Colorado Springs Flea Market

Colorado Springs Flea Market

* * 5225 East Platte Avenue * Colorado Springs, CO 80915-3514 * (719) 380-8599 * Sat-Sun: 7 am – 4 pm *

A great place marketed to sell your household and craft goods – Colorado Springs Flea Market advertises themselves as the premiere place to host your garage sale. Every city has them, each one is unique in its own way. Its a place to buy, sell, bargain, and enjoy a family outing – food, entertainment, and vendors galore. They host up to 500 vendors throughout Colorado at this market on a 30 acre paved site with new and used merchandise, and open year round every weekend with plenty of free parking. Admission is $2 with kids 12+ free. Sometimes live acts bless the space with musical entertainment and a food cart is driven up and down the aisles. I enjoyed my time there even though my new metaphysical merchandise didn’t sell too great. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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