Danse Macabre (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Danse Macabre * Thursdays * The Rocket Room * 230 Pueblo Avenue * Colorado Springs, Colorado * 719.447.4990

A great new goth/industrial/neo-folk night in the Springs area. Each thursday at the infamous Rocket Room. Free cover, 21+. Medium size venue with a very tiny dancefloor, but excellent drink prices and service. The mesmerizing compilations dj’ed by Blue Girl enchants your soul and puts you at peace. Its a new spin to the Goth/EBM/Industrial club selection in that Blue Girl specializes in new and old school Goth, Dark Wave, Industrial, Neo-Folk, and Pagan music. Its a perfect mixer and evening to start your weekend early or build up your energy for the weekend. My most favorite weekly night in the Springs. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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