Trader Joe’s (Queen Anne, Seattle, WA)

Trader Joes – Galer Street, Seattle, WA, USA
~Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

Trader Joe’s * 112 Galer Street, Seattle, WA 98119 * (206) 378-5536 * Website: *

Trader Joes is my most favorite grocery store, though this location is not one of its better stores in the selection and space venue. Still, good enough for the fix I needed today. Trader Joes is a “Unique Grocery Store” with a unique selection of goods, groceries, and food stuffs from all over at very low prices. Originally a small outlet in California, it has quickly grown in popularity from coast-to-coast. When I live in a city where there is a Trader Joes, that’s the only place I shop. Rated: (storewide: 5 stars out of 5, this store: 4 out of 5) I of course grabbed some of my favorites for the camping venture this weekend: Vanilla soy milk, Chai, panang curry thai tuna, cashew butter, blackberry jelly, homemade wheat bread, macadamian carmel popcorn, the famous $2.95/bottle wines, and other munchies. Visited again on 7/5/09.

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