Malad Gorge and River (Idaho)

Malad Springs and Gorge * Idaho, United States

One of my favorite little canyons off the Interstate while cruising through Idaho on my many adventures to Seattle from Colorado. The Malad River is the shortest river in the World. It is a tributary of the Snake River and is formed by the confluence of the Big Wood River and the Little Wood River near Gooding, Idaho. It flows south and west for about 11.5 miles where it joins the Snake river near Hagerman. The river creates a very deep gorge called the “Malad Gorge” where it flows through the Malad Gorge State Park, where it tumbles down an amazing waterfall. The Gorge is 250 feet deep and 2.5 miles long. Its a definite not-to-miss sight in Hagerman. Definitely a must see. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.



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