Tokyo Joe’s (Grant street, Denver, Colorado)

Peanut Skewers and Unagi Bowl at Tokyo Joe’s

Tokyo Joe’s * 1360 Grant Street * Denver, CO * 80203 * 303.830.7277 *
As I’ve quit typical Amerikan fast-food, I’ve switched to some of the more healthy fast-food alternatives when in a rush and a need for a cost-effective meal that’s good for me. Colorado’s small (yet fastly growing) fast food Japanese chain, Tokyo Joes is upbeat and expanding. The food is good, fast, healthy, and affordable. How can you go wrong? In like-style of Noodles and Company in presentation and design, Tokyo Joes takes a different artistic approach. I adore their Unagi Rice Bowls, the California Rolls are delicious, and the chicken satay yummy. As usual, my experience is what I expect. Though seems each time I get the Unagi bowl of the last two years, I’m seeing less and less Unagi, and more rice. That sucks. But still the great dish I’ve come to be addicted to on each of my Denver weekend trips. It’s a great healthy fix. Rating 5 stars out of 5 (for fast food: Japanese quality 3 out of 5). Visited 2/14/09.

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