Cheyenne Spring (Manitou)

Cheyenne Spring, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA

Cheyenne Spring
Manitou Springs, Colorado

The spring waters are fissured up through rock fractures from the rainwater and snow melt coming from Pikes Peak. Water reaching the depths become heated and mineralized, flowing up through the Ute Pass fault zone, into limestone caverns which carbonate them, and tapped into by natural springs or wells. Each spring in the area has its own distinct taste and flavor. Cheyenne Springs is one of 7 very popular natural soda springs in the downtown area of historic Manitou Springs. The temperature of the waters of this natural spring average from 49-55 degrees Fahrenheit, producing a sweet tasting soda water that comes from the limestone aquifers a mile deep from beneath the spring font. This particular spring is believed to be over 20,000 years old. The spring was originally visited by Native American tribes in the area such as the Ute. When the Westerners and Euro-American homesteaders discovered these magic waters, they came and settled Manitou Springs, pushing out the tribes. Commercialization of the Springs took place in the 1800’s and by 1872 a rustic stick pagoda was built over this spring by the Town Company which was owned by Manitou Springs founder Dr. William A. Bell and his friend General William J. Palmer. At this time, a park stood over this space, called Soda Springs Park (which has since been reduced in size and taken over by commercial businesses) and was flanked by Soda Springs and Navajo Springs. By 1872 the first bottling plant and bath house was built here combining these waters with Navajo Springs. The Manitou Mineral Water Company in 1890 replaced the stick pagoda with a sandstone house. When the Company collapsed, the spring’s font and housing fell into disrepair until it and its surrounding park was restored by the Mineral Springs Foundation in 1990-1991. The Springhouse which is located in a circular bricked spring house behind the public font houses a copper-clad carbon dioxide gas collector in its center. This was used by the Manitou Mineral Water Company to capture the natural carbon dioxide gas from Shoshone Springs, Navajo Springs, and Cheyenne Springs to re-insert it during bottling processing of the popular sparkling “Manitou Table Water”. The Public font was created by local sculpture artist Paul Rogers in bronze.

Cheyenne Spring, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA

Cheyenne Spring, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA

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