Blondie’s (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

ondie�s Sports Bar and Grill
* 24 N. Tejon, Colorado Springs, Colorado *

I’ve been to Blondie’s a few times. Originally set out with an alternative zing, but has since degraded to a standard yuppie bar with your normal mainstream folk. It started out as a sports bar with blonde waitresses, plasma TVs, pool tables and live music three or four nights a week. My timing must be off as I’ve never seen live entertainment at the club and the place, while double-story, is too tight and small with the crowds it gets in. Mobility in the place can be difficult at times without banging elbows. Especially the dance floor which is placed in the middle of the walkway between the downstairs bar and the bathrooms which makes dancing difficult and obnoxious when you constantly have a stream of folks walking through it. Upstairs is a nice patio with a fire pit, and is probably the only saving grace of the joint as everyone likes a fire on a cold Colorado night to socialize around. But more and more, mainly the clientele, I’ve lost interest in this place. It does connect with Rum Bay. You can easily walk between the bars as you like through the Red martini bar and on into Rum Bay. The music is ok, and has declined in flavor. Stage dancers are a feature of the lower level dance floor. Rating: 3 stars out of 5. Visited 01/15/2010.

Former Review:
24 N. Tejon, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Article about opening
is meant to be a sports bar with blonde waitresses, plasma TVs, pool tables and live music three or four nights a week. It includes 2,900 square feet — the old Gray Rose women’s apparel store before it became a motorcycle shop — and will have a large deck out the back door that it will share with the Wildcats club inside Rum Bay. The second level is the Red Martini which is a combination martini, wine and cigar bar with an outdoor deck overlooking Tejon Street. First visit, I like the ambience, though the patrons are your typical clubsters, fakesters, and party crowd that you find at every other mainstream club. But the music was good (80’s on this friday night) and a small dance floor, with paid beautiful dancers in black bikinis stage dancing, and the drinks were good – waittresses were blonde, and friendly. I’ll return. Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5. (For the Springs in of itself, really a 4.50 based on first impressions, since there is not much to speak of in the Springs with an alternative zing … )

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