Starbucks (Old Colorado City, Colorado)

Starbucks (Old Colorado City, Colorado)

The only Starbucks in Old Colorado City and Manitou, this great location has a friendly staff, good drinks, and great seating area. The internet is strong and allows productivity. One of my favorite Starbucks in my neighborhood. There is a bit of transient traffic from the street corner and “sleepers” that seem to lounge there which is a pain when you want to have a place to sit or work and have to sit somewhere uncomfortable because a non-paying guest is sleeping on the comfy chairs. (This has somewhat been remedied for 2018 as they installed daily changing code locks on the bathrooms which seems to have pushed a majority of the transients out but unfotunately when you have a toddler who is potty trained to go to the bathroom on his own and gets blocked by a locked door – so really wished they didn’t do this.) Otherwise my experiences have been great here. Rating: 3 stars out of 5 Visited 9/5/17, 1/29/18

To read more about the Starbucks Corporation for history, links, and resources visit here:

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