Lady of the Rhine, Part 2: Chapter 7, Afternoon – Exploring Koln, Chocolate Museum

, Afternoon

Chocolate Museum in the distance

Wednesday, 1 April 2009
Koln, Germany

After the delving duo left the Koln Cathedral, they ventured down the Rhine River about 15 minutes past very scenic architecture, fountains, parks, and cafes to a semi-extension of buildings built out into the Rhine much to the style that some of the floating casinos take along the Mississippi River. Here resided the infamous Koln’s Chocolate Museum presenting the history and botany of Chocolate, production, harvest, and creation. Within the mystical chocolate museum lie resident artifacts that lead to the keys unlocking the mysteries of this strange intoxicant that originated in South America. The duette passed through the rotating door and into the lobby venturing further into the catacombs of chocolate production and advertising. Armed with a piece of Lindt chocolate, much fascination and knowledge was revealed that could only be bested by the fabled Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

Afterwards the adventuring pair shopped for chocolate surprises at the gift shop and rested/relaxed along the Rhine at the Chocolate Cafe. Sir Thomas Leaf enjoyed the Chile Con Carne with the Spirit of the Aztecs Hot Chocolate and deep conversations about chocolate. Afterwards, the pair headed on back along the promenade, to the Koln Cathedral, while Sir Thomas Leaf was venturing into the crypt of the German Roman Museum, Princess Brea relaxed to tea at the cafe.

Brea hanging at the Chocolate Cafe

Annually a trip to Europe to begin a mystical, magical quest. The tales to come in the next two months are a blending of truth and fantasy, merged together in a incredible journey of continents … this year, LoTR The Sequel will begin …. “Lady of the Rhine, Quest of the Key”. The people and places are real, some of the mythology is real, but some fictitious titles and descriptions will be added to the story for a novel experience.

The Sequel: will take place from Sir Thomas Leaf’s journey to the Old World, to the Land of the Rhine, explorations around Germany and ending up at the Trolls et Legends Faire in Mons, Belgium. Be prepared for the adventure, start from the beginning ….

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  2. Lovely stuff! I travelled to England this summer and had some afternoon tea with scones , and it was absolutely delicious I decided to try and make my own last weekend. I might have deviated from the norm maybe – I found a bunch of random scone recipes here and made 3 different ones! My friends were so happy when I brought them round for tea and scones. Great fun!

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