Burritos & Blues (Dublin)

Burritos and Blues
* 2 Wexford street * 2 Dublin, Ireland * http://burritos.ie/ * http://www.facebook.com/pages/Burritos-and-Blues/ * Phone +353 14254022 *

As a recent transplant to Dublin, Ireland from America’s Southwest, one of the culinary facets i miss the most from the move is the lack of good Mexican food. But through my wanderings I’ve stumbled upon the trendy explosion of “Burrito bars” in Dublin. Stumbling upon my currently favorite … Little Ass Burrito in Rathgar, we decided to wander about and explore some of the other bars. Next stop was “Burritos & Blues” which was quite tasty, affordable, and entertaining. They indeed had a version of my current favorite addiction of a sweet potato vegetarian burrito that has me quite fixated with Little Ass Burrito. Though so far, Burritos & Blues would be my 2nd favorite burrito bar in the city sofar and their sweet potato burrito is quite tasty. Burritos and Blues has a bit more seating and restaurant flavor, but a “Subway-like” presentation of “fixing your own burrito” as you stand in line and tell them what ingredients and fixin’s you want in your tortilla wrap of goodness. Music is quite good and bouncy, Blues obviously the predominant flavor available, and a wall of posters of events around town to give the nightlife seeker some ideas of where to go. The spicy sauce however is a wallup … best for the Mexican hot conneuseur. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5. [rating:4.5] ~ Reviewed by Leaf McGowan

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