State of Nebraska, USA

Nebraska, United States of America

Within the Great Plains of Midwestern United States is a relatively unknown state known as Nebraska. Obviously many know of this state, but as many midwestern states are overlooked and not high on the tourist vacation list, Nebraska is truly a hidden wonder on the great American road trip. Nebraska became the United State’s 37th State (1867). The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln and its largest city is Omaha, most notable for the insurance company of the same name. One of its major riverways is the Missouri River, upon which Omaha is located. In early pioneer days, many historic trails crossed this land and was one of the great exploits of famed adventurers Lewis and Clark. The California Gold Rush lured many across this state, with many settling here enrout to California giving up hope or distracted by the state’s natural beauty and resources.

Climate: The climate is variable with intense summer and winter temperatures. Nebraska is known for its violent thunderstorms and impacts from tornadoes.

Ancestry/Ethnicity: Originally Native American/Indigenous, Nebraska saw Westerners populate the area with the California Gold Rush. Largest ancestry today is German-American. There is also a high population of Czech-Americans (largest per capita population in the US).

Economy: Cattle, agriculture, horticulture. Exports: Beef, Pork, Corn, Soybeans.

Terrain: Part of the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States, Nebraska is often described as a tree-less prairie state, ideal for cattle grazing.

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