Tomo Sushi II (Colorado Springs)

Tomo Sushi II, North Academy, Colorado Springs

Tomo Sushi II
* * 975 N Academy Blvd * Colorado Springs, CO 80909 * 719-597-2422 *

A little hole-in-the-strip-mall Sushi chain restaurant in the northern part of Colorado Springs with standard Japanese fare. Good atmosphere, good service, and for a lunch rush not bad timing. I went with the lunch Bento Box which consisted of 1 pc jumbo shrimp and 3 pcs of vegetable tempura, gyoza, miso soup and salad, 4 pcs California Roll, 1 Tuna nigiri, 1 Salmon nigiri, 1 Shirome nigiri, and 1 shrimp nigiri – not badly priced but the sushi and other dishes didn’t stand out as anything above and beyond most sushi restaurants. Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

Sushi Lunch Bento Box

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