Blue Toba (Ashland, Oregon)

Blue Toba
* 1690 Ashland Street * Ashland, Oregon, USA 97520 * 541-708-6214

We were very excited by the arrival of this take-out Indonesian food place in Ashland. It looked and sounded healthy and affordable. Healthy yes, or “healthier” option in Ashland, but affordable not. The portion sizes are minimal and the quality of cooking tasted like mainstream American home-cooked or microwaved food. Good fix if you want take-out and not wanted the step-down to fast chinese food. The wait time was long, so it wasn’t “fast take out”.

Rating: 2 stars out of 5 ~ Leaf McGowan.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Toba (Ashland, Oregon)”

  1. Have to say to Leaf McGowan re: Blue Toba in Ashland, OR. This is NOT american home style cooking. They do NOT even have a microwave. This is authentic Indonesian food. Organic and with spices brought back directly from Indonesia. Do you have any idea the cost of the spices and shipping them? Also, do you know some of the dishes take over 4 hours to slow cook in leaves, pods and spices without english names? You are very off in your review. So far off, it sounds like you went to Wendy’s. Blue Toba is as authentic and fresh and organic as you can get. You obviously have a very bland american palate and have no idea the 1000 years of culture and tradition that is cooked in this food. Sorry you missed the boat.

    1. That’s good news. We tried it when it first opened and was not impressed at the time. I’ll be certain to give it another try in the near future and update the review.

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