Streat Coffee Stand

Streat Coffee Stand

Streat Coffee Stand * Melbourne City Center/Central Station
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia * *

An innovative design and a wonderful organization to spend your coffee money on. STREAT = “Street Youth” + “Street Food” + “Street Culture”. It is a coffee shop/cafe/cart found throughout Melbourne Australia that takes portions of its sales to help tackle youth homelessness and disadvantage. They not only campaign for the cause, but put sales to the financial needs, and employment for the young people affected by such hardships. They tackle the issues with social support by means of industry training and employment opportunities in their street cafes, offering delicious and cost-effective meals centered around street culture. They believe in lifelong learning, tackling problems with imagination and passion, having healthy meals and drinks, birthing new ideas, connecting individuals and communities together, while striving for sustainability in all of their activities. And …. they serve a mean cup o’ joe or chai. Rating : 4 stars out of 5. Review by Tom Baurley.

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