Beltania 2010 (Florence, Colorado)

The Handfasting Saturday @ Beltania 2010

Beltania 2010: Overview
* Florence Mountain Park * Florence, Colorado * *

All across the world on May 1st, or the beginning of May, Beltane or May Day is celebrated. Here in Colorado, two enchanted souls – Joy and Walden – from the Living Earth Church, put on a family-friendly May Day Celebration and Music Festival annually. Its a time when the Earth Spiritualists, Neo-Pagans, and those of alternative religious paths like the New Age, Metaphysics, and other Earth-Based Spiritual Paths come together to celebrate the seasons, celebrate love, family, community, dance the may pole, do ritual, dance to music, and meet others of like-minds. This year the festival was held at the Florence Mountain Park just outside of Florence, Colorado which is about a half-hour drive from Colorado Springs, Colorado or Pueblo, Colorado. On 200 Acres of City and County Forest with a river, panoramic views of the mountains, and many clearings, there was plenty of room for attendees to camp, do ritual, have fire circles, drum circles, concerts, and a merchant area. Featured performances for the festival were The Gypsy Nomads, Lunar Fire, Kenny Klein, Tuatha, The Stone Walls, Skean Dubh, Lara Jai and the Mountain Trance Medicine Band. Also playing was Pandora Celtica, Orpheus Choir, Heart Beat, and Lara Jai. Saturday there was a handfasting of the May King and Queen as well as the infamous May Pole dance that they hope to eventually become the breakers of the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest May Day Dance. The Event, while open to the public, was not ticketed at the gate – in order to attend you had to pre-purchase a ticket from the web site before the event. Children under 12 were free. Primitive and RV Camping was available for all attendees and merchants were offered spaces in the vending area. Beltania is held annually by the Living Earth Church, Inc. The event officially started at Noon on Thursday, May 6, 2010 and ran through Noon on Sunday, May 9, 2010 with buffer time to pack up and setup. The Festival had plenty of porta-toilettes, had central trash dumpsters, a central stage, information/first aid booth, A meal booth with dining table, a food truck, central community hearths scattered throughout the festival groups, a Sweat Lodge with sweats running two to three times a day; A Sanctuary; rituals: Sweat Lodge Ceremonies put on by Don and Lorraine Voss with Ravencircle; A Sweat Lodge Building Ceremony; A Welcome to Beltania Opening Circle; Men’s Mysteries Ritual; Women’s Mysteries Ritual; Queer Mysteries Ritual; Drumming and Spirituality; Crowning of the Green Man and May Queen; Crone’s Crowning Wise Blood Ceremony; Maypole Procession and Ritual; Midnight Drawing Down Ritual in bembe-style; Mother’s Day Closing Ritual; All Night Drumming and Dancing in the Wild Meadow; Children’s Workshops – Labyrinths – Feeding the Fairies – Welcoming, Wicanning, and Naming – May Baskets – Chants Workshop; Wheel of Destiny Fundraiser for WRAPP; An Orientation workshop; Leather Mask Making Workshop; Exploration into Me-See; Totems, Animal Guides, and Totemism; Dance of Universal Peace; What is Traditional Wicca?; Primitive Fire-Starting Methods; Laughing Monkey Chant; Several Field Trips to Dakota Hot Springs; Neo Highland Games; Beginning Bellydancing; Introduction to Herb Magick; Introductory Mead Making; Faery Lore in British Folk Music; Ritual by the Seat of Our Pants; Make your own dream catcher; World Shamanic Practices for Mother Earth Connection and Healing; Chant Workshop: Music that Enhances Ritual; Love, Religion, and the Goddess Athena; Druidic Roundtable; Hula Hoop Class; Yeast Herder’s Gatherum; Introduction to Mandalas; Personal and Planetary Healing Ceremony with Japanese Ceremonial Sword Dance; Open Mic Hours and Up & Coming Hours. The Festival had a safe and beautiful festival grounds, incredible staff and volunteer support, nad alot of vision for a relatively new festival. Keep your eyes on this one – it’s going to grow by leaps and bounds and become one of the Pagan Festival Hotspots in North America. Total Festival Rating: 4 Stars out of 5. [Thursday: 1, Friday: 3.5, Saturday: 4.5, Sunday: 3] [ About the Rating System ]

Saturday @ Beltania 2010

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