Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico
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Taos means “place of red willows” and stands at an elevation of 6,950 feet above sea level and according to a 2000 census, has a population of about 4,700. The town consists of 5.4 square miles and is located at 3623?38?N 10534?36?W? / ?36.39389N 105.57667W? / 36.39389; -105.57667 (36.393979, -105.576705) according to Wikipedia. To the west is the scenic Rio Grande Gorge that cuts through the basalt flows of the Taos Plateau volcanic field along historic route 64. Taos is most notable for its artistic communities and its close proximity and association with the Taos Pueblo which is home to a Taos Pueblo tribal village. Taos is also popular due to its close proximity to the Taos Ski Valley ski resort. The town was founded in 1615 by Spanish explorer ‘Fernandez de Paos’ during the Spanish conquest of the Indian Pueblo villages. Relations with tribes in the area were amicable but with meddling by missionaries was the home front to the revolt of 1640 when the tribes killed the local priest and a number of Spanish settlers. Most of the settlers fled the Pueblo, not returning again until after 1661. In 1680 the Taos Pueblo joined the widespread Pueblo Revolt. After the Spanish Reconquest in 1692, Taos Pueblo continued armed resistance until Governor Diego de Vargas defeated the Indians at Taos Canyon. The 1770’s saw Comanche raids from eastern Colorado until a successful punitive expedition in 1779 put an end to them. When the United States took over New Mexico in 1847, Hispanics and Amerindians joined together for another fight called the “Taos Revolt” where the newly appointed U.S. Governor was killed. 1899 saw a humongous wave of artists move into the area creating the “Taos Society of Artists” forming one of America’s most notable artist colonies. The artist history has been preserved in Taos. Famous artists such as Nicolai Fechin, R.C. Gorman, Agnes Martin, and Bill Rane were located here. Taos is one of New Mexico’s biggest tourist hot spots – famous for its scenery, culture, pueblos, adobe architecture, skiing, dining, the San Francisco de Asis Church, and its popular Hollywood inhabitants such as Julia Roberts, Val Kilmer, and Donald Rumsfeld. One of my favorite little artist towns. Rated: 5 stars out of 5.


Geology: Taos is a unique geologic location. The infamous Staurolite/Fairy Crosses can be found naturally growing here. Also located near Taos is the USGS Gauging Station from 1889. Fascinating geology can be found in the Rio Grande Gorge.

* Note: This is not a complete list. This represents only the restaurants and cafes we’ve personally visited during our travels.

Unique Architecture:

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