V Bar (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

getting drinks at V Bar

Bar V (or V Bar)

* 19 E Kiowa St * Colorado Springs, CO 80903 * (719) 471-8622

A great low-key bar in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, off one of the side streets, low light, and tucked in as a cool, dark, art-deco hide-a-way located near 15c and Rubbish Gallery. The bartenders are extremely friendly and talented at making drinks, the atmosphere warm and accepting, and everyone friendly. Music during happy hours on fridays until the late night crowd arrives is a fantastic mix of alternative 80’s that brings any 80’s child down memory lane. Saturdays provide hip hop, techno, and sometimes electronic. I’ve come to enjoy this place as an absinthe bar for they now carry three to four different brands and have the proper water dripping absinthe tap. This is by far my favorite local hangout. On the weekends they have live djs with house or hip hop, but rest of the week is alternative selections from the bartenders, such as Ivaldo, with which combination rocks. The martinis as well, especially the Chocolate V, are quite tasty and superbly made. As well, this place has a selection of at least 4 top shelf absinthe to choose from and adds a wonderful ambiance to the absinthe experience. This bar could pull off labeling itself a much-needed absinthe bar if they wanted to take that angle. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Getting Lucid at V Bar

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