Charleston Marina Variety Store and Seafood Restaurant

Marina Variety Store and Seafood Restaurant
* 17 Lockwood Dr – Ste E * Charleston, SC 29401-1160 * 843-723-6325 * *

Mom was in the downtown Roper hospital so this was an easy to walk to location while caretaking and visiting her, but it wasn’t very quick on the service, even though decent on the wallet. Scenic views of the municipal marina, The Marina Variety store has a semi-decent variety of dishes and meals offered, and decent prices. It has been offering fine food since 1963 including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This has been my second visit. Each time I was pleased with the food, dissatisfied by how long it took for the food to come out. The Crab cakes are delicious as are the sweet potatoe fries. Three bean salad mediocre. Overall, I had a good meal with my wife … Rating 3.5 stars out of 5.





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