Brisbane’s West End

Brisbane West End

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My first online Couchsurfing experience in Australia was in Southern Brisbane’s infamous inner-city suburb called “The West End”. A great alternative artsy lively area of cultural hodge-podge, the West End I found was one of the more exciting neighborhoods in the city. It is also one of Brisbane’s oldest. It has the Brisbane River weaving around it from its west and south. The West End is accessed from downtown via the Victoria Bridge and past South Brisbane. The area was first home to many indigenous communities acculturating to western culture, and migrant families who settled in Queensland for a new start in a new world. The area was named after London’s West End by the early English settlers in the area. The Indigenous called the area “Kurilpa” for “place of the water rat”. Since then however, the suburb has been redeveloped and gentrified. One of the most attractive aspects to the area I found was its culinary delights and variety from Asian to Indian, pizza to gourmet burgers, lots of ethnic, vegetarian or organic restaurant selections, and a plethera of coffee shops which it is most known for. Lots of diverse shopping attractions along Boundary street as well. Well known for its ethnic and organic grocery stores. Great second hand shops abound from book dealers to vintage clothing. Good transportation options abound in the area from the high-frequency bus service, bicycle trails along the river’s edge, and the Citycat ferry service running to the Unversity at St. Lucia down the river to Hamilton. There is also access stations to the South Brisbane Railway and the Cultural Centre Busway Station giving access to all parts of Queensland. Every Saturday, a popular food and craft market is held in the Davies Park at the former Tristram’s Drink Factory from 6 am until 2 pm along the Brisbane River at Montague Road. The West End is also home to Brisbane State High School (Year 8-12), lodging for the University of Queensland & Griffith University Southbank, QUT, and the West End State Primary School. The West End is home to many young professionals, students, teachers, artists, and the hipster crowd. It was one of Brisbane’s first suburbs to be serviced by a tram line which began in 1885 with horse-drawn service until 1969. The film “Jucy” was filmed in the area in 2010. During the 2010-2011 Queensland floods, the area was evacuated and devastated from water damages including destruction of the West End ferry wharf. Overall, the West End is a great center for culture and healthy living. If I ever moved to Brisbane, it would be my top choice of places to live. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. ~ Thomas Baurley

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