 when the Native Irish drove out the Vikings. The Vikings re-established themselves here again in 914 C.E. under command of Ottir Iarla (Jarl Ottar) until 917, then by Ragnall ua Ímair and the Uí Ímair dynasty creating Ireland’s first city. By 1167 the deposed King of Leinster – Diarmait Mac Murchada failed to take Waterford and returned again in 1170 with mercenaries under “Strongbow” Richard de Clare the 2nd Earl of Pembroke besieging the city. King Henry II of England landed here in 1171 and declared int as a royal city with Dublin as capital of Ireland.


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August 1, 2012: The Dunbrody, Waterford, Ireland. (c) 2012 – photography by Leaf McGowan, technogypsie.com. To purchase this photo, go to http://www.technogypsie.com/photography/?tcp_product_category=photo
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