St. Kev’s Boys National School of Blackpitts, Dublin, Ireland

Saint Kevin's Male National School, Dublin, Ireland
Saint Kevin's Male National School, Dublin, Ireland

St. Kevin’s Male National School *Scholar’s *
* Donovan Lane & Blackpitts * 24 Blackpitts Road * Blackpitts * Dublin * Ireland *

The former location to St. Kevin’s Boys National School. The current St Kevin’s Boys National School, is a all boys school in Dublin, now located in Finglas West, north Dublin, Ireland with over 300 students rangin in age 4 to 12 and as far as I can tell, has no direct relationship to this former school except the name. This former location is now in ghostly ruins, decaying away as part of Dublin’s history. Tales of this old school were once logged on Google cached forums speaking of cold, dark, and dreary days of a poorly run school with a very bitter staff. Not much resides on the web about the history of this old school. Its location in Blackpitts is built upon grounds where the black death plague victims were buried (not necessarily exactly where the building now sits). This building was built in 1895 by George Coppinger Ashlin, for the St. Kevin’s Male National Schools in County Dublin, Dublin, in the Blackpitts neighborhood. At one point in its history, it was turned into a drinking pub. It appears from my passing by it the other day to be back in ruins. I’ll post more information as I find it, anyone with information about this building please send data to Thanks greatly!

Saint Kevin's Male National School, Dublin, Ireland
Saint Kevin's Male National School, Dublin, Ireland
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13 thoughts on “St. Kev’s Boys National School of Blackpitts, Dublin, Ireland”

  1. Wasent a bad ol school though very old,went there in the early 60’s. I rember letting a good pencil fall on the floor ,it fell through a crack in the floor boards,Mr Griffin our teacher looked at me and said it will be anothr 50 years before that pencil will bee recovered,,,other teachers were Mr Shaw Mr Mineahann,, and at one time J B keane’s brother taught there,we broke his heart god bless him.In the winter it was so cold the class would revolve around the one heater in the class room,taken turns to sit at the heater. The toilets were in the back yard so used them hail rain or snow.Now and again there would be something rude written about a teacher on the toliets wall with a piece of stolen chalk.The spelling would be wrong so Mr Griffin would laugh and say “who flung dung on the wall…Great owl day’s.

    1. I went to Blackpitts in the late Sixties with a chap called Pat William use to stay in his house accross from the school

  2. Went to Blackpitts school from 1946 until 1953’no heaters then.we used have to take turns lighting the fire each morning at wintertime. Teachers were misters Mc Grath, Collins, Nestor,Brassil, Kelly( the headmaster), two mister Shaws and Levins, it was a good old school . I don’t know when it closed,and I have never since met any of the past pupils of that era

  3. I went to blackpitts in the same period i rember all the names of the theachers .my name is liam donohue my brother is michael we lived in harolds cross till 1953

  4. Boys went to Warrenmount convent just across the road until second class and then to St Kevins boys school until approx 13 years . Got a half pint of creamy milk every day and a sandwich . Mon was spreadable cheese , not much liked , tue was a brawn sandwich , not bad, wed was a current bun , much in demand , thurs brawn again , fri was a jam sandwich , much in demand . Mr Griffin used a swish’y cane to punish with , others used legs of chairs and other things . Not a bad lot for all of that . Also a Mr Levins who I think ran one of the first tv and radio shops in the city somewhere near mountjoy square . Also a Mr Kelly with slicked back hair and looked a little chinese and was known as ” chink chink chinaman ” . He had a little white spot at the back of his neck and it was said by the schoolboys that was where his pigtail was cut off and he would never go to heaven . There were several classes in the one room with a teacher at the top of each and after a number of years storage heaters were introduced which only took the chill out of the rooms . It was not unusual for a pupil to ask if their little brother or sister could be brought in for the day to be minded and this child would sit alongside their brother for a time until collected by their parents . On the right back in the top room was a smaller room with a curved entrance where the BCG was given annually and the smell of the disinfectant used with the needles bubbling in some hot type of cauldron is still with me to this day . In those days the needles were not as fine as today and were more akin to knitting needles – a slight exaggeration only . I was there from about 1951 until 1957 . There was a little old lady just at the corner of new street who sold broken biscuits in a cone shaped newspaper for 4 pence . Only the super rich could afford this amount during my time . I was not one of them . There was a shed out the front to the left whcih ran the length of the yard and had a stepped out section half way up the wall which allowed little kids to stand on it and by holding the rafters as well could walk along it and a great game was to try to pull someone lodged into the corner where they had a good standing position out and take their place . We often went in a bit early to play this game . The school was later a restaurant for a time and now somewhat derelict . Anybody else with additional info would be appreciated .

    1. One other thing O’Keefe the knackers was somewhere over towards Francis street and occasionally depending on the wind direction the windows of the school would have to remain closed during the day to keep out the stench . Also there was a butter making dairy directly across the road in the tenters facing the school . New street in those days was in ” little Jerusalem ” which was a mostly Jewish area before they dispersed around Dublin .

  5. i went ln the late 70s. remember two of the three teachers dunphy and dempsey.dempsey used to chew raw rashers the other a female who told me off for dropping peas on the floor for some reason i cant rememberfront yard. all the teachers probably long gone by now. also remember on my way down from rialto passing a drunk called willie the wino.anyone remember him?

  6. Great to find this site. I wonder if anybody remembers a student named Brian Sinnott. He was at that school up to approx 1955/56…….he would have been aged 72 had he lived . I am writing a book about him, and would love some inside feedback on those school years. You can contact me at Would love to hear from anybody who was there during those years, or who had older brothers there at the time. Many thanks. Christine

    1. My grandad John lacey and his younger brother matthew Lacey went to this school in early 50s i think? He is 84 now. Lived on John street in blackpitts.

  7. My Dad went there sometime in the 30s and I would have liked to visit and look at the photos they had on the walls. Does anyone know what happened to them or if there is an archive or anything like that?

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