Green Leaves Vegan Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

Green Leaves Restaurant

1769 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90027 * 323.664.2345 323.668.2345 * Open Daily 11:00 am. 12:00 am. *
Nestled in Los Feliz is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that will fulfill all of your palate’s desires … and in a healthy, organic, and vegan sensation. Friendly staff and very clean restaurant, Green Leaves’ is a great place to hang out for brunch, dinner, or late night fare. Invigorating coconut milk right from the shell, and tofu and seitan spiced just right, and their specialization of thai cuisine is to die for. My visit on the fourth of july for brunch welcomed me refreshment after a crazy night and hangover that was refreshed by the spice and coconut milk – rehydrating me perfectly and naturally. I had the Coconut Milk, the Tofu Pad Thai, and split an order of deep fried soy chicken legs served with house sauce. Hard to tell it wasn’t chicken and sooo much more tasty. Excellent restaurant. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

A re-visit on 10/3/15 was awe-inspiring that the food was just as delicious as we remembered from past visits. I thoroughly enjoyed the vegan chicken drumstick dinner and rice, the vegan chicken satay, and a young coconut drink. It was just what i needed. This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in California, and potentially on the West Coast. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.









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