2008 Boulder SantaCon – Black Friday 11/28/08

Black Friday, 28 Novembre, 2008

Boulder, Colorado

Vodka in Hand, Ready for SantaCon

Ah, what a day. The story to be told on Black Friday leading to irresponsibility and debauchery. Uggh. I have a headache just thinking about it. The morning awaking in the cottage, nestled up against Cheyenne Mountain, with snow covering the ground and the roads a bit icy, deer prancing in the yard looking for splotches of grass peering through the icy cover. I packed up my red coat with white fluffy lining, white beard, and red santa hat … bag of misfit toys and packed it into the Matrix. Awoke and rustled Doug from the couch and off in a jiffy we were in Manitou to meet Jess and Cody for crepes and goodies at the European Cafe. Delicious. A walk around downtown Manitou Springs to find they were not really amped or open for Black Friday. A sigh of relief, and off in a bolt, I was onwards to Denver to meet up with Viktoria for a massage to start out the day. We grabbed some veggie cuisine at the Krishna temple Govinda buffet and after a delicious fill and a muscle relaxing massage, was off to Denise’s to don the red coat. Vodka bottle in hand I was released of any responsibilities as was given the gift of a non-drinking designated driver who would care for Santa in his plight of drunken debauchery. ‘Tis always a danger when Sinterklaas is given a sleigh he doesn’t have to drive and a bagful of booze and misfit toys where there is no limitation or responsibility of care, and soon enough felt the pangs of that evolution, as he ended his night hugging a tree as a bad santa would when the booze doesn’t agree with the body in it flows.

Invading Maceys santa seat

A short drive from Broomfield to Boulder, we found the La Casa Mexican restaurant in the strip mall where the Santa Clauses and Elves were to gather. Bags of candy canes and naughty toys in hand, we walked through the doors to find a handful of santas already imbibing in the two-for-one Margarita’s and beer that they offered exclusively to those donned in Xmas cheer. Afterall Thanksgiving is over, and its time for the red caped wonders to unwind and prepare for December’s payload of chimney swooping and gift giving chores. Every 10 minutes the restaurant was invaded by mystical misfits of North Pole origin. Some of the patrons who were seated in the territory were soon outnumbered and scared from their seats, unaware what toil was soon to take place. Drinking and merriment with chorus of ho-ho-ho’s; Santa was in da house with Elvis santas, credit card santas, elves, reindeer, and comical santas galore. A few children dining with their parents were confused as to why there were so many santas together some quite frightenely dazed by the red glare and glimmer. Especially as misfit toy plunder was dished out on the tables for each santa to grab and add to their bags.

The fearless Santa leader with antique boom-box in hand, led the red crowd into the parking lot for some mischievious broadcasts of bad santa humor and songs as we paraded away to the city mall around the corner. A security truck spied the sleigh of 75+ santas entering in Macey’s and organized their ambush for our exit on out. Parading through Macey’s – quite dead for Black Friday, we hit santa’s booth and invaded it for a photo session, then on out of the store with intent of visiting and shopping around the rest of the mall, was met with intense discrimination for being red skinned and white haired … a security cop with a cowboy hat tried to stop the crowd and warn for us NOT to give out anything to anyone. Aggravated and irritated that this crowd wasn’t paying him much attention, told the merry-makers this is private property and we were not welcome. So off we complied and deciding not to wait for the bus, headed over to a bar afterwhich security, for some unknown reason, since we were listening, called the cops and sent them flashing after us. Full in our right, to dress as we wish, and walk where we wanted, we headed on off for more margaritas and salsa. Dance party in the bar with frolick and flirtations flying.

dancing in the bar

From the bar to the bus stop, where 75+ of us piled in like sardines onto the public bus metro on towards Pearl Street Mall. The few bus patrons in wide-eyed amazement and claustophobia were quite anxious to get off on the next stop and the merry santas and elves imbibed in a dance party as the bus crawled and bolted for the walking mall. Upon the famous Pearl Street Mall we invaded, dancing in merriment to totally wrong songs. Handing out misfit and naughty toys to those caught in our path with anquished looks of dismay or amusement to the items passed out. XXXmas carols followed as we danced in a circle around the city fountain and Xmas light displays. We made out way into and through a hotel lobby, and onward through another as we invaded a posh Salsa dance party – with santas dancing and spinning to the live band a’playing, drinking and handing out more toys of desire. Good times and good sins were soon to be had.

drinking with the toys

From the hotel we wandered to more bars and pubs, by this point I had 6 margaritas, 6 oz. of vodka mixed with energy drink, and several shots of rum – my head was spinning and I was quite cheery. A pool-shark fratboy was not quite happy with the red invasion of his bar as he spouted out much dismay about WTF was going on, ready to brawl until his friend pacified him – as the friend was ready to join our crowd and flirt with our elves. Before I knew it, as we were off to another bar, I wandered outside and embraced a tree out front, not remembering much more, but quite thankful that my designated driver took good care of me as the Santas were successful with their snow dances bringing on the first heavy snow of the season … ’twas a good twenty-seventh night before Xmas ….

me drunk and tree hugging
Photo by BoulderSantaCon.org
Me drunk n’ tree hugging

drinking with the toys
Me drinking with the toys

drinking with the toys
Denise ready to party

The first arrivals
The first arrivals at La Casa

La Casa

La Casa

Santa is in da house

Elvis santa

Elvis Santa

Dont Eat

Santa Needs Governmental Bailouts

Credit card santa
Credit Card Santa

Dark Helper
Denise as the dark helper

Dmitri as Colfax Santa
Dmitri as Colfax Santa

Del playing pied piper with the santas …

Invading Macey’s

Invading Macey’s

Police pulling over santas

Getting haircuts

Dance party on the bus

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