VNV Nation / System Syn / Revolution State (Colorado Springs – April 8, 2010)

VNV Nation, System Syn, Revolution State

* Thursday, 8 April 2010 * 8 PM – 12:30 AM * The Black Sheep * 2106 E. Platte Ave * Colorado Springs, Colorado *

While I’m not a big fan of the Black Sheep as a venue (too small, too grungy, the sound is often messed up, and other items too numerous to mention here) – I was very pleased with this show, the performers, and the crowd. It’s simply a rarity that VNV Nation will hit a small town like Colorado Springs, especially at the affordable rate of $15.00. The big additional plus is to be able to see Revolution State open up for VNV – which was like icing on the cake. System Syn was great too – so a three-spice addition to the night. VNV of course was amazing as I’ve always seen them be (but wasn’t one of their best shows as the venue wasn’t complimentary to their greatness). A spectacular time was had by all – combining the venue with each of the performers I give the overall concert experience a … 4 stars our of 5. [note – I’ve been to several shows at the Black Sheep [venue rates 2.5 out of 5], I’ve seen System Syn three times – this was an o.k. show for them [rates 4 out of 5], this was a first time for Revolution State – great first impression! [rates 4.5 out of 5 stars] and VNV I’ve seen around the world – six times – this wasn’t their best [rates 4 stars out of 5].

System Syn

System Syn is a futurepop/electro-industrial/tech/goth band that started in 1997 and has been pulsating their audiences ever since. Comprised of Clint Carney who makes up the vocals, lyrics, and studio music as well as backup vocals for Imperative Reaction; we have Atom Strange on synthesizers; Jake Strange on guitar and backup vocals; and Jaymie Valentine with live synths and backing vocals (who is also the singer and songwriter for Cindergarden). Together they make an amazing quad of talent.

Revolution State or
A Colorado Springs talented duet – Ben and Bonnie P. brings to stage an amazing act of electrifying Industrial/Electro/Tech/IDM Beats. Analogue laden Electro-Noise that brings forth another world – A Revolution State – where modern technology meets vintage instrumentation harmonized to save the Earth. They began in 2000 focused on a philosophy with music and sound to bring it to life. In 2003 they added to songs to the Velvet Acid Christ album ‘Hex Angel’; Utopia Dystopia ‘Misery’ and ‘Eva’. In 2005 They brought to life a live act called “Noizekatt” and released their first LP called “Revolution State” vs. “Noizekatt”. In 2006 two of their remixes were contributed to Velvet Acid Christ’s ‘Wound’ and ‘Ghost Regen’ as well as an ethereal dance remix of ‘Demon Breeder’ to Neikka RPM’s ‘Rise of the 13th Serpent’. They were signed with Vendetta Music in 2007 and since 2009 have been weaving some magical creations and remixes.

VNV Nation
VNV stands for “Victory Not Vengeance” for a motto of “One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret”. VNV is a European-Duo composed of Ronan Harris on electronics/lyrics/vocals and Mark Jackson on Drums. They bring together a clash of modern and classical Europe culture where mythology and technology live in an uneasy fusion but embracing a world view – comprised of electronic dance music, industrial, trance, synthpop, and EBM (Electronic body music) to ballads and classical inspired music. They serve a contemporary underground club culture and are well known for their Goth, Industrial, and Classical music that is inspired by art, literature, philosophy, and the classics. Originally from Wexford, Republic of Ireland and London and now based in Hamburg, Germany – The Duo began in 1990 when Ronan Harris moved from Dublin to London and put together a collage of orchestral and electronic dance pieces where he self-produced “Body Pulse” and “Strength of Youth”. In 1994 he was signed with the German label “Discordia” and put out the CD “Advance and Follow” – the same year that Mark Jackson joined him as the drummer. In 1998 they signed with the German label “Off-Beat” and released “Praise the Fallen” and the “Solitary EP” in the same year as doing their first headline tour of Germany. By 1999 They signed with Dependent Records, releasing “Empires” and several of their songs hit the German Alternative Charts. By 2001 the first ever VNV Nation album was remastered and released as “Advance and Follow v2”, with more new music on the horizon, hitting the German Media Control Charts and embarking on the highly successful “Futureperfect” tour of Europe and North America. In 2003 They form their own label “Anachron Sounds” and throughout 2003/2004 hold German Music CD and DVD charts. By 2005 They hit 8 major US cities with Front 242 with all shows sold out except the Detroit one affected by a major snowstorm – ‘Matter and Form’ hits #7 on the US Billboard Electronic Chart as well as many other charts around the world. Since 2005 – They have been producing, recording, and touring some amazing stuff and a major favorite of the Gothic/Industrial Club culture.




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