Acorn Alley & Bobcat Way Trails @ Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Acorn Alley and Bobcat Way

Hiking / Biking Trails at Cheyenne Mountain State Park * Hwy 115 * Colorado Springs, Colorado * *

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Both of these brush to open range scrubland trails circle the new campgrounds at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Great for small hikes for easy footing and walking with some views of Cheyenne Mountain and the views of NORAD in the distance. Acorn Alley Trail is a small .53 mile hiking/biking trail along a gentle slope on a universally accessible pathway that circles the campground. Bobcat Way Trail is a .40 mile easy, gentle slope trail going through the beginning of the foothills. Both are not too scenic, but are easy walks with occasional sightings of deer and elk. Rating: 2 stars out of 5.





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