Pahoa, Big Island, Hawaii

A little town in Hawaii that as the locals describe it “hasn’t stepped out of the 60’s”. The town is named after the Hawaiian word meaning “dagger” or “knife”. It is the resting ground of the Pele and Hi’iaka myths. In a way, it’s Hawaii’s Big Island’s Woodstock. Most of the population walk or bike to work. Relaxing little town at the southern most plae of Puna. Its a stopping area enroute to Lava Trees State Monument, Kapoho, MacKenzie State Park, Pohoiki, Kehena nude beach, and Kalapana. Its located at 1930?4?N 15457?11?W? / ?19.50111N 154.95306W? and is home to approximately 962 people (2000 census). The soil in the area is highly volcanic, and rather new having generated by lava flows within the last 125-500 years. It has a secondary school, a high school, and an intermediate school, all located on Puna road.

Pahoa, Big Island

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