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Burger King
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Good tasting food but horrible greasy gut bombs that will takes years off your life. Such would be the image that documentaries like “Super Size Me” would dictate. It is fast food that is meant as a treat, not for substance. Burger King is a competitive hamburger fast food restaurant that is almost as popular as McDonalds. They do have substantially better quality food than McDonalds. It is today a global fast food chain that has its headquarters in Miami-Dade County of Florida. It was founded as “Insta-Burger King” in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida by David Edgerton and James McLamore who bought the company and renamed it “Burger King”. They saw financial difficulties in the 1960’s as “Insta Burger King” but by the 70’s saw a Golden Age in advertising where they found success. By the 80’s they lost focus and started to lose business. They improved again in 2003. Through its history has changed hands of ownership four times by 2018. It merged with the Canadian donut chain “Tim Hortons” in late 2010 and later became Restaurant Brands International (another Canadian Company).

They expanded from basic burgers to offering a variety of burgers, chicken burgers, french fries, sodas, chicken fries, milkshakes, and their signature “Whopper” that competes with McDonald’s “Big Mac”. From 2002-2010 they targeted young 18-34 males with larger product sizes with unhealthy trans fats and fats. By 2016 it had over 16,000 stores in over 100 countries of which half are located in the United States. The knock off in Australia, Hungry Jacks utilized the theme, look, and operations of Burger King.

Rated: 2 of 5 stars. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan, Technogypsie Productions ~

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